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Log Sled, LLC - ATV Log Skidding Equipment

Log Sled, LLC - ATV Log Skidding Equipment

Log Sled, LLC - ATV Log Skidding Equipment

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Tired of skidding logs with a chain and having the nose of the log dig into the ground? Enter the Log Sled - the most versatile log skidding device available in the market.

Designed with low-impact, small-scale forestry activities in mind, the Log Sled's "wheel-less" design is maintenance free and capable of skidding logs in any condition and over any terrain the towing vehicle can handle, while minimizing damage to the terrain. The Log Sled's design also eliminates concerns about bent axles and flat tires, giving you dependability and durability in the field. Additionally, the rigid tongue provides a convenient connection mechanism, which enhances the stability and security during operation. The compact design and overall weight allows the user to easily transport the Log Sled from location to location.

The Log Sled is primarily sold through a network of ATV dealers and other outdoor equipment providers. See our website for additional details.

Save time and effort during your next small logging or firewood cutting it with a Log Sled!

Pennsylvania 16057

Phone: 1-888-LOG-SLED

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