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National Aboriginal Forestry Association

National Aboriginal Forestry Association

National Aboriginal Forestry Association

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The overall goal of NAFA is to promote and support increased Aboriginal involvement in forest management and related commercial opportunities. In working toward this goal, NAFA is committed to holistic or multiple-use forestry, which implies the rebuilding and the sustainable development of the forest resource to serve a multitude of community needs, among those being the protection of wildlife and traditional food stuff habitat, protection of fur bearers, protection of clean and adequate supplies of water, establishment of forested areas for recreation and tourism attractions, traditional cultural and spiritual use, as well as the production of fibre for timber, pulp and paper and other wood by-products. Key to the concept of holistic forestry is the idea of community based strategies for transforming this resource ethic into reality.

875 Bank St.
Ontario K1S 3W4

Phone: 1-613-233-5563

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