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Thanks to improved design in modern fireplace inserts and woodstoves, fire and wood burning safety is easier than ever to implement. Wood heat is wonderfully warm, romantic, and quaint, but if it causes loss of life and belongings, it loses its charm in a hurry. Fortunately, wood can now be as safe as any other [...]

A warm cozy fire in the fireplace is a great idea, but sometimes that fire is a challenge to start. To meet this need, a variety of firewood starters have been developed and marketed. Some are geared more to the campfire and survival techniques, while others are designed to be used in home fireplaces. People [...]

Maple syrup, that yummy brown nectar, is the product of collecting gallons of slightly sweet maple sap and boiling away the excess water so that only the sugary syrup remains.  Sugaring off is a popular activity in the early spring in areas where maple trees grow wild.  Any type of maple can be tapped, but [...]

Burning firewood is something of an art as well as a science, but it will go better for anyone who has a good understanding of how it works.  There are several principles that if followed will help you have the fire you want in your woodstove. The most critical principle is that wood needs to [...]

Anyone can trim a tree, but only a certified professional deserves to be called an arborist.  A genuine arborist is like a doctor for trees.  They are ultimately concerned with the health of each tree, not just with cleaning up a mess after a storm.  To be a certified arborist, you must study tree science [...]

With rising costs of fossil fuels, the importance of finding renewable energy sources is becoming more and more obvious. As fuel options go, nothing is quite like wood. Using wood as an energy source goes back thousands of years – to the first fires, really! If you’ve ever cuddled up in front of a fireplace [...]

Helicopter Logging, or “heli-logging,” refers to the use of helicopters in harvesting selected trees from forests.  Helicopter logging, if it is done right, can have less impact on the local ecology than standard logging methods, but there are some safety hazards unique to logging with helicopters. Traditional logging requires roadways to be built into the [...]

In this day and age of environmental concern, many people are looking into renewable energy sources.  The classic renewable heating source for homeowners is wood.  Burning wood is an inexpensive and pleasant way to heat your home, and unlike fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, or propane, wood is completely renewable. So what are [...]

Everyone loves the comfort of an open fire.  Young people enjoy the light and heat of a bonfire as they roast hot dogs and toast marshmallows.  Campers wake voraciously hungry to the delectable smell of coffee, bacon, and a wood fire.  Lovers cuddle in front of a fireplace on a cozy winter night, and dream [...]

Establishing a “You Cut Christmas Tree Farm” on your property is one way to make money from your home.  There are some principles for making a success of this venture.  Of course you need to have enough space to grow high quality trees and keep them healthy.  It is best if this space is relatively [...]