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The Moose

August 31, 2012

in Wildlife and Habitat

The moose is a mammal of the Family:  Capreolinae  Genus:  Acles  Species : A. alces. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Moose and the Elk and I shall ask you to refer to the article of this series pertaining to the elk. The moose is distinguishable from the elk by the configuration of [...]

The Canadian lynx is very closely related to the Eurasian lynx however, the Canadian lynx more closely resembles a bobcat (although the bobcat is smaller in size) than it does a Eurasian lynx.  The Canadian lynx is a mammal of the Order:  Carnivora  Family:  Felidae  Genus:  Lynx  Species:  L. Canadensis – and there are 3 [...]

The Weasel

August 16, 2012

in Wildlife and Habitat

The weasel is a mammal fro the Order:  Carnivora  Family:  Mustelidae  Subfamily:  Mustelinae  Genus:  Mustela  Species:  16  (found world wide except for Antarctica and Australia).   10 species have weasel as a common name, whilst others are referred to stoat. ermine, polecats or ferrets. The weasel is often maligned and misunderstood.  In general the weasel is [...]

Bighorn Sheep

August 13, 2012

in Wildlife and Habitat

They are predominantly 2 species of bighorn sheep – the Bighorn and the Desert Bighorn.  The Bighorn comes from the family:  Bovidea Sub – Family:  Caprinae Genus:  Ovis Species:  Canadensis.  The desert bighorn are supposedly made up of 4 sub species and is generally categorized by the Sub – Species:  Ovis Canadensis nelsoni.

Mule Deer

August 12, 2012

in Wildlife and Habitat

The mule deer is a mammal from the Family:  Cervidae  Sub Family:  Odocoileinae  Genus:  Odocoileus  Species:  O. hemionus.  The mule deer is the largest deer of the Odocoileus genus.  The mule deer  on average stands 40 ins to 42 ins at the shoulders and stretches some 80 ins from nose  to tail.  An adult buck [...]

The eastern chipmunk is really a rodent by definition, which resembles a squirrel that inhabits eastern North America.  The chipmunk is classed as a mammal – Order:  Rodent  Family:  Sciurid   Genus:  Tamias  Species:  T. striatus.  The eastern chipmunk is a beautifully marked animal with reddish tinged brown fur highlighted by a series of dark brown [...]

The red squirrel is classed as a mammal of the Order:  Rodentia  Family:  Sciuridae  Genus:  Tamiasciurus  Species:  T. hudsonicus.  The American Red Squirrel  is a species of squirrel also known as the pine squirrel. The hudsonicus species was the first catalogued red squirrel and was found in and around the Hudson Bay area, Canada. The [...]

The bison comes from the Bovine or Family:  Bodidae  Sub Family:  Bovinae  Genus:  Bison  Species:  Bison bison – the American Bison.  To call them Buffalos is a misnomer because they are simply not buffalos. The bison is a very large mammal and is an animal to be respected, because they have the potential to attack [...]

The American bald eagle is a magnificent bird of prey and it is synonymous with and has become a national  symbol of American strength and patriotism. This remarkable eagle belongs to the Family:  Accipitridae  Genus:  Haliaeet      Species:  H. leucocephalus Were you aware there are 2 subspecies of bald eagle – the “Northern”  bald eagle (H. [...]

The majority of bear species live within America, Canada and Alaska but, they are not necessarily exclusive to the Americas because they are also found in other countries. However, with that being said we will concentrate on the bears that live within our own country and have a close look at the 3 prime species [...]