You Cut Christmas Tree Farms

August 26, 2012

Establishing a “You Cut Christmas Tree Farm” on your property is one way to make money from your home.  There are some principles for making a success of this venture.  Of course you need to have enough space to grow high quality trees and keep them healthy.  It is best if this space is relatively [...]

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Benefits Of Using A Wood Stove

August 25, 2012

For a cozy home this winter, nothing quite has the advantages of a wood stove.  The fuel is economical and ecological, the look is attractive, and the heat is warm.  In fact, most people who have lived in a home heated by wood say that wood heat is warmer than other kinds of heat.  That [...]

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Wood Pellet Stoves Are Hot Items

August 24, 2012

No doubt about it, Wood Pellet stoves are definitely hot! The time is right for a development that allows for the use of waste sawdust repackaged into a clean, convenient method of heating a home. Wood Pellet stoves are definitely that development, or at least part of the technology that will enable homeowners to heat [...]

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Wood Pellet Storage

August 23, 2012

Wood pellet stoves are a great new option in heating.  The fuel is clean, easy to handle, burns efficiently and is recycled from waste materials created from manufacturing.  The result is a renewable energy that is more affordable than fossil fuels.  Installing the stove requires some investment, but after that, it should pay for itself.  [...]

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A Short Intro to the Wood Pellet Stove

August 22, 2012

You may or may not be surprised to learn that there are many different makes and models of wood pellet stoves. Like other appliances, wood pellet stoves are produced by a verity of manufactures; Ashley, Breckwell, Bixby and Harman to name a few. However no matter which manufactures model you choose, you will probably be [...]

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What to Look for in a Christmas Tree

August 21, 2012

Choosing a Christmas tree has always been a special family time.  Whether you choose yours from the woods, from a you-cut farm, or from a grocery store, there are some principles to remember to get the most from the tree you pick.  Different varieties of trees offer different benefits in terms of shape, density, needle [...]

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Using Recycled Barn Boards

August 20, 2012

Weathered wood from old barns makes lovely paneling and flooring for rustic modern homes. Sometimes these boards can be had very inexpensively, or even free for the labor of tearing down the barn. Recycled barn boards usage is a stylish way to recycle and have a good looking home at the same time. Not only [...]

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A Day in the Life of a Tree Planter

August 19, 2012

Working around trees is not for those who are out of shape or faint of heart!  A forestry tree planter works long and hard on a variety of tasks related to forests, but the news is not all bad.  For a person who loves the outdoors and wants to be involved directly in something that [...]

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The Working Conditions of a Logger

August 18, 2012

Loggers have one of the most rugged jobs around.  Their working conditions include just about anything Mother Nature can dole out.  For instance, rain and snow, wild animals, and poisonous snakes are just a few of the hazards a logger faces.  The terrain is rough and rugged, the loads are heavy, and the work is [...]

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The Canadian Lynx

August 17, 2012

The Canadian lynx is very closely related to the Eurasian lynx however, the Canadian lynx more closely resembles a bobcat (although the bobcat is smaller in size) than it does a Eurasian lynx.  The Canadian lynx is a mammal of the Order:  Carnivora  Family:  Felidae  Genus:  Lynx  Species:  L. Canadensis – and there are 3 [...]

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