The Benefits of Using Wood For Heat

August 28, 2012

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In this day and age of environmental concern, many people are looking into renewable energy sources.  The classic renewable heating source for homeowners is wood.  Burning wood is an inexpensive and pleasant way to heat your home, and unlike fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, or propane, wood is completely renewable.

So what are the advantages of using wood as a heat source?  First of all, wood is one of the most economical of heating fuels.  If you are able to gather your own wood with your own truck and chain saw, you can really save a bundle, although it is very hard work and entails some danger.  For younger, vigorous people, though, it is completely doable, and even becomes a cherished way of life for many.  But even if you have to have someone else cut and deliver your wood, and even stack it, it still costs less than almost any other method of heating your home.

Later, when you have your wood burning in your stove, you have the most beautiful and relaxing form of heat you can imagine.  Nothing is quite like the ambiance of a cheery wood fire to make everyone feel at home.  The warmth of the fireplace is one of the things people miss most when they move away from a home heated by wood.

In addition to the esthetic beauty and low cost of burning wood for heat, you also have the satisfaction of knowing you are having less of an impact on the environment than if you were burning a petroleum product for your heat source.  The newer stoves, particularly those rated by the EPA for low emissions, burn wood without putting a lot of pollutants back out into the air.  This is a big concern in some parts of the world, especially in cities located in mountain valleys where air pollutants get trapped by the mountains.

A final advantage of using wood as a heating fuel is that it is flexible enough to use in a variety of forms and settings.  The new wood pellet stoves are one impressive development in the use of wood for heat, but there are others.  For instance, you can burn wood in an outdoor burner attached to the central heat ducts throughout the house for the ease of central heat with the economy of wood.  You can also cook with wood, which is the favored cooking method for many of the cooks who have tried it.

Truly, wood is a fuel with many advantages.  Economy, pleasure, and flexibility all put earth-friendly wood into a class by itself when it comes to available heating fuels.

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