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SELECT double-cut band sawmills

SELECT double-cut band sawmills

SELECT double-cut band sawmills

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Take production to the max with a SELECT double-cut band sawmill with high cutting speed up to 3 FT/SECOND. Both the 4221 commercial unit and 3620 portable mill offer top quality construction with fully hydraulic log handling and computerized setworks for optimum speed, accuracy and precision. Features such as the large band wheels, extremely rigid frame and high powered electric or diesel engine allow for handling logs up to 42”x 22’ in a variety of wood types, including those high in density such as Canadian frozen maple and tropical hardwoods.

SELECT Sawmill Co. has been in the manufacturing business since 1997 and has earned a reputation for the exceptional quality workmanship and performance of its mills and for providing attention to after sales service that is second to none. Our company is constantly expanding with sales throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia.

We offer complete sawmill layouts including a range of accessory equipment such as

SELECT Sawmill Co.
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