Benjamin Brooks

Benjamin Brooks

Forestry Author

Greetings! I'm Benjamin Brooks, and my journey over the past 15 years has revolved around the fascinating realms of content creation, expertise in snow clearing, and the intricate world of lumberjacking and landscaping. What began as a simple curiosity about the natural world and heavy machinery has evolved into a passionate profession where my love for crafting words intertwines seamlessly with my lumberjacking and garden skills.
  • Land Clearing: With my extensive knowledge of forestry equipment, including skid steers, I’ve honed my skills in efficient and safe land clearing.
  • Snow Removal: I’ve mastered the operation of diverse snow removal equipment, prioritizing safety and efficiency in all weather conditions.
  • Chimney Services: In addition to land and snow management, I offer chimney maintenance and cleaning services to ensure homes stay warm and safe during winter.
  • Woodworking: My passion for wood has led me to develop expertise in woodworking, crafting beautiful and functional pieces from raw lumber.
  • Generator Expertise: I have extensive knowledge of generators, including their installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Throughout my career, I’ve continually adapted to the latest advancements in land and snow management, woodworking, and generator technology. My experience encompasses hands-on work, industry best practices, safety protocols, and a deep understanding of the evolving landscapes of land management, woodworking, and generator use.


My educational background in environmental science complements my practical knowledge of land and snow management, woodworking, and generator expertise. This combination allows me to approach my work with a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to responsible land use.

Message from Benjamin Brooks
Snow and land management, woodworking, and generator expertise aren't just professions for me; they're callings. My aim is to make life safer and more comfortable for those in my community while ensuring that our environment remains healthy and vibrant. Whether you need advice on snow removal, chimney maintenance, land management, woodworking, or generator installation or troubleshooting, I'm here to help.