Reagan Key

Reagan Key

Forestry Author

Senior Forestry Machinery Specialist and Consultant

Area of Expertise: Forestry Operations and Heavy Equipment
Greetings! I'm Reagan Key, a dedicated Senior Forestry Machinery Specialist with over 15 years of hands-on experience and expertise in forestry operations and heavy machinery. I've operated and maintained a wide array of forestry trucks and equipment, from skidders to feller bunchers, across varying terrains and challenging conditions. My extensive experience extends to globally recognized forestry machinery brands such as John Deere, Caterpillar, and Komatsu. As a consultant, I provide insight on machinery performance, efficiency, and durability, helping fellow professionals make informed decisions.

Professional Journey

My professional journey in forestry began in the lush, dense forests of the Pacific Northwest and has since taken me to the expansive timberlands of Northern Europe. I've become proficient in handling diverse machineries, such as harvesters and forwarders, under various challenging conditions.
When I'm not maneuvering a logging truck or calibrating a harvester, I'm invested in sharing my knowledge with a wider audience. I frequently review and compare various forestry machinery and equipment, focusing on their performance metrics and usability.
My mission is to guide forestry professionals, whether seasoned or new in the field, in choosing the right machinery for their specific needs. I aim to provide practical advice, in-depth reviews, and expert tips based on my years of experience in the field.

Stay tuned for my expert insights and detailed reviews in the world of forestry machinery!