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Most homeowners might not prioritize a chainsaw when shopping for tools unless they’re thinking of chopping their own firewood. However, when the situation demands, nothing beats a chainsaw. Whether it’s for clearing overgrown areas, felling dead trees, or handling storm aftermath, a reliable chainsaw is a must-have.

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Best Chainsaw on Amazon List :

  1. Husqvarna 445 Gas Powered Chainsaw
  2. DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw
  3. Makita XCU03PT1 Chainsaw
  4. EGO Power+ CS1604 Chainsaw
  5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Chainsaw
  6. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw
  7. Greenworks 80V 18″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

1. Husqvarna 445 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Engine: X-Torq® engine
  • Power Source: Gasoline Bar
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Weight:10.8 pounds
  • Features: Air Injection, LowVib® technology, combined choke/stop control, Snap-Lock cylinder cover.

The Husqvarna 445 chainsaw takes the lead with its powerful gas-operated X-Torq® engine, renowned for its exceptional efficiency and low emission levels. This chainsaw makes the perfect companion for those seeking a robust and reliable tool for demanding tasks.

Sporting an 18-inch bar, the Husqvarna 445 offers a balance between cutting power and maneuverability. This size is ideal for a variety of applications, from chopping firewood to felling smaller trees.

A unique feature of this chainsaw is its innovative Air Injection technology. This centrifugal air cleaning system reduces wear and extends the intervals between filter cleaning, contributing to the longevity and efficiency of the chainsaw. Combined with the X-Torq® engine, this makes the Husqvarna 445 a low-maintenance and eco-friendly choice.

The Husqvarna 445 also features the brand’s LowVib® technology, designed to minimize vibration levels and increase user comfort during operation. This technology makes the chainsaw easier to handle and reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

Though a gas-powered chainsaw, the Husqvarna 445 is designed for easy start-up, featuring a combined choke/stop control. This minimizes the risk of engine flooding and ensures a swift and hassle-free start.

Overall, the Husqvarna 445 stands out with its powerful engine, user-friendly features, and innovative technologies. This chainsaw is an excellent choice for those who require a reliable and efficient tool for medium-duty tasks.


  • Powerful: Gas engines generally offer more power compared to electric chainsaws.
  • Longer Operation: Can work for longer durations as long as you have fuel.
  • Portable: Not tethered by a cord or limited by battery life.


  • Maintenance: Requires more maintenance than electric models.
  • Emissions: Produces emissions that are not environmentally friendly.
  • Noisy: Typically louder than electric models.

2. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  1. Motor: High-efficiency brushless motor
  2. Power Source: 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery
  3. Bar Length: 12 inches
  4. Weight: 8.8 pounds
  5. Features: Tool-free chain tensioning, lightweight design, part of DEWALT’s 20V MAX system.

The DEWALT DCCS620B Cordless Chainsaw is a wonderful addition to the toolset of any homeowner or hobbyist seeking a compact yet capable chainsaw for less demanding tasks. This chainsaw shines with its perfectly balanced blend of convenience and performance, making it ideal for tackling smaller projects around the house or workshop.

At its core, the DEWALT DCCS620B is equipped with a 12-inch bar, which is perfectly sized for maneuverability and ease of handling. It belongs to DEWALT’s renowned 20V MAX system, which means it shares interchangeable batteries with other tools in the same lineup. This feature adds to the convenience factor, making it a smart choice for those already invested in the 20V MAX ecosystem.

One of the distinguishing features of this chainsaw is its high-efficiency brushless motor. This advanced motor technology minimizes friction and heat buildup, resulting in improved efficiency, longer runtime, and extended motor lifespan. This brushless motor certainly gives the DEWALT DCCS620B a leg up in terms of performance and durability.

However, it’s important to note that the DEWALT DCCS620B might not deliver the high-power output required for larger, more demanding tasks. While this chainsaw is designed to punch above its weight, its power limitations should be considered when taking on more substantial projects.

Nevertheless, where this chainsaw might lack in power, it more than compensates in user-friendly features. The cordless design liberates the user from tangled cords or the need for a nearby power source, providing the freedom to work wherever the task demands. The tool-free chain tensioning system simplifies adjustments, making it quick and hassle-free. Moreover, its lightweight structure reduces user fatigue, making it a perfect tool for less experienced users or those who prefer a lighter chainsaw for easy handling.


  • Lightweight and Compact: Suitable for trimming and small jobs.
  • Battery-powered: Offers mobility without the need for gas.
  • Reliable Brand: DEWALT is known for making durable tools.


  • Battery Limitations: Operation time depends on battery life.
  • Less Powerful: Compared to larger gas models.

3. Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Power Source: Two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries
  • Bar Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 21.2 pounds with batteries
  • Features: Tool-less chain adjustment, variable speed trigger, built-in LED on/off switch, automatic oiler.

The Makita XCU03PT1 Chainsaw breaks the mold when it comes to cordless chainsaws, offering power and performance that challenges the dominance of gas chainsaws. This superior performance is not a common attribute among battery-operated chainsaws, which is why this Makita model stands out from the crowd.

Propelling this chainsaw is a potent combination of two 18V LXT batteries. This innovative dual-battery system supplies the chainsaw with the necessary juice to drive its 14-inch bar with a vigor comparable to gas chainsaws. It’s this strength and versatility that makes the Makita XCU03PT1 suitable for a variety of cutting tasks.

At the heart of this chainsaw, a brushless motor hums away, delivering increased efficiency and longer tool life. The brushless technology results in fewer moving parts, and less heat generation, and thus reduces wear and tear, contributing to the chainsaw’s overall lifespan and reliability.

However, the double-battery setup may introduce an element of complexity for some users. The need to manage and maintain two batteries simultaneously could potentially be a hurdle, particularly for those less familiar with such a system.

Despite this potential drawback, Makita has incorporated a fail-safe mechanism to ensure optimum battery management. The chainsaw is equipped with Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls, a state-of-the-art system designed to prevent battery-related issues. This technology actively monitors and protects against overloading, overheating, and over-discharging, ensuring the chainsaw operates within safe parameters and prolongs both battery and tool life.


  • Dual Battery System: Prolongs operational time.
  • Quick Charging: Makita’s batteries are known for quick charging times.
  • Brushless Motor: More efficient and longer lifespan.


  • Price: Typically more expensive than some other electric models.
  • Weight: Dual batteries can add to the weight.

4. EGO Power+ CS1604 16-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Power Source: 56V Lithium-ion battery
  • Bar Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds
  • Features: .043 in. gauge chain with 3/8 in. low pro pitch, weather-resistant construction, chain kickback brake for added safety and control.

The EGO Power+ CS1604 is a high-performance cordless chainsaw designed to provide power and convenience without the limitations of traditional gas-powered chainsaws. With its 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery, this chainsaw offers impressive performance and extended runtime, making it suitable for tackling a wide range of cutting tasks with ease.

Featuring a 16-inch bar and chain, the EGO Power+ CS1604 strikes a balance between maneuverability and cutting capacity. This size allows for versatility in applications such as pruning branches, trimming trees, and cutting firewood. Whether you’re working in the yard or on a construction site, this chainsaw is up to the challenge.

The high-efficiency brushless motor of the EGO Power+ CS1604 delivers exceptional power and torque, ensuring efficient cutting performance. In addition to enhancing overall power, the brushless motor contributes to the durability and longevity of the chainsaw, as it eliminates the need for regular maintenance associated with brush motors.

The lithium-ion battery technology of the EGO Power+ CS1604 is a notable advantage. The 56-Volt battery provides ample power to handle demanding cutting tasks, allowing you to work for extended periods without frequent recharges. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries offer quick charging capabilities, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back to work promptly.

For enhanced comfort and convenience, the EGO Power+ CS1604 incorporates user-friendly features. The tool-free chain tensioning system enables easy and quick adjustments on the go, ensuring optimal cutting performance. The chainsaw also includes a chain kickback brake and chain catch, enhancing safety during operation.

Being a cordless chainsaw, the EGO Power+ CS1604 eliminates the hassles associated with fuel mixtures, pull cords, and exhaust fumes. It operates silently and emits no emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice that can be used in noise-sensitive areas and environmentally-conscious settings.


  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor: Offers longer operation and lifespan.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to resist tough weather conditions.
  • Good Battery Life: Known for longer operation time on a single charge.


  • Weight: Can be heavier than other electric models.
  • Price: Premium features come with a higher price tag.

5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Motor: Not specified, but it’s part of the 20V MAX system
  • Power Source: 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery
  • Bar Length: 10 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds
  • Features: Tool-free blade tension system, wrap-around bale handle, automatic oiling system.

The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw is a versatile tool that combines convenience and power for a range of cutting tasks. With its 10-inch premium Oregon low kickback bar and chain, this chainsaw is specifically designed for pruning branches and cutting fallen limbs. The compact size of the chainsaw provides excellent maneuverability, making it ideal for precision work and navigating tight spaces.

One of the standout features of the LCS1020 is its tool-free blade tension system. This system allows for quick and easy adjustments to the chain tension, ensuring optimal cutting performance. With a simple turn of a knob, you can quickly tighten or loosen the chain to achieve the desired tension, without the need for additional tools. This feature not only saves time but also promotes safety by ensuring the chain is properly tensioned for efficient and safe cutting.

The LCS1020 is equipped with a wraparound bale handle, which enhances user comfort and control. The ergonomic design of the handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended cutting sessions. With better control over the chainsaw, you can make precise cuts and maneuver around branches and obstacles with ease.

Operating on a 20V Max Lithium Ion battery, the LCS1020 offers a good balance between power and runtime. While it may not match the power of gas-powered chainsaws, the 20V battery provides sufficient power for the intended pruning and light-cutting tasks. The advantage of using a lithium-ion battery is its consistent power output throughout the charge, without the hassle of gas refills or the limitations of corded chainsaws.

Furthermore, the LCS1020 is a cordless chainsaw, providing freedom of movement and eliminating the risk of accidentally cutting through a power cord. Being cordless also means it operates quietly and emits zero emissions, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas and environmentally conscious settings. This feature enhances convenience and allows you to work without the limitations and restrictions of cords.


  • Lightweight: Suitable for light-duty tasks.
  • Affordable: Priced for homeowners with basic needs.
  • Battery Compatibility: Can use the same battery as other BLACK+DECKER tools.


  • Limited Power: Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Battery Life: May not last as long as some other models.

6. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Motor: 12-Amp Motor
  • Power Source: Electric, corded Bar
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Features: Auto-oiling system, tool-free chain changes, ergonomic handle.

The WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw offers a straightforward, user-friendly solution for your cutting needs. With a robust 12-amp motor powering a 16-inch bar, this chainsaw is designed to handle a variety of tasks, from trimming tree limbs to cutting up firewood.

One of the standout features of this chainsaw is its corded electric design, which eliminates the need for gas refills or battery changes. It provides consistent power without the limitations of a battery-operated chainsaw, making it a convenient option for those who work near a power source.

The WEN 4017 also includes an auto-oiling system to keep the chain running smoothly. This feature minimizes maintenance time and ensures that the chain stays lubricated for optimal performance.

Moreover, the chainsaw offers tool-free chain changes, allowing you to adjust the chain tension quickly and easily without the need for additional tools. This convenience, combined with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip, makes the WEN 4017 a user-friendly choice for both beginners and experienced users.


  • Affordable: Good for those on a budget.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle for basic tasks.
  • Simple Operation: Just plug in and go.


  • Corded: Limits mobility and reach.
  • Less Powerful: Not meant for heavy-duty tasks.

7. Greenworks 80V 18″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Product Specifications
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Power Source: 80V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Bar Length: 18 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Features: DigiPro brushless technology, electronic chain brake, automatic oiler, metal bucking spikes.

The Greenworks 80V 18″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw brings a lot of power to the table. Its brushless motor, combined with a high-capacity 80V Lithium-Ion battery, provides the performance of a gas-powered chainsaw without the noise, fumes, or maintenance.

The chainsaw features an 18-inch bar length, which offers a good balance between cutting capacity and maneuverability. With this size, it can handle both large logs and small branches with equal ease.

One of the defining characteristics of this chainsaw is its DigiPro brushless technology, which delivers up to 30% more torque and 70% less vibration than gas chainsaws. This not only improves performance but also enhances user comfort during operation.

The Greenworks 80V chainsaw also features an electronic chain brake for added safety, reducing the risk of kickback injuries. Plus, an automatic oiler ensures that the chain is always properly lubricated for optimal performance and longevity.

Moreover, the chainsaw includes metal bucking spikes for added durability and control during operation. These features, along with its high-power output, make the Greenworks 80V Chainsaw an excellent option for anyone seeking a high-performance cordless chainsaw.


  • High Voltage: Offers more power for an electric chainsaw.
  • Brushless Motor: Efficient and longer-lasting.
  • Rapid Charging: Faster charging times compared to other models.


  • Price: Higher voltage comes with a higher price tag.
  • Weight: Might be heavier due to the larger battery.

Comparison Table

Chainsaw ModelPower SourceBar LengthBattery Voltage (if applicable)Motor TypeWeightAutomatic OilingChain SpeedNoise LevelAdditional Features
Husqvarna 445Gasoline18 inchesN/A2-stroke Engine~11.24 lbsYesN/AN/AAir Injection, LowVib
DEWALT DCCS620BBattery12 inches20V MaxBrushless~8.8 lbsYes25.2 ft/s~93 dBTool-free Chain Tensioning
Makita XCU03PT1Battery14 inches36V (18V x 2)Brushless~11.5 lbsYes3,940 FPM~87 dBVariable Speed, Tool-less
EGO Power+ CS1604Battery16 inches56VBrushless~12 lbsYes6800 RPM~80 dBWeather-resistant, Chain Kickback Brake
BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20VBattery10 inches20V MaxN/A~7.2 lbsYesN/A~77 dBTool-free Chain Tensioning
WEN 4017Electric16 inchesN/ABrushed~8.5 lbsYes12 m/s~87 dBAuto Oiling, Tool-free Chain Tensioning
Greenworks 80V 18″ BrushlessBattery18 inches80VBrushless~11.8 lbsYes3,940 FPM~91 dBElectric Start, Tool-less

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Final Conclusion

The Husqvarna 445 Gas Powered Chainsaw stands out with its powerful X-Torq® engine and its eco-friendly, efficient design, making it a top choice for medium-duty tasks. The DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw offers a blend of performance and convenience, making it ideal for smaller projects around the house or workshop, especially for those already invested in the DEWALT 20V MAX system.

For high-power output in a cordless design, the Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Chainsaw is a standout. Its dual-battery system and brushless motor provide power comparable to gas chainsaws. The EGO Power+ CS1604 16-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw offers impressive performance and extended runtime with its 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery, and its 16-inch bar strikes a balance between maneuverability and cutting capacity.

The compact and versatile BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw is specifically designed for pruning branches and cutting fallen limbs, providing excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. The WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw offers user-friendly features, with its corded design eliminating the need for gas refills or battery changes. The auto-oiling system and tool-free chain changes make maintenance easy and quick.

Lastly, the Greenworks 80V 18″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw provides the performance of a gas-powered chainsaw without the associated noise and fumes. Its high-capacity battery, coupled with DigiPro brushless technology, makes it a high-performance tool for a wide variety of cutting tasks.

In conclusion, each chainsaw offers unique features catering to specific needs, from eco-friendly gas-powered models, compact and convenient cordless options, and powerful electric versions, to high-performance hybrid models. Your choice should align with your specific requirements, including the nature and frequency of tasks, your environment, and your comfort with maintenance and handling.

Choosing the Best Chainsaw on Amazon involves careful consideration of several crucial factors:

  • Purpose and Usage: Understanding the tasks for which the chainsaw is required is crucial. Different chainsaws are suited to different tasks – from light pruning and chopping firewood to felling large trees and milling lumber.
  • Power Type: Chainsaws come in three primary types – gas, corded electric, and battery-powered. Each type has its pros and cons, and the choice depends on the location and type of work to be done.
  • Engine Power/ Motor Power: The power of a chainsaw determines the type and size of wood it can cut. Gas chainsaw power is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or horsepower (HP), while electric chainsaw power is measured in Amps or Volts.
  • Bar Length: The length of the chainsaw bar dictates the maximum size of material that the chainsaw can cut in a single pass. Larger bars can handle larger-diameter wood, but they also add weight and can be harder to control.
  • Safety Features: Features such as chain brakes, hand guards, and safety start buttons are critical for safer operation.
  • Weight: The weight of a chainsaw impacts user fatigue. Lighter chainsaws are easier to handle, particularly for extended use.
  • Price: The best chainsaw isn’t necessarily the most expensive. The right chainsaw offers the needed features and durability at a price that fits within the user’s budget.
  • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Well-known brands generally have better quality control and customer service. User reviews can also provide real-world insights into the chainsaw’s performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the right way to start a chainsaw?
    It’s best to place the chainsaw on flat ground, making sure there’s no obstruction. Hold the chainsaw firmly with one hand on the handle and use the other hand to pull the starter cord.
  2. How often should I sharpen my chainsaw?
    The frequency of sharpening depends on usage. If you’re using your chainsaw regularly for demanding tasks, it might need sharpening after several hours of use. Signs of a dull chain include having to apply pressure to cut, sawdust that is fine and powdery, or the chainsaw pulling in one direction.
  3. Can I use any brand of chain on my chainsaw?
    While chains are often interchangeable between brands, it’s best to use the chain recommended by your chainsaw’s manufacturer. Using the wrong chain can lead to decreased performance or even safety risks.
  4. What safety gear should I wear when using a chainsaw?
    Safety gear, including chainsaw chaps or pants, steel-toed boots, gloves, safety glasses or a full-face shield, and a hard hat, should always be worn when operating a chainsaw.
  5. What is kickback, and how can I prevent it?
    Kickback is when the chainsaw’s bar jerks back toward the user unexpectedly. It can be caused by the nose of the bar coming into contact with something hard, like a knot in the wood. Prevent kickback by keeping a firm grip on the chainsaw, avoiding contact with the nose of the bar, and using a chainsaw with a kickback prevention feature.
  6. Gas vs. Electric vs. Battery Chainsaws – which one is best?
    There’s no definitive answer as it depends on your specific needs. Gas chainsaws are more powerful and can run longer but are heavier and require more maintenance. Electric chainsaws need a power outlet but are lighter and quieter. Battery chainsaws offer portability and ease of use but have limited run time and are less powerful than gas models.
  7. What’s the advantage of a brushless motor in a chainsaw?
    Brushless motors are more efficient, generate less heat, and require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts. This efficiency translates into longer battery life for cordless chainsaws and potentially longer overall motor life.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share your personal experiences and insights about the top chainsaws available on Amazon in 2024. Your unique perspective carries the power to significantly aid fellow enthusiasts who are navigating the diverse chainsaw landscape. Let your review serve as a guiding light for those seeking the ultimate cutting companion for their outdoor tasks.

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