Best La Nordica Wood Cook Stoves for Your Home 2024


Welcome to our November guide on the best La Nordica wood cook stoves for 2024. As the cold weather sets in, a La Nordica stove becomes more than just a kitchen appliance; it’s a source of warmth and comfort in your home. Known for their quality and style, these stoves are perfect for cooking and heating. In this article, we’ve selected the top 5 La Nordica models for you. Whether you’re looking for traditional charm or modern efficiency, we have something for everyone.

About La Nordica

La Nordica Logo

La Nordica-Extraflame, an Italian hallmark of excellence in the heating industry, has been revolutionizing home warmth and comfort since the 1960s. Originating as two distinct entities, La Nordica and Extraflame, the company has evolved through a fusion of expertise in crafting wood and pellet stoves. Renowned for combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology, La Nordica-Extraflame offers an array of products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also epitomize efficiency and environmental sustainability. This commitment to quality and innovation has propelled them into a global market leader, with products that cater to a diverse range of home heating needs, ensuring that each stove or fireplace they produce is a testament to their legacy of warmth, reliability, and Italian design excellence

List of the Best La Nordica Wood Cook Stoves:

Let’s find the ideal La Nordica wood cook stove to make your kitchen cozy and inviting this winter.

La Nordica Wood Cook Stoves Top Picks

1. La Nordica Rosa L Cookstove


Mastering Heat and Culinary Delights

The La Nordica Rosa L, with its sleek Anthracite black finish, is a beautifully designed wood-burning cook stove that melds traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. The use of high thermal resistance steel ensures longevity and resilience, essential for a stove that promises both cooking and heating capabilities. The enameled cast iron doors, facade, and frame not only add to the visual appeal but also contribute to its sturdy construction. The polished cast iron cooking plate and rings are notable for their durability and even heat distribution, vital for cooking.

The Rosa L is equipped with a variety of features that elevate its performance beyond traditional cook stoves. The post-combustion system, utilizing a secondary/tertiary air system, is particularly noteworthy for reducing emissions, making this stove a more eco-friendly option. The adjustable primary and secondary air, along with the internal facing of the hearth in cast iron and refractory, provide superior combustion control. The porcelain enameled steel oven, with a capacity of 78 liters, is perfect for baking and roasting, while the extractable wood drawer adds convenience.

La Nordica Rosa L Cookstove in a modern kitchen with a snowy view outside.

This stove is designed with user convenience in mind. The extractable ash drawer simplifies the cleaning process, and the chromed oven rack, enameled backing tray, and inox oven grid enhance the overall cooking experience. The fire door, made of cast iron with double glass and a ceramic glass viewing window, ensures safety and allows users to enjoy the view of the burning wood. The glass cleaning system is an added safety feature, ensuring that the stove door remains clear and safe to use.

The Rosa L boasts dimensions of 38.4″ x 34″ x 26.4″, making it a versatile fit for various kitchen sizes. With a net weight of 424 lb, it speaks to the quality of materials used. Its efficiency rating of 84.0% places it among the top in its class, offering a balance of heating performance and energy efficiency. The nominal power output of 27.638 BTU/h and the maximum wood length of 11.8″ indicates its substantial heating capacity, suitable for long hours of cooking and heating.


  • An 84.0% efficiency rating makes it economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Made of steel with high thermal resistance and enameled cast iron, ensuring longevity.
  • Reduces emissions, enhancing its eco-friendliness.
  • Suitable for cooking and heating with a 78-liter oven capacity.
  • Includes an extractable ash drawer and adjustable air controls for ease of use.


  • At 424 lb, it’s quite heavy, potentially complicating installation and placement.
  • Only available in Anthracite black, which might not suit all kitchen aesthetics.

2. La Nordica Suprema Cookstove


Where Tradition Meets Modern Sophistication

The La Nordica Suprema Woodburning Range Cooker is a stunning addition to any kitchen, blending timeless charm with exceptional functionality. This robust cast iron range cooker, available in classic Black or sophisticated Tortora finishes, transcends the ordinary, offering not just a cooking appliance but a centerpiece of warmth and tradition. The majestic portrait window is a key feature, providing an enchanting view of the flames, enhancing the cooking experience with its mesmerizing dance, and contributing to a cozy kitchen ambiance.

The Suprema is designed for culinary enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and functionality. With removable hob rings, it offers flexibility in cooking, allowing users to tailor their cooking experience to their needs. The chrome fender adds elegance to its timeless design, while the heat control damper offers mastery over cooking temperatures, ensuring every dish is prepared to perfection. The door’s dimensions (235mm x 225mm) facilitate easy access to the cooking chamber, and the spacious firebox (277mm x 304mm x 460mm) ensures a long-lasting and efficient fire, ideal for extended cooking sessions.

La Nordica Suprema Cookstove in a kitchen setting.

This cooker is designed for efficiency and endurance. It boasts an average hourly fuel consumption of 2.6 kg/hr, making it suitable for prolonged cooking activities. The spacious oven (436mm x 418mm x 430mm) is perfect for experimenting with various culinary creations. With an efficiency of 77.80% and a heat output of 8.0kW, it effectively heats a room size of up to 258 cubic meters. Although not DEFRA-approved, it features an Airwash system and is suitable for a 12mm hearth, highlighting its focus on efficiency and environmental considerations.

The Suprema, weighing 220 kg, is a substantial piece, indicating robust construction. The overall dimensions (880mm height, 974mm width, 660mm depth) make it a significant but manageable addition to most kitchens. The flue outlet is on the top only, with a 6-inch size, and it requires certain distances to combustibles (1000mm top, 400mm sides, 500mm rear), which is crucial for safe installation. The rear to the center of the top flue measures 153mm, offering flexibility in positioning.


  • Available in Black or Tortora finishes with a substantial portrait window.
  • Removable hob rings for versatile cooking experiences.
  • 77.80% efficiency with a heat output of 8.0kW.
  • Generous oven size for extensive culinary activities.


  • May not be suitable for smoke control areas.
  • A substantial weight of 220 kg might make installation challenging.

3. La Nordica America Cookstove


Ultimate Power in Wood Cooking

The La Nordica America Cookstove represents the pinnacle of cook stove design, being the largest, most powerful, and premium model in La Nordica’s lineup. Its cast iron construction, available in anthracite black or cream enamel finishes, exudes elegance and robustness. Uniquely, it features three-ringed burners (as opposed to the standard one or two in other models), enhancing its cooking versatility. The stove’s overall dimensions (50.3″w x 33.9″h x 26″d) and substantial net weight of 706 lb highlight its grandeur and solid construction.

The America model stands out with its oversized firebox and baking oven, providing powerful heating and spacious baking capacities. The firebox includes a novel charcoal grill feature, allowing users to enjoy charcoal-grilled food at home. Additionally, the adjustable height of the firebox, a unique trait, enables enhanced control over the cooking heat. The nearly 3 cubic feet baking oven is perfect for large-scale cooking, and the stove’s capability to heat up to 1600 square feet makes it suitable for larger homes or spaces needing significant heating.

Black La Nordica America Cookstove with a kettle on top, next to a stack of firewood in a living room.

Despite its size, the America maintains an impressive efficiency rate of 75.6%, with a thermal power of 52,000 BTU. It manages an hourly wood consumption of 7 lb/h, indicative of its potent heating capability. The adjustable primary and secondary air, along with pre-adjusted tertiary air, ensure clean and efficient wood burning. The two separate drawers at the bottom for wood and cookware add to their practicality and ease of use.

The America requires a footprint of 46.5″ wide by 25″ deep, which should be considered during installation. The firebox opening size is 12″w x 16″h, and the oven size is 17.1″w x 16.5″h x 16.9″d, both generously sized for ease of use and versatility in cooking. The chimney diameter is 6.3″ (uses a 6″ chimney), and the hearth material is durable cast iron. It’s essential to consider the stove’s placement in relation to combustibles due to its size and heat output.


  • Offers a huge firebox and baking oven, ideal for extensive cooking and heating.
  • Includes a charcoal grill in the firebox and an adjustable firebox height.
  • With a 52,000 BTU output, it’s capable of heating large spaces.
  • An efficiency rate of 75.6% is quite good for a stove of its size.


  • Its large dimensions require considerable space, not suitable for smaller kitchens.
  • Very heavy at 706 lb, which could be a limitation for some installations.

4. La Nordica Family 4.5 Cookstove


Blending Style with Eco-Friendly Efficiency

The La Nordica Family 4.5 Wood Burning Range Cooker seamlessly integrates traditional elegance with modern functionality. This beautifully crafted cast iron range cooker, with a 7.5kW heat output and an impressive 81% efficiency rating, is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Its ability to efficiently heat an area of 215 m3 while maintaining an A+ energy rating and an hourly consumption of just 2.2 kg/h demonstrates a remarkable balance of warmth and energy efficiency. The design is enhanced by its enameled cast iron facade and frame, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability.

The cooker features a spacious 28L oven, measuring 330x300x410 mm, perfect for exploring a wide range of culinary creations. The oven’s porcelain enameled steel construction ensures both longevity and ease of cleaning. Two glass doors on the oven offer both insulation and visibility, enhancing the cooking experience. The large cast iron cooktop, complete with a substantial burner, guarantees even heat distribution, crucial for precise cooking. This is complemented by top cooking plates and rings made of polished cast iron, allowing for exact temperature control.

La Nordica Family 4.5 Cookstove in a kitchen with a mountain view

The Family 4.5 is designed with user convenience in mind. The extractable ash drawer simplifies the cleaning process, and the wood drawer beneath the oven provides practical storage for firewood. The enameled backing tray and feet are designed for easy maintenance, ensuring the cooker remains immaculate with minimal effort. Additionally, the upper right smoke outlet is strategically placed for efficient smoke ventilation, contributing to a cleaner and safer kitchen environment.

La Nordica’s commitment to safety and sustainability is evident in Family 4.5. The stove features a post-combustion system that ensures low emissions, aligning with environmental concerns. The double glass on the oven door and cast iron fire door provide excellent insulation, maintaining safety without sacrificing visibility.

The overall dimensions of the stove (853mm height, 964mm width, 642mm depth) and oven weight of 125kg reflect its substantial build. The flue outlet is on the top only, with a size of 5 inches (125mm), and it is designed for wood burning only. Installation requires adherence to specific distances from combustibles (1350mm top, 700mm sides, 600mm rear), ensuring safety in your home.


  • An 81% efficiency rating and A+ energy rating make it an economical choice.
  • More compact than other models, with an attractive design.
  • Includes double glass doors and a post-combustion system for low emissions.


  • Suitable for heating up to 215 m3, which may not be sufficient for larger spaces.
  • Specific installation requirements need to be met, which could be a constraint.

5. La Nordica Milly Wood Cookstove


A Unique Fusion of Style and Functionality

The La Nordica Milly stands out as the only model in the La Nordica range that offers a warming oven option, enhancing its utility in the kitchen. This wood cook stove, available in striking Burgundy or White porcelain tiles, brings a touch of Italian elegance into the home. The Milly combines functionality and style, making it a centerpiece in any kitchen it graces.

The cast iron cooktop and the double glass fire door are thoughtfully designed for both efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The vitrified cast-iron top frame adds durability and class to the stove. An optional top wood warmer adds versatility, allowing for keeping dishes warm while preparing other elements of your meal. The primary and secondary air controls offer precise management of the burning process, ensuring efficient fuel usage and consistent cooking temperatures.

Red and black La Nordica Milly Wood Cookstove in a kitchen setting with pots and pans on top and a fire burning in the oven.

With a heat output of 29,685 BTU/h and an impressive 89% efficiency, the Milly is a powerhouse, capable of heating up to 1,300 square feet. This high efficiency not only means more heat from less wood but also speaks to its environmentally conscious design, despite being EPA Exempt. The stove’s fuel consumption rate of 5.07 lbs/h strikes a balance between heat output and fuel usage.

The Milly has overall dimensions of 41.3″ W x 34″ H x 25.5″ D, with the height extending to 61.61″ when the warming closet is included. Its weight of 478 lbs (593 lbs with the warming closet) indicates its solid construction. The firebox opening (9.5″ x 7.3″) and size (10.6″ W x 11.3″ H x 18″ D), along with the oven size (17.2″ W x 16.5″ H x 17″ D), offer ample space for both firewood and baking needs. The flue size is 5.9″ (150mm), typical for efficient smoke evacuation.

Adhering to safety standards is crucial with any wood-burning stove. The Milly’s installation requires specific clearances from combustible walls: 10″ on the side, 15″ at the rear, and 15″ for corners, ensuring safe operation. The flue to back wall and sidewall clearances are also specified for through-wall installations. The hearth pad requirements, including 16″ beyond the unit front and 8″ beyond each side, are essential for a safe and compliant setup.


  • The only model with a warming oven option.
  • Boasts an 89% efficiency rating.
  • Available in Burgundy or White porcelain tiles, adding aesthetic value.


  • At 478 lbs (without a warming closet), it’s quite heavy.
  • Requires specific clearances from combustibles and sufficient space for safe operation.

Comparison Table

Feature / ModelLa Nordica Rosa LLa Nordica SupremaLa Nordica AmericaLa Nordica Family 4.5La Nordica Milly
Design & FinishSteel, Anthracite BlackCast Iron, Black/TortoraCast Iron, Black/CreamCast IronCast Iron, Burgundy/White
Heat Output27,638 BTU/h8.0 kW52,000 BTU7.5 kW29,685 BTU/h
Oven Capacity78 LLarge (size not specified)Nearly 3 cubic feet28 L17.2″ W x 16.5″ H x 17″ D
Special FeaturesPost combustion systemRemovable hob ringsCharcoal grill, Adjustable firebox heightDouble glass doorsWarming oven option
Weight424 lb220 kg706 lb125 kg478 lbs (593 lbs w/ warming closet)
Dimensions (WxHxD)38.4″ x 34″ x 26.4″50.3″ x 33.9″ x 26″41.3″ x 34″ x 25.5″
Heating Capacity258 m³1,600 sq. ft.215 m³Up to 1,300 sq. ft.
Fuel Consumption5 lb/h7 lb/h2.2 kg/h5.07 lbs/h
Unique AspectsSmaller version of Rosa XXLMajestic portrait windowLargest and most powerfulHigh efficiency and A+ energy ratingOnly model with warming oven
Flue Diameter6″6″6.3″5″5.9″
Clearance to CombustiblesTop: 1000mm, Sides: 400mm, Rear: 500mmTop: 1350mm, Sides: 700mm, Rear: 600mmSide: 10″, Rear: 15″, Corner: 15″

Overall Conclusion on La Nordica Wood Cook Stoves

When comparing the La Nordica Rosa L, Suprema, America, Family 4.5, and Milly wood cook stoves, it’s clear that each model offers unique features and capabilities tailored to different needs and preferences.

La Nordica Rosa L is an excellent choice for those who prioritize high efficiency (84.0%) and robust construction, with its steel and enameled cast iron build. It’s a great option for both cooking and heating, although its weight and size might be considerations for some homes.

La Nordica Suprema stands out for its elegant design, customizable cooking options, and substantial heating capacity (8.0 kW). Its removable hob rings offer cooking versatility, making it a good fit for those who value both aesthetics and functionality.

La Nordica America is the powerhouse among the models, with the largest firebox and oven, making it ideal for extensive cooking and large space heating. Its unique features like a charcoal grill and adjustable firebox height cater to those looking for a high-capacity, versatile cook stove.

La Nordica Family 4.5 offers a balance of compact elegance and high efficiency (81%). With an A+ energy rating and features like double glass doors, it’s suited for those seeking a more environmentally friendly option without compromising on style.

La Nordica Milly is unique with its warming oven option, high efficiency (89%), and stylish design with Burgundy or White porcelain tiles. It’s perfect for those who want a distinctive stove that combines traditional cooking with modern conveniences.

Each La Nordica stove has its strengths, and the choice largely depends on individual requirements such as kitchen size, cooking needs, heating capacity, design preferences, and environmental considerations. Whether you prioritize efficiency, size, or unique features like a warming oven or charcoal grill, there is a La Nordica model that can meet your specific needs while adding a touch of elegance and traditional charm to your kitchen.


  1. Can Wood Cook Stoves Be Used for Both Heating and Cooking?
    Yes, many wood cook stoves are designed to serve dual purposes. They can efficiently heat a room or even an entire home, depending on their size and design, while also being used for cooking and baking.
  2. How Do Wood Cook Stoves Impact the Flavor of Food?
    Cooking on a wood stove can impart a unique flavor to food, especially when using the oven or top plates. The subtle smoky essence is something that can’t be replicated with modern electric or gas stoves.
  3. Are Wood Cook Stoves Environmentally Friendly?
    Modern wood cook stoves are designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than older models. Many have improved combustion technologies that burn wood more completely, reducing emissions. However, they do require responsible sourcing of wood to ensure sustainability.
  4. What’s the Difference Between a Wood Cook Stove and a Regular Wood Stove?
    The primary difference lies in their functionality. While both can provide heat, wood cook stoves have additional features specifically for cooking, such as an oven, cooking rings, and a flat top surface.
  5. Can I Install a Wood Cook Stove in an Urban Home?
    Yes, you can install a wood cook stove in an urban home, but you should first check local regulations regarding wood burning appliances. Some areas have restrictions or specific requirements due to smoke and emissions.
  6. How Often Do Wood Cook Stoves Need to Be Cleaned?
    Regular cleaning is crucial for efficient operation and safety. The frequency depends on usage but generally involves daily ash removal and periodic cleaning of the flue and chimney.
  7. Can I Bake Bread in a Wood Cook Stove Oven?
    Absolutely! Wood cook stoves are excellent for baking bread. The oven’s heat distribution can give bread a wonderful crust and texture that’s hard to achieve with standard electric ovens.
  8. Are Wood Cook Stoves Safe to Use Indoors?
    Yes, when installed correctly and maintained properly, wood cook stoves are safe for indoor use. Proper ventilation and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial.
  9. What Kind of Maintenance Does Wood Cook Stoves Require?
    Maintenance includes regular cleaning of ash, checking the integrity of stove parts, ensuring proper ventilation, and annual professional inspections, especially of the chimney and flue system.
  10. Can I Use Any Type of Wood in a Wood Cook Stove?
    It’s best to use dry, seasoned hardwood for efficient burning and minimal smoke. Softwoods can be used but tend to burn faster and produce more creosote buildup in the chimney.
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Have the Milly. Great stove very poor English user manual. Bad translation I suppose.

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