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Lopi is a trusted name when it comes to premium wood stoves. For years, they have crafted stoves that do more than simply warm a room; these stoves become cherished pieces in homes, admired as much for their aesthetic appeal as for their function. Whether you reside in a snug city apartment or a spacious country house, there’s likely a Lopi stove tailored to your needs.

In this guide, we’ll explore our Top Picks from Lopi’s Stove Collection. Our goal is to highlight what sets each model apart and to draw attention to considerations you might want to keep in mind before making a purchase. Choosing the right stove is a significant decision, and we’re here to assist you in understanding these stoves better, aiming to simplify your decision-making process.

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List of 5 Best Lopi Wood Stoves:

Ready? Let’s dive in! Here are our Lopi Wood Stove Top Picks.

1. Lopi Endeavor

The Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ immediately stands out as a fusion of design and utility, earning its reputation as a ‘best in class’ stove. Not just a visual treat, its functional prowess is unmatched. This stove is adept at heating medium to large homes, boasting a heating capacity that covers up to 2,000 square feet. Even with this vast coverage, it stands as one of the cleanest burning mid-sized stoves in the market with emissions of just 1.4 grams per hour. While official EPA tests peg its BTUs between 12,114 to 67,090, in real-world scenarios where homeowners might add more wood for consistent warmth, it can potentially exceed these figures by up to 20%.

But the Endeavor isn’t just about raw power; it prioritizes user experience. The massive door serves dual purposes: an efficient entry for wood and a generous viewing area with a 165 Sq. In. ceramic glass window. This allows homeowners to enjoy the captivating dance of the flames. Features like the bypass damper streamline the startup and reloading process. Additionally, the easy-glide ash pan turns what was once a tedious cleanup into a simple task. Revolutionizing the wood-burning experience, the stove’s GreenStart™ feature eliminates the traditional woes of slow startups. Now, lighting your stove is as easy as loading the wood and pressing a button—a true boon for the modern wood burner.

In terms of build, the Endeavor doesn’t skimp on durability. Made from sturdy steel plates and weighing in at 448 lbs, it promises both stability and longevity.

In conclusion, the Lopi Endeavor NexGen-Fyre™ is a blend of efficiency, modern design, and user-centered features. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a potent heating solution that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or ease of use. Whether you’ve been using wood stoves for years or are new to them, the Endeavor promises to make your winters both warm and wonderful.

Things I liked about this product:

  1. Design & Utility Fusion: An unmatched combination of aesthetic appeal and powerful functionality.
  2. Heating Capacity: Adequate for medium to large homes, covering up to 2,000 sq ft.
  3. Eco-Friendly: One of the cleanest burning stoves with just 1.4 grams of emissions per hour.
  4. User Experience: From its large door and viewing area to the GreenStart™ feature, it’s designed with the user in mind.
  5. Durability: Robust construction using sturdy steel plates ensures a long-lasting product.
  6. Ease of Use: Features like the bypass damper and easy-glide ash pan make operation and maintenance a breeze.

2. Lopi Liberty

The Lopi Liberty stands tall as an emblem of what a wood stove should embody, especially when the objective is to heat large homes and open spaces. More than a mere heating instrument, the Liberty doubles as a captivating centerpiece, enhancing the ambiance of the room it graces. With its robust capability, the Liberty can effortlessly heat an area of up to 2,500 square feet. Its size, however, doesn’t compromise its commitment to the environment, maintaining a low emission rate of just 2.5 grams per hour.

This positions it as one of the cleanest burning large stoves, winning accolades from the EPA. Homeowners will find the expansive firebox a boon, allowing for lengthy 24-inch logs. Not only does this promise extended burn times, but the flames’ dance becomes a visual treat, accentuating any living space.

Ensuring the user remains at the heart of its design, the Liberty boasts a single control to modulate airflow, promoting an impressive burn time of up to 12 hours. Its step-top design is a blend of aesthetic and function, paving the way for radiant and convective heat. Like its sibling, the Endeavor, the Liberty features the revolutionary GreenStart™ option, ensuring fire startups are a breeze.

From a technical standpoint, while its EPA-tested BTUs range from 15,155 to 63,239, real-world scenarios where continuous wood is added can push these figures up by a notable 20%. Weighing in at a solid 570 lbs and crafted from resilient steel plates, durability is a given.

In sum, the Lopi Liberty is an awe-inspiring fusion of grandeur, efficiency, and artistic design. It emerges as an ideal choice for those who yearn for a powerful heater that does not compromise on style or user experience. The Liberty, in all its glory, stands as a testament to what wood stoves can aspire to be.

Things I liked about this product:

  1. Grandeur and Design: Beyond its heating capabilities, the Liberty serves as an aesthetic centerpiece.
  2. Heating Prowess: With a coverage of 2,500 sq ft, it’s a true heating behemoth.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Maintains a clean burn with just 2.5 grams of emissions per hour.
  4. User-Centric Design: From single airflow control to the easy-glide ash pan, it prioritizes user experience.
  5. Extended Burn Time: Allows for up to 12 hours of heating, ensuring warmth throughout the day or night.
  6. Durability: Weighing 570 lbs and crafted from steel plates, it promises longevity.
  7. GreenStart™ Feature: Revolutionizes the way we start wood fires, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  8. Expansive Firebox: This can accommodate lengthy 24-inch logs, making it both practical and visually appealing.

3. Lopi Cape Cod

Introducing the Lopi Cape Cod™ – a wood stove that doesn’t just warm your space but redefines the entire experience. Aptly termed Lopi’s “Super Stove”, the Cape Cod™ is a testament to Lopi’s relentless pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and performance.

Delivering a robust heating performance, the Cape Cod™ effortlessly warms spaces as vast as 2,500 square feet. But it’s not just the expanse it covers, but also the efficiency it brings to the table.

With an outstandingly low emission rate of 1.9 grams per hour, it stands among the cleanest burning large wood stoves available today. And while the EPA test figures range between 11,322 to 62,623 BTUs, in practical settings with continuous wood replenishment, it’s capable of outperforming these numbers by up to 20%.

Aesthetically, the Cape Cod™ is a masterpiece. Its cast-iron build exudes an aura of classic elegance, ensuring that it’s not just a utility appliance but a statement of style. The generous ceramic glass front offers a mesmerizing 344 Sq. In. view of the flames, making it a centerpiece of any room. Unique to the Cape Cod™ is its dual heating approach, combining both radiant and convective heat.

Beyond its design, the Cape Cod™ champions efficiency. It stands out as being up to 20% more efficient than many standard wood stoves, meaning more warmth from less wood. User convenience is emphasized with features like the bypass damper and the easy-glide ash pan, streamlining startups, reloading, and cleanups.

Weighing a solid 600 lbs and sculpted from durable cast iron, longevity is assured with the Cape Cod™. Its combination of design elegance, efficient performance, and user-centric features makes it a distinguished choice in its category.

To sum it up, the Lopi Cape Cod™ isn’t just a wood stove; it’s a symbol of luxury, efficiency, and warmth. For those who seek the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance, the Cape Cod™ stands unrivaled, truly deserving its title of the “Super Stove”.

Things I liked about this product:

  1. Super Stove Persona: A deserving title reflecting its unmatched performance and design.
  2. Heating Coverage: Impressive capacity to heat expansive areas of up to 2,500 sq ft.
  3. Eco-Friendly Performance: One of the cleanest burners with emissions as low as 1.9 grams per hour.
  4. Cast Iron Elegance: Classic, timeless design that serves as a statement piece.
  5. Dual Heating Mechanism: Unique combination of radiant and convective heat.
  6. High Efficiency: Burns up to 20% more efficiently than many counterparts.
  7. User-Convenience Features: From the bypass damper to the easy-glide ash pan, the user experience is prioritized.
  8. Robust Build: Weighing 600 lbs and made from durable cast iron, it promises years of service.

4. Lopi Answer

The Lopi Answer NexGen-Fyre™ seamlessly marries compactness with robust performance, emerging as a top choice for those who may be space-constrained but won’t settle for anything less than optimum warmth. Exuding the same finesse and quality we’ve come to expect from Lopi, this petite stove is a true testament to the adage – size isn’t everything. Central to the Answer’s appeal is its innovative five-sided convection chamber, a design crafted to guarantee uniform heat distribution.

This system cleverly harnesses room air, heating it efficiently around the firebox and then redistributing it throughout the living space, all without the typical noise of a fan or blower.

Its modest stature doesn’t mean it lacks in capacity. The 1.5 cubic foot firebox is primed to house an 18″ log, ensuring longevity in burn times and minimizing reload intervals – a feature seldom seen in stoves of its size. Moreover, the stove’s versatility shines through as it’s approved for both alcoves and mobile homes.

Performance-wise, the Answer punches well above its weight. With the ability to heat up to 1,400 sq. ft., it’s perfectly poised to serve smaller homes or specific zones within larger residences. Although EPA tests indicate BTUs ranging from 12,129 to 59,527 for cordwood, real-world applications, as is typical with Lopi models, could push these numbers by up to an additional 20% with sustained burns.

The integration of the futuristic GreenStart™ feature is a nod to modern wood burners. Lighting the stove is transformed into a simplistic task, reducing it to merely loading wood and hitting a button.

Constructed with durability in mind, the Answer, weighing 300 pounds and crafted from a robust steel plate, promises longevity. It is 135 Sq. In. glass viewing pane, though not expansive, offers a heartwarming view of the dancing flames.

In wrapping up, the Lopi Answer NexGen-Fyre™ is living proof that dynamism can be packed into compact forms. Delivering warmth, stellar efficiency, and an unparalleled user experience in a compact frame, the answer is more than just a stove; for many, it’s the solution they’ve been searching for.

Things I liked about this product:

  1. Compact Yet Powerful: Ideal for those with space constraints but need optimal warmth.
  2. Five-Sided Convection Chamber: Guarantees uniform heat distribution without external fans.
  3. Generous Firebox: Despite its size, accommodates an 18″ log ensuring extended burn times.
  4. Versatile Usage: Both alcove and mobile home approved, underlining its adaptability.
  5. Efficient Heating: Capable of heating up to 1,400 sq. ft., making it perfect for smaller spaces or specific areas in larger homes.
  6. GreenStart™ Integration: Simplifies the stove lighting process, making it user-friendly.
  7. Durable Build: Weigh 300 pounds and crafted from sturdy steel, indicating a long lifespan.
  8. Cozy Viewing Area: Although compact, offers a delightful view of the flames.

5. Lopi Evergreen

The Lopi Evergreen NexGen-Fyre™ concludes our list, but don’t let its placement deceive you. It’s a paragon of balance, exquisitely blending aesthetics with performance. Elegantly embracing the concept that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” the Evergreen stands as a beacon of modern stove design paired with impeccable functionality.

Upon first glance, the Evergreen’s gentle curves give it an air of modern sophistication, setting it apart from the rigid, angular designs of many conventional stoves.

While aesthetically refreshing, the stove also boasts of a robust build, exemplified by its use of heavy gauge steel, a unibody construction, and a sturdy cast iron door. The substantial, self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area is not just functional but also transforms the flame display into an enchanting visual centerpiece.

The performance metrics of Evergreen are equally impressive. Tailored to comfortably heat spaces extending to 2,000 square feet, it emerges as a versatile choice for varied residential settings. Emissions are capped at an environmentally considerate 1.52 grams per hour. In terms of BTUs, while EPA tests vouch for figures ranging from 12,772 to 70,720 using cordwood, actual on-ground scenarios where consistent warmth necessitates additional wood could potentially surge these numbers by an additional 20%.

The stove’s user-centric design shines through with features like the standard bypass damper, ensuring smoky startups become a relic of the past. Furthermore, the inclusion of the signature GreenStart™ option epitomizes convenience, reducing stove ignition to a simple two-step process.

On the technical front, its specifications narrate a tale of capability and endurance. A 2.2 cubic feet firebox size comfortably houses logs up to 20-1/2” in length, and the stove’s weight, varying between 455 to 471 lbs (based on the chosen base), assures stability.

To summarize, the Lopi Evergreen NexGen-Fyre™ is more than deserving of its place on this list, epitomizing the brand’s dedication to merging style with stellar performance. Being the last pick in no way diminishes its stature. For homeowners keen on a wood stove that harmoniously weds design with utility, the Evergreen surely beckons.

Things I liked about this product:

  1. Modern Aesthetic: Its contemporary design effortlessly complements modern home decor.
  2. Robust Construction: A combination of heavy gauge steel, unibody design, and a cast iron door assures durability.
  3. Impressive Performance: Capable of heating areas up to 2,000 square feet with environmentally conscious emissions.
  4. User-Centric Features: From the bypass damper to the GreenStart™ option, it emphasizes a seamless user experience.
  5. Substantial Viewing Area: The 183 Sq. In. glass front turns the flames into a visual spectacle.
  6. Reliable Specifications: Its firebox size and weight underline its capability and stability.
  7. Versatility: Ideal for medium-sized homes or specific zones in expansive residences.

Comparison Table

Feature/SpecificationLopi EndeavorLopi LibertyLopi AnswerLopi Evergreen
Heating Capacity (sq. ft.)Up to 2,000Up to 2,500Up to 1,400Up to 2,000
Emissions (Grams Per Hour)
EPA Tested BTUs12,114 – 67,09015,155 – 63,23912,129 – 59,52712,772 – 70,720
Maximum Burn Time (Hours)Up to 10Up to 12Up to 8Up to 10
Glass Viewing Area (Sq. In)165232135183
Firebox Size (cu. ft.)2.53.651.52.2
Maximum Log Size (inches)182420-1/220-1/2
Weight (lbs)448570300 (legs)455 (legs)
471 (pedestal)
Construction5/16” to 3/16”Cast Iron5/16” to 3/16”1/4″ to 3/16″
Steel PlateSteel PlateSteel Plate


Lopi has consistently stood out as a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and trustworthiness in the world of wood stoves. Each of their models encapsulates their dedication to delivering not just warmth but also an enhanced living experience.

  • Lopi Endeavor: This stove is the epitome of form-meeting function, ideal for medium to large homes. Its unique features, like the GreenStart™ ignition system, speak to Lopi’s innovative approach to modern wood burning.
  • Lopi Liberty: A large stove that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics for performance. Its expansive fire viewing area and step-top design not only add beauty to function but also redefine the wood stove experience in larger spaces.
  • Lopi Cape Cod: Termed the “Super Stove,” this model shatters all expectations. Its cast iron beauty, combined with a commendable heat output, positions it as a game-changer in wood heating solutions.
  • Lopi Answer: A compact marvel that doesn’t shy away from delivering power-packed performance. Tailored for spaces that are spatially constrained, it proves that size doesn’t always dictate capability.
  • Lopi Evergreen: Concluding our list, the Evergreen harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with efficient operation. It stands as proof of Lopi’s commitment to providing solutions for diverse needs without compromising on quality or performance.

Across all these models, common themes emerge user-centric design, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to marrying aesthetics with performance. Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, Lopi’s range promises not just a product but an experience. In the quest for warmth, comfort, and style, these lopi stoves undoubtedly stand as top contenders.

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Wood Stove Buyer’s Guide

1. Purpose & Primary Use:

  • Heating: Is the stove’s primary purpose to provide heat for the entire house or just supplementary heat for a specific room?
  • Aesthetics: Some buyers prefer stoves that complement the room’s decor and ambiance, focusing on design over heating capacity.

2. Size & Heating Capacity:

  • Consider the area you need to heat. A stove too small won’t provide sufficient heat, while an overly large one can overheat the space.
  • Check the stove’s BTU rating. It gives an estimate of the heat output.

3. Location:

  • Space: Ensure there’s enough space where you intend to place the stove, with proper clearances from walls and combustibles.
  • Venting: Consider where the chimney or vent pipe will go. Direct venting outside, or does it need to be connected to an existing chimney?

4. Type of Wood Stove:

  • Catalytic vs. Non-Catalytic: Catalytic stoves have longer burn times and are more efficient, while non-catalytic stoves are simpler and have fewer parts that might need replacement.
  • Pellet stoves: Use compressed wood pellets, often being more efficient than traditional wood stoves but require electricity.

5. Efficiency:

  • Higher-efficiency stoves require less wood and produce fewer emissions.
  • Look for the EPA certification; they usually list efficiency ratings.

6. Materials:

  • Cast Iron vs. Steel: Cast iron stoves often have decorative elements and retain heat longer, but can be more expensive. Steel stoves heat up faster and are typically more modern-looking.

7. Features to Consider:

  • Ash Pan: Simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Glass Front: Allows for viewing the flames, adding to the ambiance.
  • Blower/Fan: Helps distribute heat more evenly throughout the room.
  • Air Wash System: Keeps the glass clean by reducing soot buildup.
  • Secondary Burn: Reduces emissions and increases efficiency.

8. Installation & Maintenance:

  • Professional installation ensures safety and proper venting.
  • Consider the cost of regular maintenance, including chimney cleaning.

9. Cost:

  • Consider both the initial cost of the stove and installation, as well as ongoing costs like wood, replacement parts, and maintenance.

10. Safety:

  • Ensure the stove meets safety standards. Look for stoves certified by recognized agencies.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in the home.

11. Reviews & Recommendations:

  • Before purchasing, read online reviews, and ask for recommendations. They can offer insights into a stove’s performance and durability.

12. Warranty & Support:

  • Ensure the stove comes with a comprehensive warranty. Also, check if the manufacturer offers good customer support.


  1. Why are Lopi stoves considered “green” or environmentally friendly?
    lopi stoves are designed with efficiency in mind, reducing emissions and producing cleaner burns. Their advanced combustion technology minimizes environmental impact, aligning with modern eco-friendly standards.
  2. What makes Lopi’s GreenStart™ ignition system stand out?
    The GreenStart™ system revolutionizes wood stove usage by eliminating the need for kindling or newspaper. With a simple push of a button, the system kickstarts the fire, offering users a hassle-free and modern way to ignite their wood stoves.
  3. How do Lopi stoves integrate both form and function into their designs?
    Lopi stoves aren’t just heating units; they’re also aesthetic additions to homes. Their stoves are crafted to complement modern interiors, with sleek designs, elegant finishes, and large glass fronts to showcase the mesmerizing flames.
  4. Are Lopi wood stoves suitable for both urban and rural settings?
    Absolutely! Whether you have a tight city apartment or a sprawling country home, Lopi designs stoves of various sizes and capacities to fit diverse needs.
  5. How does Lopi ensure the longevity and durability of its stoves?
    Besides using high-quality materials, Lopi stoves often incorporate heavy-duty construction, such as thick steel plates, cast iron, and sturdy hinges. This commitment to quality ensures that their stoves stand the test of time.
  6. Why is the ceramic glass feature in many Lopi stoves important?
    The ceramic glass used in Lopi stoves is not just for aesthetics. It is designed to endure high temperatures and provide excellent heat transfer, allowing homeowners to enjoy the warmth and view the flames simultaneously.
  7. How do Lopi wood stoves contribute to energy independence?
    Using wood as a primary heat source reduces dependency on fossil fuels and electricity. As wood is a renewable resource, homeowners can achieve a level of self-sufficiency, especially if they have access to their own timber supply.
  8. Can Lopi stoves also be used for cooking or warming food?
    Some models, like the Lopi Liberty with its step-top design, offer surfaces that can be used for cooking or warming, making the stove multifunctional.
  9. What is the significance of the name “Lopi”?
    “Lopi” is an old Norse word meaning “to find”. This reflects the company’s commitment to finding and creating the best heating solutions for homeowners.
  10. With advancements in technology, how does Lopi maintain the traditional essence of wood-burning stoves?
    While Lopi incorporates modern features and technologies into their stoves, they retain the timeless charm of wood burning. The designs, while sleek, have elements that evoke nostalgia and the age-old comfort of a wood-burning fire.

Alright, friends, we’ve journeyed through the world of Lopi wood stoves together in this review. Impressive, aren’t they? Now, if you’re snuggled up next to a Lopi stove as you read this or even just daydreaming about having one, we’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts! Drop your experiences, little stories, or any burning questions (pun intended!) in the comments below. Let’s make this a cozy chat space, just like the warm corner beside a Lopi stove. After all, nothing beats sharing stories and tips with fellow stove enthusiasts. So, go on, let’s hear your tale!

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My lopi has double brass doors,don't know the name,but the fan makes a terrible rattle noise,how do you damper it down so wood burns longer?

Daniel Adams
February 11, 2024 4:16 am

See wood stove and price

Daniel Adams
October 17, 2023 9:58 pm

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