Best Small Wood Stoves for Cabins


Owning a cabin in the woods is a dream for many. It’s a place to escape and enjoy some quiet time. But when the weather turns cold, staying warm becomes a top priority. A small wood stove is just the thing to help with that. It doesn’t just provide heat; it also adds a special cozy feeling to the cabin, making cold nights more comfortable. There are many stoves to choose from, and it can be tricky to know which one is best. That’s why we’ve checked out different models and put together a list of our favorites. In this review, we’ll show you our top picks and what makes each one special. Without further ado, let’s dive into the top choices for cabin small wood burning stoves.

10 Best Small Wood Stoves for Cabin List:

Without further ado, Let’s dive into the Top choices for Cabin Wood Stoves

1. Dwarf 4kw Small Wood Stove

Rating: ★★★★★

Diving into the world of wood stoves, I decided to start my journey with the very first product that caught my eye – the Dwarf 4kw Small Wood Stove by Tiny Wood Stove. And boy, did it set the bar high!

The backstory of this stove genuinely resonates with me. Much like its creators who embarked on a mission to find the ideal stove for a 1966 Airstream Travel Trailer, I too was on the hunt for something fitting for my compact space. Their narrative of evolving from seekers to creators is both inspiring and commendable.

The Dwarf’s construction is robust, crafted from a thick steel plate. Its high-quality cast iron door and firebox not only exude durability but are phenomenal for retaining heat. Plus, the ample viewing window is such a delight! Watching the flames flicker and dance adds a mesmerizing touch to any room.

On the functionality front, the top or rear flue exit is a game-changer, offering adaptability based on your space and needs. I particularly adore the stove’s top, which doubles as a cooking surface when you opt for the rear flue exit. There’s something inherently comforting about food cooked atop a wood stove.

Diving into the controls, the Dwarf offers unparalleled precision with separate levers for primary, secondary, and tertiary air supplies, allowing for optimal control over the burn rate and heat output.

The firebox, meticulously crafted from durable cast iron and lined with refractory fire brick, guarantees an efficient burn. And the ash management? Simply put, it’s genius. The riddling grate, in tandem with the ash pan, ensures cleanup is hassle-free.

While the base model is already impressive, the available add-ons elevate the stove’s appeal. I opted for the tall cast iron legs, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. For those seeking a splash of color, the enameled doors are a tasteful addition.

Safety is paramount, and with the Dwarf’s clearances (16” sides, 18” rear, and 36″ top to ceiling), it seamlessly fits even in snug spaces. The optional factory heat shields are a worthy consideration for added safety.

One of the standout features is the versatility of fuel choice. Whether it’s wood, coal, or compressed logs, the Dwarf handles it with aplomb. However, a potential drawback for some might be its lack of an EPA certification.

2. Dwarf 3kw LITE Small Wood Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

Continuing my deep dive into wood stoves, I was naturally led to the Dwarf 3kw LITE Small Wood Burning Stove, the next in line from Tiny Wood Stove. While it may be a pared-down version of its predecessor, it surely did not skimp on performance or aesthetics!

The essence of the Dwarf series remains consistent. The creators’ adventure, driven by the need for a wood burner for their 1966 Airstream Travel Trailer, has birthed stoves that resonate with many, including me. Their journey from being mere seekers to innovators is genuinely inspirational.

The 3kw LITE, as its name suggests, is a more streamlined version, and its design and functionality are a testament to the philosophy of “Less is more”. Despite being a lighter model, its build does not compromise on durability. Constructed from a blend of thick steel plates, it’s both sturdy and stylish. The cast iron door, with its elegant window, not only ensures lasting heat retention but also offers a picturesque view of the dancing flames, adding a layer of warmth and charm to any room.

The top flue exit keeps things simple and effective, suitable for most cabin configurations. And while it doesn’t offer the rear exit like its sibling, it retains the charm of a classic wood stove.

Air control on the 3kw LITE is a blend of simplicity and effectiveness. With combined primary and secondary air control, along with a separate tertiary one, it promises an efficient burn, which I found quite satisfying during my tests.

The firebox, while simpler than the 4kw model, still boasts of a steel baffle, cast iron grate, and refractory firebrick. This combination ensures that the stove provides a clean and efficient burn, making those winter nights all the more cozy.

Maintenance has been made effortless with the fire grate and ash pan system, ensuring that the stove remains clean and ready for use with minimal fuss. The ash management design, much like its predecessor, proves that practicality can coexist with elegance.

For those inclined towards customization, the 3kw LITE offers options like tall legs and enameled doors, allowing users to add their personal touch. However, a note of caution: this model doesn’t pair with some brand-specific accessories like Direct-Air and Heat Shields.

On the safety front, the clearances (16” sides, 18” rear, and 36″ top to ceiling) ensure the stove finds its place even in tight corners. And while it doesn’t boast of a factory heat shield option like the 4kw, with a well-designed shield, these clearances can be substantially reduced.

Fuel versatility remains a strong point for the Dwarf series. The 3kw LITE efficiently handles wood, charcoal, and compressed logs. Yet, much like its sibling, the absence of an EPA certification may give some potential users pause.

3. Cubic Mini Wood Stove Grizzly

Rating: ★★★★★

On the third leg of my wood stove exploration, I chanced upon the Cubic Mini Wood Stove Grizzly, and it left an indelible impression. Designed with petite spaces in mind, the Grizzly transcends its primary function as a heat source, morphing into a centerpiece of warmth and ambiance.

The Grizzly was conceptualized to bring solace to confined spaces – from the coziest of cabins to movable tiny homes and even boats. Its primary goal? Evaporating humidity, emanating warmth, and drying those damp corners.

And it does so while setting a mood – envision unwinding after a long day, the Grizzly’s warmth greeting you, setting the perfect backdrop for evening tales. Its minimalist footprint, measuring just 13″ wide, 15″ high, and 12″ deep, makes it a snug fit for most settings. Yet, for those culinary enthusiasts, the removable rail offers a handy cooking platform.

The Grizzly shines in its fuel efficiency. It’s partial to well-seasoned hardwood and pressed logs, ensuring optimal combustion and minimal smoke. It’s noteworthy how a recommended wood length of 6 3/4″ not only promises an efficient burn but also safeguards its internal insulation. With its heating prowess spanning a BTU range of 8,000 to 18,000, it stands ready to dispel the chills of Spring and Autumn evenings.

Safety and installation are pivotal for any stove, and the Grizzly is no exception. With requisite clearances of 20″ horizontally and 30″ vertically, it demands space. Yet, its compatibility with the right shielding and mounting can trim these clearances to a mere 3″, exemplifying its versatility. Durability is a hallmark of the Grizzly, with its robust laser-cut steel construction and vermiculite firebrick insulation, promising years of service. The self-cleaning Robux glass is a touch of genius, ensuring an unobstructed flame view, while the brass-plated coil handles add a hint of luxury.

4. Salamander Hobbit Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

Continuing my deep dive into the world of compact wood stoves, the Salamander Hobbit Stove took the fourth slot, exuding an aura of rustic charm and modern utility.

Originating from the expertise of Devon’s craftsmen, the Hobbit Stove transcends its role as a heating device, embodying a true work of art. Designed specifically with the “tiny house small stove” concept in mind, it’s built to seamlessly integrate into spaces often too restrictive for standard stoves. Its compact dimensions of 302mm width, 272mm depth, and 465mm height make the Hobbit Stove an ideal choice for unique and smaller living spaces such as shepherds’ huts, canal boats, and the increasingly popular tiny homes, where efficiency and space-saving are key.

Moreover, its ability to nestle into small household fireplaces allows homeowners to relish the warmth of a stove without sacrificing those intricate period features of their fireplace.

What struck me as genuinely innovative was the Hobbit’s multi-fuel capacity. It’s proficient in burning wood, coal, and eco logs, making it both versatile and eco-friendly. This adaptability is further highlighted by its compliance with the Eco Design 2022 regulations, ensuring it’s ready for future installations.

Peering through its glass window, enhanced by top-notch Airwash technology, one can witness the hypnotic dance of flames, exuding a warmth that is both literal and metaphorical. The Hobbit’s construction is steadfast, being crafted from high-quality cast iron, promising durability for the years to come. And when it comes to efficiency, boasting a commendable 81.4%, it certainly doesn’t compromise.

But functionality isn’t where the Hobbit stops impressing. The accompanying riddling grate, ashpan, and multi-tool make maintenance a breeze. Plus, its new ash direction plates ensure that de-ashing is cleaner and more controlled. The front air controls further aid in ease of use, ensuring you have the perfect burn every single time.

The additional option of the SE, DEFRA-approved model provides peace of mind for those residing in smoke control areas. This is a testament to Salamander’s commitment to ensuring their products cater to diverse user needs and regulatory standards.

As a cherry on top, customization options abound. While matte black is the standard, a plethora of color choices allow users to tailor the Hobbit to their unique aesthetic preferences.

5. Ekol Apple Pie Ecodesign Wood Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

Venturing deeper into my exploration of wood stoves, the fifth stop on my journey brought me to the Ekol Apple Pie Ecodesign Wood Stove. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I was immediately struck by its fusion of classic charm and modern finesse.

One of the Apple Pie Core stove’s distinguishing features is its tailored design, meticulously crafted to complement small spaces. While compact, it radiates a warmth and coziness that’s undeniably inviting. This stove’s genesis clearly aligns with a desire to harmonize the timelessness of a traditional hearth with the sleekness of contemporary design.

Its full cast iron construction not only ensures durability but also serves as a nod to the age-old art of stove-making.

A key highlight for me was the expansive viewing window. Far more than just a functional aspect, it provides an entrancing visual treat, allowing the dance of the flames to be the centerpiece of any room. This stove isn’t merely about heating a space; it’s about creating an ambiance.

The functionality of the Apple Pie Core is further enhanced by the intuitive single-air slider, which ensures precise control, and a myriad of customization options. With a choice of nine distinct colors and an array of optional extras, it’s a stove that can be tailored to individual tastes and needs. Whether it’s a guard rail for safety or a top-mount cooking plate for those chilly winter evenings, this stove offers it all.

Environmental considerations clearly haven’t been overlooked. Its DEFRA approval makes it a versatile option suitable for use throughout the UK, even in stringent smoke control zones. Further, its EcoDesign compliance is a testament to its commitment to eco-friendly operations, ensuring that while you bask in its warmth, your carbon footprint stays minimized.

Peeling back its layers, the Apple Pie Core’s specifications reveal a carefully thought-out design. From its efficient 82% heat output and clearSkies rating of 4 to its specialized construction features, it’s clear that this stove is as much about performance as it is about aesthetics.

6. Go Eco Adventurer 5 Glamping Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

As I journeyed deeper into the realm of stoves, my sixth exploration brought me face to face with the Go Eco Adventurer 5 Glamping Stove. This stove isn’t just another appliance for warmth; it’s a delightful combination of modern technology and timeless appeal.

The first thing to note about the Go Eco Adventurer 5 is its versatility. Initially designed to bridge the gap in the glamping stove market, its adaptability is striking. From yurts and shepherd’s huts to narrowboats, this stove effortlessly finds its place, catering to a wide range of heat requirements.

Its introduction paints a picture of luxury, comfort, and a touch of the nomadic spirit. The image of a narrowboat journeying through the UK’s canal networks in snug warmth is especially enticing.

What truly distinguishes the Adventurer 5, however, is its unparalleled quality and efficiency. The clearSkies Level 5 certification is proof enough of its stellar performance, exceeding the 2022 Ecodesign emissions and efficiency standards by a significant margin. The dedication to eco-consciousness and superior functionality makes it stand out in a saturated market.

The Adventurer 5 isn’t just about heating, though. With its plethora of features, it offers a complete experience. The hotplate, for instance, operates in the 300-350°C range, providing ample heat for cooking. Furthermore, the optional oven, perfectly sized for standard baking tins and casserole dishes, elevates it from a mere stove to a culinary companion. It’s a vision to imagine baking bread or simmering stew on a chilly evening in a glamping pod or yurt.

The stove’s adaptability doesn’t end at its basic features. Go Eco’s range of optional accessories, including warming shelves and a specialized marine hearth unit, ensures that users can mold the Adventurer 5 to their unique requirements. The idea of a fitted heatshield package, reducing clearances to combustible materials, further highlights its suitability for a range of settings, be it in compact spaces or in luxurious glamping environments.

Safety is paramount, and the Adventurer 5 doesn’t compromise. Whether it’s the handcrafted stainless fiddle rail for enhanced pan and kettle stability or the freestanding heatshield package designed for combustible surroundings, every aspect underscores a commitment to user safety.

The cherry on top? A generous warranty ensures peace of mind for users. The 12-month parts and labor warranty, extendable by two years upon online registration, showcases Go Eco’s confidence in its product.

7. Mendip Woodland 5kW Defra Convection Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

On the seventh leg of my exploration into the world of stoves, I discovered the Mendip Woodland 5kW DEFRA Wood Burning Ecodesign Convector Plus Stove. And this encounter was nothing short of enlightening.

From the outset, the Woodland Convection stove exudes an aura of sustainability. Its design is a harmonious blend of efficiency and aesthetics. The stove not only promises warmth but also ensures that it does so with a minimal ecological footprint. It’s a modern solution for those who yearn for the ambiance of a traditional wood-burning stove but are equally passionate about environmental responsibility.

The Woodland stove’s user-friendly, multipurpose, three-way air control adjustment system is genuinely ingenious. Achieving optimum combustion has never been this effortless. It doesn’t just stop at providing warmth; the tertiary air mechanism ensures that every ounce of fuel is efficiently utilized, guaranteeing a clean and sustainable burn.

Its compliance with the EcoDesign regulations for 2022 speaks volumes about Mendip’s commitment to the environment. Furthermore, the stove’s remarkable distances to combustibles, needing a mere 100mm to the rear and sides, present an incredible advantage, offering both versatility in installation and peace of mind.

Mendip’s collaboration with the Woodland Trust is a testament to their dedication to ecological conservation. The fact that £10 from every Woodland stove sold goes towards conserving and restoring woodlands adds a layer of ethical responsibility to the purchase, making it more than just a transaction. It becomes a contribution towards preserving our planet’s natural beauty.

Its features, including the steel body, cast door, flexibility to switch between wood and multi-fuel options, and a top and rear flue outlet, further bolster its credentials. The stove’s impressive 81.1% efficiency ensures you get maximum warmth for your fuel.

8. Saltfire Peanut 3 Ecodesign Stove

Rating: ★★★★☆

On my eighth exploration into the heart of wood stoves, I came across the Saltfire Peanut 3 Ecodesign Stove, and I must admit, it truly encapsulates the essence of “small but mighty.”

From the outset, the Peanut 3 showcases itself not just as a stove, but as a piece of art. Its compact form factor belies its powerful heating capabilities, delivering an impressive 4.7kW heat output and boasting a commendable energy efficiency rate of 82.7%. Its design exudes an understated elegance that seamlessly blends into any medium-sized space, be it a snug living room, a serene log cabin, or even an adventurous boat.

One of its standout features has to be the expansive viewing window. It promises hours of enchantment, allowing users to lose themselves in the hypnotic dance of flames, enveloping the room not just in warmth, but also in a comforting, ambient glow.

The Peanut 3’s design caters to practicality. With the ability to fit into chimney spaces narrower than 16 inches, it’s a game-changer for those with space constraints. This feature eliminates the often tedious and potentially expensive task of modifying or reconstructing spaces to accommodate a stove.

For the culinary enthusiasts, the optional cooking plate is a delightful addition. Not only can you bask in the stove’s warmth, but you can also boil water or cook up a quick snack, further amplifying the stove’s multifunctional appeal.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of Peanut 3, as evidenced by its EcoDesign compliance and DEFRA approval. Users can take solace in the fact that while they’re enjoying the stove’s comforting embrace, they’re also making an eco-conscious choice.

The additional technical specifications, from its clearSkies 5 rating to its construction and flue details, further solidify its place as a reliable and efficient heating solution.

9. Charnwood Country 4 BLU Woodburner

Rating: ★★★★☆

For my night deep dive into the realm of wood stoves, I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with the Charnwood Country 4 BLU Woodburner. Here’s what I took away from this experience.

The Charnwood Country 4 BLU is a testament to how classic design can seamlessly integrate with modern innovation. At first glance, it exudes a traditional charm, reminiscent of timeless wood stoves that have warmed homes for generations. However, under the hood, it boasts state-of-the-art BLU technology, showcasing Charnwood’s commitment to advancing with the times.

This stove stands out for its environmentally conscious features. Meeting and even surpassing the 2022 Ecodesign standards, ensures cleaner burning and reduced environmental impact. With an impressive efficiency of 84%, the Country 4 BLU ensures that you get the maximum heat output for the wood you burn, translating to both fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, with its DEFRA approval, those living in smoke control areas can use it without a hitch, eliminating the need for any additional smoke control kits.

Designed as a dedicated wood burner, the Country 4 BLU offers a nominal heat output of 5kW, making it perfect for medium-sized rooms. What I truly appreciate is the range of personalization it offers. With eight distinct Charnwood color finishes available, it caters to varied aesthetic preferences, ensuring that it complements the decor of any room it graces.

For those concerned about safety, especially when installing in spaces with combustible materials, the optional heat shield offers an added layer of protection, further reducing the clearance at the rear.

The technical specifications are a testament to its quality. From its ClearSkies Level 5 rating to its CO emission level of just 0.10%, every detail emphasizes its stellar performance and safety features. With its matt black finish, top or rear flue outlet, and a max log length of 250mm, it combines aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use.

10. CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Rating: ★★★★★

Wrapping up my wood stove exploration, I ventured into the realm of Cubic Mini with their Cub Wood Stove, and here’s my final review:

The Cub Wood Stove by Cubic Mini is a quintessential example of necessity being the mother of invention. Conceived out of the need to address persistent humidity issues on a boat, this stove has evolved to be a cherished asset for those seeking warmth and dryness in confined spaces.

From the outset, it’s evident that the Cub was meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of smaller spaces.

Whether you’re outfitting a mobile home, a snug cabin, or even a boat, this diminutive powerhouse is an optimal fit for areas under 200 square feet, especially during the transitional Spring and Fall seasons. If you’re dealing with a space that has tall ceilings and needs warmth in the bitter cold of winter, you might need to consider more substantial heating solutions.

Easy installation coupled with a user-friendly operation makes the Cub a preferred choice for novices and veterans alike. Prioritizing sustainability, it stands out as an eco-friendly heating option, producing minimal smoke thanks to its secondary combustion system. This feature not only reduces environmental impact but also positions it as a safer alternative to diesel or propane cook stoves.

The Cub boasts an impressive design that prioritizes functionality. It offers a considerable viewing window, allowing owners to enjoy the enchanting dance of flames. And for culinary enthusiasts, the removable rail transforms the top into a cooking space. Given its compact dimensions and efficient design, seasoned hardwood and pressed logs emerge as the ideal fuels.

On the technical front, the Cub is impressively potent. With a heat output ranging from 6,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU and an energy output of 1.75 to 4.1 kWh, it ensures optimal warmth for its size. Its construction, featuring laser-cut steel and thick vermiculate firebrick insulation, vouches for its durability and efficiency. Moreover, with clearances that can be reduced considerably with the right mounting and shielding, it offers flexibility in installation.

Comparison Table

Stove ModelEfficiencyHeat OutputUnique FeaturesSize & Design FeaturesWarrantyDEFRA/EcoDesign Approved
Dwarf 4kw Small Wood Stove70-80%13,648 BTU/hrCooking Surface, Rear or Top Flue ExitCompactN/ANo EPA certification
Dwarf 3kw LITE Small Wood Stove73.8%10,236 BTU/hrSimplified DesignCompactN/ANo EPA certification
75%14,000 BTU/hrDesigned for small spaces, humidity removal13″ W x 15″ H x 12″ DN/ANo EPA certification
Salamander Hobbit Stove81.4%16,930 BTU/hrMulti-fuel, Improved main grate302mm W x 272mm D x 465mm H5 yearsEcoDesign 2022
82%13,600 BTU/hr9 Colour Options, Stainless steel plateCompact10 yearsEcoDesign compliant, DEFRA
72%15,300 BTU/hr.Camping and glamping oriented, stove cookingN/A3 yearsSIA Ecodesign ready, DEFRA
Mendip Woodland 5kW Defra Convection Stove81.1%16,930 BTU/hrTertiary air managementMedium5 yearsEcoDesign 2022, DEFRA
82.7%16,044 BTU/hrOptional cooking plate, large windowCompact5 yearsclearSkies 5, EcoDesign
Charnwood Country 4 BLU Woodburner84%16,452 BTU/hr8 Colour FinishesTraditional, 416mm W x 545mm HN/AEcoDesign 2022, DEFRA

74%6,000-14,000 BTUDesigned for very small spaces, the cooking area11″ W x 12″ H x 10.5″ DN/ANo EPA certification

All in all Conclusion

In my exploration of various wood-burning stoves, the diversity in design, functionality, and adaptability has been striking. The Dwarf 4kw and 3kw LITE models present a balance of functionality and compactness, ideal for those seeking a modern touch for confined spaces. The Cubic Mini Wood Stove Grizzly and the CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove offer a unique blend of size and power, with the latter specifically crafted for smaller spaces like boats.

The Salamander Hobbit Stove impresses with its multi-fuel capability and its exquisite design, making it suitable for a variety of installations, from household fireplaces to tiny homes. On the other hand, the Ekol Apple Pie Ecodesign Wood Stove embodies modern aesthetics, with its sleek design and impressive efficiency, coupled with customization options that offer homeowners flexibility.

Go Eco Adventurer 5 distinguishes itself with its glamping focus, ideal for those seeking comfort in the great outdoors, whereas the Mendip Woodland 5kW and Saltfire Peanut 3 Ecodesign Stove stand out for their eco-friendliness, meeting and exceeding current environmental standards.

Lastly, the Charnwood Country 4 BLU Woodburner offers a classic look with modern burning technology, ensuring reduced emissions while maintaining the traditional charm.

Choosing the right wood stove for a cabin can dramatically enhance the coziness of your retreat, providing not just warmth but also a heartwarming ambiance. We’ve delved deep into the intricacies of small wood burning stoves tailored for cabins in this article. However, the real beauty of these stoves lies in the unique experiences they offer to each individual. We would love to hear your stories, insights, or even the dilemmas you faced while picking the perfect stove. Did you find our recommendations helpful? Do you have any personal favorites or tips to share? Engage with us in the comments below, and let’s kindle a conversation as heartwarming as the flames of a wood stove. If you found this article insightful, don’t forget to share it with fellow cabin enthusiasts. Your thoughts and experiences might just light the way for someone else on their quest for the perfect cabin wood stove.

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  1. What is the best size for a wood stove in a small cabin?
    The ideal size largely depends on the square footage of your cabin and the insulation quality. As a general rule, for well-insulated cabins, you’ll need about 5,000 BTUs to heat 200 sq. ft. Measure your cabin’s space and look for a stove that matches your BTU requirements to avoid over or under-heating.
  2. How does the ceiling height in my cabin affect the stove size I should consider?
    Higher ceilings mean more air volume to heat, which might require a stove with a higher BTU rating. Even if the floor area is small, a lofted or cathedral-style ceiling in a cabin can mean more cubic feet of space, potentially demanding a slightly larger stove or more frequent burning.
  3. Can I go for a slightly larger stove for colder climates, even if my cabin is small?
    Yes, if you’re in a region with particularly harsh winters, you might want a stove with a higher BTU output. However, ensure it has adjustable settings to reduce the heat during milder days, preventing your cabin from becoming overly warm.
  4. How does the placement of the stove in the cabin affect the size or type I should choose?
    Central placement ensures better heat distribution, potentially allowing for a smaller stove. However, if the stove is near an exterior wall, especially in larger cabins, you might need a slightly bigger stove or additional fans to circulate the heat evenly.
  5. Are there benefits to choosing a stove slightly larger than my calculated needs for the cabin?
    A slightly larger stove can be beneficial as it might require less frequent refueling, especially during very cold nights. However, always ensure it has adjustable air controls to modulate the heat and prevent the cabin from overheating.
  6. Where Can I Find Small Wood Burning Stoves for Sale?
    Small wood burning stoves are available at home improvement stores, specialty fireplace and stove shops, and online retailers. You can also check out manufacturer websites for authorized dealers.
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CUB cubic mini Can I buy this in Ireland please 🤔

Daniel Adams
April 5, 2024 8:17 pm

Dwarf 4kw! I've got this thing up and running in my 12 x 24 playhouse. After much looking around at everything from DIY hacked propane tanks to the horrible tent stoves, the Direct-Air Intake video first caught my attention. The Dwarf Stove stands tall among its competitors and imitators. This thing is nice to look at even if one never builds a fire. The quality of the fit and finish is quite smooth and even. The door is tight and straight and closes with a satisfying thud as it seals. The design is well thought out and practical, solving some smaller stove problems. Fire bricks instead of vermiculite, cast iron grate for coal, and the amazing direct air are a few of the features that drew me to Tiny Wood Stove. The operation is straightforward. Controls for the draft and top air injectors make combustion so efficient that I get a surprisingly low amount of ashes. Overall, I have difficulty finding fault with this product. I would refer anyone looking for a real stove and not a weekend fling to consider one of these. The value to me exceeds the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case going cheap means living with inferior quality and something that doesn't bring happiness and warmth. Do it right the first time and go high end. I have no regrets. Regards, Drew

Daniel Adams
Drew Smith
December 19, 2023 12:48 am

How about a bit of consistency across the reviews. For all ten stoves, I would imagine people want to see the output, the dimensions and the price at a minimum!

Daniel Adams
Andrew won
October 26, 2023 8:09 pm

Can I buy these in New Zealand and what would they cost in NZ $

Daniel Adams
Clive Hullett
October 23, 2023 12:50 am

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