Top 10 Must-Have Wood Stove Tool Sets in 2024


Explore the top 10 essential wood stove tool sets of 2024. Whether you have a cozy wood stove or fireplace, the right tools enhance your experience. This guide highlights both necessary and unique accessories that make managing your wood stove easier and more enjoyable.

List of Top 10 Must-Have Wood Stove Tool Sets:

Let’s delve into this world of wood stove accessories, starting from the most common to the more unconventional ones you might not have encountered before.

1. Fireplace Tools

Having the right tools for your wood stove is crucial, and I’ve found that Steel Apart offers some of the best options out there. Their sets typically include a shovel, often paired with a brush—simple yet indispensable tools for cleaning out the hearth after a fire. The efficiency of the shovel-brush combo cannot be overstated; it makes ash cleanup a breeze.

Fireplace Tools

Steel Apart’s sets feature long handles, which are a game-changer for anyone with a traditional fireplace. No more bending over to clear out ash, thanks to these longer handles. They also include a uniquely designed poker that, from my experience, manipulates logs more effectively than standard pokers. Additionally, the sets come with tongs—an essential tool for safely adjusting logs or handling an unexpected rolling log. Overall, the functionality, thoughtful design, and utility of Steel Apart’s fireplace tools make them a top recommendation for both seasoned and new wood stove owners.

2. Firewood Carrier

Anyone who heats with wood knows the hassle of moving logs from outdoors to the hearth. That’s why I swear by my firewood carrier from Steeler Powder. Before this carrier, transporting logs was a messy task, leaving a trail of bark and dirt. This carrier changed all that. Its design securely holds multiple logs, making it easy to transport wood from outside without any mess.

Firewood Carrier

Additionally, pairing this carrier with a tall-sided firewood holder has been perfect. It allows for an efficient transfer of logs from the carrier to the holder, streamlining the process and keeping the hearth area tidy. For anyone regularly using a wood stove or fireplace, the Steeler Powder firewood carrier is indispensable. Its robust design not only simplifies log transport but also enhances the overall cleanliness and organization of your wood storage system.

3. Welding Gloves

Through years of using a wood stove, I’ve discovered a surprising but essential tool: welding gloves. Originally designed for welding, these gloves are perfect for handling the intense heat of a wood stove. Adjusting logs or moving coals can expose you to high temperatures, and regular gloves just don’t cut it. Welding gloves, with their thick, heat-resistant material, provide the necessary protection to handle such tasks safely.

Welding Gloves

These gloves have been crucial in preventing burns and discomfort, allowing me to manage the fire confidently. They transform potentially painful adjustments into simple, safe interactions with the stove. For anyone using a wood stove, investing in a good pair of welding gloves is a smart move. They extend beyond their traditional use, offering vital protection in the high-heat environment of wood burning.

4. MAPP Gas Torch

The struggle with stubborn kindling and unreliable lighters is real, but a MAPP Gas Torch can change your fire-starting game entirely. As someone who appreciates a quick, reliable start to a roaring fire, this torch is a game changer. It efficiently ignites anything from campfires to wood stoves without the hassle, ensuring a swift and safe flame every time.

MAPP Gas Torch

Beyond just lighting fires, the MAPP Gas Torch is versatile enough for other high-intensity applications, making it a useful tool beyond the hearth. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a weak flame or spent too long trying to get a fire going, investing in a MAPP Gas Torch could revolutionize how you approach these tasks. It’s not just a tool; it’s an upgrade to your entire fire-handling experience.

5. Ash Bucket

While the crackling flames and cozy warmth of wood stoves are delightful, managing the ash is crucial for maintenance. Enter the humble ash bucket—an essential tool for any wood stove owner. Not only does maintaining the right level of ash help keep your stove clean, but it also enhances its performance. A little ash can aid combustion, allowing your fires to burn more efficiently. However, too much ash can stifle the fire. The design of the ash bucket, particularly those with long handles, makes it invaluable. It allows for safe and easy removal of excess ash without the risk of getting too close to hot coals.

Ash Bucket

Plus, it provides a secure place to store the ash until it’s ready to be safely disposed of, ensuring no stray embers can cause trouble. In essence, the ash bucket is more than just a tool; it’s a vital part of wood stove upkeep. It ensures that your stove runs efficiently and safely, making the entire process of maintaining a fire cleaner and more manageable. If you’re serious about your wood stove, an ash bucket is an indispensable addition to your fireplace toolkit.

6. Cast Iron Kettle

The addition of a cast iron kettle to a wood stove setup dramatically transforms the winter heating experience. Known for its dual functionality, the kettle not only humidifies the room but also enhances the comfort by mitigating the dry air produced by the stove. The slow evaporation of water from the heated kettle releases necessary moisture back into the air, making the environment more breathable and the heat from the stove more pleasant.

Cast Iron Kettle

Furthermore, the cast iron kettle complements the aesthetic appeal of a wood stove, adding a touch of rustic charm. The sight of steam gently rising from the kettle contributes to the cozy ambiance of the room. For those who cherish the warmth of a wood stove but dislike the accompanying dryness, incorporating a cast iron kettle provides a practical and charming solution. This simple addition ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the chilly months.

7. Bellow

There’s a timeless charm to using a bellow with your wood stove or fireplace. This traditional tool has proven its worth over the years, making it indispensable on those cooler evenings when a fire begins to dim. The bellow, simple yet effective, pushes air directly into the heart of the fire, providing a much-needed boost to revive dwindling flames.


Imagine you’re cozy at home, and your once-lively fire starts to fade. Instead of resorting to chemical accelerants, a few pumps from the bellow can rekindle the embers, enhancing the fire’s warmth and brightness. This process not only saves the fire but also enhances the overall experience, allowing you to interact with the fire in a hands-on, natural way. Owning a bellow means having a direct hand in maintaining the life and vigor of your fire, reinforcing the intimate connection between human and flame. It’s a simple tool, but its impact on fire management is profound, ensuring that your warm, inviting atmosphere endures through the evening.

8-10. Soapstone Accessories

The kitchen is my haven, a place where I get to experiment, innovate, and most importantly, enjoy. And like any cooking aficionado, I know the value of having the right accessories. Enter Vermont Soapstone Incorporated, a brand that’s transformed my kitchen experience with its exquisite soapstone products. Let me dive into a few of their most popular offerings:

Soapstone Coffee Cup

We’ve all been there, brewing a piping hot cup of coffee, only to be sidetracked by something and return to find it lukewarm. Not with this gem. The soapstone coffee cup is remarkable in its ability to retain heat. Every sip from start to finish is just as warm and comforting as the first.

Soapstone Coffee Cup

Soapstone Pots

Now, I’ve used cast iron pots before and swear by them, but these soapstone pots? They’ve taken things up a notch. They function similarly to cast iron in terms of versatility and sturdiness. But when it comes to heat retention, they’re in a league of their own. Whether I’m slow-cooking a stew or simmering a sauce, the even and prolonged heat ensures everything cooks to perfection.

Soapstone Pots

Trivets and Soapstone Cubes

These have been game-changers for me. The trivets are not only beautiful but also super functional, protecting surfaces from hot dishes. The soapstone cubes, on the other hand, are pure genius. Need your drink to stay cold without being diluted by melting ice? Pop in a chilled soapstone cube. Want to keep that soup hot for longer? A heated cube does the trick. They’re versatile, reusable, and an absolute must-have in my kitchen.

Trivets and Soapstone Cubes

In essence, Vermont Soapstone Incorporated has elevated my culinary journey. Their products, rooted in the age-old benefits of soapstone, offer a blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you’re an experienced chef or someone who just loves a good meal, these soapstone accessories promise to enhance your kitchen experience. So, from one food lover to another, I highly recommend giving them a whirl!

Interested in buying these Soapstones Products? Check it out Here!

Bonus Thermoelectric Fan

If you’re looking to enhance your wood stove experience without the complexity of additional equipment, let me introduce you to the thermoelectric fan—a standout solution that’s not only practical but revolutionary. My first encounter with one of these fans left a lasting impression; its efficiency and the way it seamlessly integrated into the wood stove setup was remarkable. This fan could indeed disperse the stove’s heat throughout a room, making every corner invitingly warm.

Bonus Thermoelectric Fan

What makes the thermoelectric fan truly special is its ability to operate without any external power source. It uses the heat from the stove to generate electricity, which then powers the fan, pushing the warm air throughout the space. This means enhanced comfort, reduced hot and cold spots, and a quieter, more efficient heating experience. And as you explore the various tools and accessories that enhance your wood stove, consider the thermoelectric fan not just as an add-on, but as an essential upgrade that redefines what your wood stove can do, making every moment by the fire even more enjoyable and evenly heated.


In wrapping up, the enchantment of a wood stove goes beyond the mere glow of its flames. It’s about optimizing and enhancing the experience with the right tools and accessories. From the fundamental utility of fireplace tools to the innovation of a thermoelectric fan, each accessory plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety, convenience, and efficiency. While the intrinsic charm of wood heating is timeless, integrating these modern innovations elevates it, marrying tradition with functionality. So, whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of wood stoves, remember that the right accessories can significantly amplify your experience, blending the age-old charm of wood heating with the convenience of modern-day innovations.


  1. Why do some fireplace tools come with longer handles?
    While longer handles might seem cumbersome, they’re designed for safety, allowing users to reach deeper fireplaces without getting too close to the flames or hot coals.
  2. Can I use welding gloves for other tasks besides handling firewood in my stove?
    Absolutely! Welding gloves are versatile and can be used for various high-temperature tasks, including BBQ grilling or even glass blowing.
  3. What’s the advantage of a soapstone coffee cup over a regular ceramic one when placed near a wood stove?
    Soapstone has exceptional thermal properties, meaning it retains heat longer. So, a soapstone coffee cup will keep your drink warmer for an extended period when compared to ceramic cups.
  4. How do thermoelectric fans work without batteries or electricity?
    Thermoelectric fans harness the heat from the stove to produce electricity through the Seebeck effect, which then powers the fan.
  5. Is there a specific type of wood that works best with the MAPP Gas Torch for swift ignition?
    While the MAPP Gas Torch is versatile and can ignite most woods, dry, seasoned woods like pine, fir, and cedar tend to catch fire quickly.
  6. Why would I need an ash bucket if I can directly scoop out ashes and throw them away?
    An ash bucket provides a safe containment system for hot embers or coals that might still be active, preventing any accidental fires.
  7. How often should I replace or maintain my fireplace tools?
    This largely depends on usage. Regularly inspect them for any wear, tear, or damage. Typically, with moderate use and proper care, they can last many years.
  8. Are there any “smart” fireplace tools or accessories on the market?
    Indeed! There are thermoelectric fans with adjustable speeds, smart dampers that can be controlled via apps, and even digital moisture meters to ensure your firewood is adequately seasoned.
  9. Can the soapstone cubes be used in both hot and cold drinks?
    Yes! Soapstone cubes can be chilled in the freezer for cold drinks or warmed up for hot beverages. Their primary advantage is that they don’t dilute drinks like ice cubes do.
  10. Is there an eco-friendly version of the bellow, or is it already considered environmentally friendly?
    Traditional bellows are inherently eco-friendly as they’re manual and don’t require electricity. However, for an even greener option, look for bellows made from sustainably sourced wood and leather or vegan alternatives.

Hey there, fellow wood stove enthusiasts! As we cozy up and conclude our look at the Top 10 Must-Have Wood Stove Tool Sets in 2024, we’re super curious about your own adventures with wood stoves. Everyone’s got that one tool or trick that makes all the difference, right? Whether you’re a seasoned pro with logs or just kindling your passion, we bet you’ve got a story or two to share. So, go on, drop a little note in the comments below. Share a tip, a favorite tool, or even a funny mishap! Let’s make this a warm corner of the internet where we all feel at home. Can’t wait to chat with you all and share in the warmth of our shared experiences!

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