DEWALT Long Reach Floor Jack: Is It Worth the Investment?


At $399.99, the DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack sits at a premium price point, available at Canadian Tire. This 3-ton capacity jack is engineered for efficiency and versatility, catering to a wide range of vehicles including trucks, sports cars, and other low clearance vehicles.

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Specifications of DEWALT Floor Jack:

  • Part Number: DXALT830009
  • Lift Capacity: 3 tons (2722 kg or 6000.98 lb)
  • Lift Range: 3.35″ – 24″ (8.5 cm – 61 cm)
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    • Height: 87.60 cm (34.49 in)
    • Length: 37.80 cm (14.88 in)
    • Width: 16.30 cm (6.42 in)
  • Assembled Weight: 45.00 kg (99.21 lb)
  • Certifications: ASME-PASE Certified
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Handle Length: 125.00 cm (49.21 in)
  • Pump/Lift Type: Hydraulic
  • Number of Pump Pistons: 2
  • Primary Material: Steel
  • Vehicle Type Compatibility: ATV/UTV, Car, Light-Duty Truck, Minivan, SUV, Truck
  • Special Features:
    • Quicklift Hydraulic system
    • Double pump design for faster lifting
    • Built-in safety overload system
    • Magnetic tool panel for organization
    • Heavy-duty grip handles
    • Foam bumpers to prevent damage to vehicle finish

Performance and Features

The DEWALT jack is designed with an extra-long neck and low profile pick-up, which facilitates easy access to a variety of vehicles, especially those with low ground clearance. The dual pump piston mechanism promises quick lifting, capable of reaching its maximum height in under five pumps, which is a significant efficiency for busy mechanics and enthusiasts alike.

DEWALT Long Reach Floor Jack on a white background

The inclusion of a magnetic tool panel is a thoughtful addition, providing convenience by keeping tools and small parts within reach during work. Safety features such as heavy-duty grip handles, overload protection, and foam bumpers enhance user security and vehicle protection during lifting operations.

Build Quality and Design

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DEWALT’s reputation for durable construction is evident in the garage jack’s robust build, with a heavy-duty powder-coated finish and steel material, ensuring longevity and reliability. The jack’s design, characterized by its swivel back wheels and fixed front wheels, offers maneuverability and stability.

Usability and Value

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The lift range of 3.35″ to 24″ (8.5 cm to 60.5 cm) accommodates various maintenance needs, from tire changes to undercarriage repairs. However, the price tag of nearly $400 necessitates a consideration of the jack’s value relative to its features and the competition. While the brand is synonymous with quality, potential buyers must weigh the utility of advanced features against the cost, especially when other jacks in the market may offer similar functionality at a lower price.

Ease of Use

The DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack is engineered for user convenience and efficiency, making it a reliable tool for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its hydraulic quick-lift system, the jack can elevate vehicles swiftly, requiring fewer pumps to reach the maximum height, saving time and effort during use.

Its long neck and low-profile design ensure easy access to a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars with minimal ground clearance. The built-in magnetic tool panel is a thoughtful addition, providing a handy space to organize tools and small parts, reducing clutter and the risk of losing essential items while working.

The heavy-duty grip handles facilitate maneuverability, allowing users to position the jack precisely where needed. Safety is also a priority with this jack; it features an overload protection system that prevents it from being used beyond its 3-ton capacity, enhancing operational security.

Additionally, foam bumpers on the lift arm protect the vehicle’s finish from scratches or damage during lifting, which is a crucial consideration for maintaining the vehicle’s aesthetic condition.

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Comparative Analysis: DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack vs. DAYTONA 3 Ton Professional Steel Jack

Lift Capacity3 tons3 tons
Lift Range3.35″ – 24″3-3/4″ – 23-1/8″
DesignLow profile, long reachLow profile, standard reach
ConstructionHeavy duty, powder-coated steelAll-welded steel, durable finish
Unique FeaturesDual pump, magnetic tool panel, foam bumpersRapid Pump® technology, universal joint release
Safety FeaturesOverload protectionComplies with ASME-PASE 2019 standards
Weight99.21 lb104 lb
Best ForLow clearance vehicles, professionalsGeneral automotive use, value-oriented consumers

The DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack and the DAYTONA 3 Ton Professional Steel Jack are both designed for heavy-duty automotive work, each with a lift capacity of 3 tons. The DEWALT jack stands out for its long reach and low-profile design, making it particularly suitable for low clearance vehicles. It features a dual pump for quick lifting and a magnetic tool panel for convenience. The foam bumpers to protect vehicle finishes add to its premium design.

On the other hand, the DAYTONA jack, with its Rapid Pump® technology, offers efficient and speedy lifting. It boasts a universal joint release for precise load control, which is an excellent feature for precise work. While it may not have the same extended reach as the DEWALT, it compensates with its sturdy all-welded steel construction and compliance with ASME-PASE 2019 standards for safety.

Price-wise, the DEWALT jack is positioned as a premium tool, reflected in its higher cost due to additional features like the long reach and extra safety elements. The DAYTONA jack, however, presents a more budget-friendly option without compromising on essential functionalities.

In summary, the DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack is ideal for professionals or individuals who require a robust jack for low clearance vehicles and appreciate added convenience and safety features. The DAYTONA 3 Ton Professional Steel Jack, conversely, offers solid performance and reliability at a more accessible price point, making it suitable for general automotive use and value-conscious users.

Is the DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack Worth the Investment? Insights and Community Feedback

The DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack, with its 3-ton capacity and long reach, is designed for those requiring performance and durability in their automotive tasks. While its features such as quick lifting, dual pump pistons, and low-profile access cater to professional needs, the price tag of $399.99 has sparked discussions among users.

Community Feedback

Users have compared it to similar products, like Duralast’s jack, which shares the same color scheme and presumably, functionality, but at a potentially lower price. This observation led to mixed reactions:

  • flannelmaster9 pointed out the hefty price, suggesting a sense of overpricing.
  • Jrshaw_1 expressed a preference for more affordable alternatives, indicating that the perceived value may not align with the cost.
  • darga89 and nothing_911 mentioned that retailers like Canadian Tire often have significant sales, suggesting the price might be more palatable during discount periods.
  • Ben-jams and leifashley27 discussed other brands like Torin and Daytona, which offer competitive features at lower prices, further questioning DEWALT’s price justification.

The conversation extends to the legal disputes over product designs in the market, with users like DankChunkyButtAgain noting litigation between major brands over similar designs, which adds a layer of complexity to the product’s value proposition.

Final Thoughts

Considering the mixed community feedback, the DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack stands out for its features and brand reputation. However, potential buyers must weigh these against the premium price and competitive alternatives. The decision to invest should be based on individual requirements, usage frequency, and budget, as well as market comparisons to ensure the investment aligns with the value received.

What are your thoughts on the DEWALT Long Reach Garage Jack and its place in the market? Do you believe its features and brand reputation provide enough value to justify the cost, or are there better alternatives? Share your experiences and insights to help others make an informed decision.


1. Is a 1.5-ton floor jack enough?
A 1.5-ton floor jack is adequate for lifting one corner of a vehicle at a time. It’s commonly used alongside car stands for prolonged periods of maintenance. For full lifting, the jack should be placed under the differential, with stands supporting the vehicle’s side lift pads.

2. How do I determine the right floor jack to buy?
The appropriate floor jack size depends on your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), found in the vehicle manual or on a sticker in the driver’s door jamb. The jack you choose should have a capacity of at least three-quarters of the GVW.

3. Which is better: a floor jack or a trolley jack?
Trolley jacks, with their robust and heavy structure, are preferred for their reliability and versatility, catering to various applications. They are well-suited for professional and DIY garages. Floor jacks, while cost-effective, are recommended for less frequent use.

4. Is a 2-ton floor jack sufficient for a truck?
A 2-ton jack can handle most basic lifting tasks. For trucks or heavier vehicles, a jack with greater capacity is advisable to safely support about three-quarters of the vehicle’s weight.

5. How heavy of a floor jack do I need?
Your floor jack should have a capacity of about three-quarters of your vehicle’s total weight since lifting is typically done one corner at a time. For example, a 2-ton jack is often enough for a full-size family saloon.

6. Will a 2-ton jack lift an SUV?
A 2-ton jack is usually sufficient for lifting a corner of sedans and small cars. However, for lifting a corner of an SUV or pickup, a jack with a higher capacity (around four tons) is recommended for adequate safety.

7. Can I use a 3-ton jack on a compact car?
Yes, using a 3-ton jack on a compact car is safe and provides extra lifting capacity, ensuring stability and support during maintenance.

8. What safety features should I look for in a floor jack?
Look for a jack with a sturdy construction, reliable hydraulic system, overload protection, and a large, stable base. Additionally, consider models with padded lift arms to protect the vehicle’s frame.

9. How often should I replace my floor jack?
There’s no set replacement timeline, but regularly inspect your jack for wear, hydraulic fluid levels, and functionality. Replace it if you notice any damage or if it fails to hold pressure.

10. Are aluminum floor jacks as reliable as steel jacks?
Aluminum jacks are lighter and easier to maneuver, making them ideal for quick tasks and transport. Steel jacks are heavier and more durable, suited for extensive, heavy-duty use. Both can be reliable, depending on construction quality and usage.

We hope this guide has illuminated the essentials of selecting the right floor jack for your needs. Have you had experiences with these jacks, or do you have a go-to model we didn’t mention? Share your insights and experiences in the comments below—we’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! Your feedback helps us all learn and make more informed decisions, so don’t hesitate to join the conversation.

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