The DEWALT D26676K 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer kit has a powerful 5.5 Amp motor that provides a smooth, even finish in the hardest of woods. It produces 34,000 cuts per minute to achieve a fast removal rate. Includes reversible carbide blades for improved blade life and material finish. It has a depth adjustment knob and can be calibrated to 1/16-Inch (1.5mm approximately). Precision-machined front and back aluminum shoes ensure parallelism of cut. A built in kickstand allows user to rest the planer on work surface without gouging the material. It also has a precision machined groove in front shoe that allows for edge chamfering. The Poly-V drive belt provides increased belt durability. The ergonomically designed handle provides greater comfort and less user fatigue. Includes a dust adaptor that allows for direct connection to DEWALT vacuum cleaners. Kit Includes: Planer, Two reversible carbide blades (installed), Rabbeting fence, Blade depth setting gage, Dust Adaptor, Socket wrench, and Kit box. With a 5.5 Amp motor, the 3-1/4-inch Portable Hand Planer provides a smooth, even finish to the hardest of woods. Professionals trust the DEWALT 3-1/4-inch Portable Hand Planer for precise cutting and edging. Ergonomically designed handle of the hand planner for woodworking provides comfort to reduce fatigue.

The Power Within: 5.5 Amp Motor

At the heart of the DEWALT D26677K lies a robust 5.5 amp motor, delivering a smooth and even finish even in the hardest woods. This power ensures not just efficiency but also the durability to tackle various woodworking projects.

Swift and Precise: 34,000 Cuts Per Minute

Experience the prowess of rapid material removal with the hand planer's impressive 34,000 cuts per minute. This feature guarantees swift and precise results, saving both time and effort.

Depth of Mastery: 1/16-inch Maximum Cut

Achieve depth mastery with a maximum cut of 1/16-inch (1.5mm). This precision allows for intricate woodworking, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards.

Fine-Tuning with Calibration

Fine-tune your woodworking with the calibrated depth adjustment knob, allowing adjustments to 1/16-inch (1.5mm approximately). This level of calibration ensures accuracy in every pass.

Blades That Define Excellence

The DEWALT D26677K takes pride in its reversible carbide blades, enhancing both blade life and material finish. Additionally, it accepts industry-standard large, resharpenable high-speed steel blades, offering versatility for straight edging or framing applications.

Versatility Redefined: Carbide and High-Speed Steel Blades

Experience versatility like never before. Switch between reversible carbide blades and high-speed steel blades based on your project requirements. This flexibility sets the DEWALT D26677K apart.

Precision in Every Pass: Machined Aluminum Shoes

Craft with confidence, thanks to precision-machined front and back aluminum shoes. These shoes ensure parallelism of cut, maintaining accuracy throughout your woodworking journey.

A Planer That Stands: Kickstand Convenience

Convenience takes center stage with the DEWALT D26677K's kickstand. Easily rest the planer on the work surface without worrying about gouging the material, adding practicality to your woodworking sessions.

Chamfer with Ease: Front Shoe Groove

The precision-machined groove in the front shoe allows for effortless edge chamfering. Add chamfered edges to your projects with ease, expanding your creative possibilities.

Durability Beyond Measure: Poly-V Drive Belt

The DEWALT D26677K is equipped with a Poly-V drive belt, ensuring increased belt durability. This robust feature guarantees the longevity and reliability of the planer, even under demanding work conditions.

Crafting Comfort: Ergonomic Design

Experience woodworking comfort with the ergonomically designed handle of the DEWALT D26677K. This user-friendly feature minimizes fatigue, allowing you to focus on your craft.

The DEWALT Assurance: Two-Year Warranty

Trust in the DEWALT brand with the assurance of a two-year warranty. This commitment reflects the brand's confidence in the durability and performance of the D26677K.


The DEWALT D26677K is not just a hand planer; it's a precision tool designed to elevate your woodworking projects. From its powerful motor to its thoughtful features, this tool stands as a testament to DEWALT's commitment to craftsmanship.


1. Is the DEWALT D26677K suitable for beginners?
Absolutely, the user-friendly design makes it accessible for both beginners and professionals.

2. Can I use this planer for edge chamfering?
Yes, the precision-machined front shoe groove allows for easy edge chamfering.

3. What is the warranty period for the DEWALT D26677K?
The planer comes with a two-year warranty, providing peace of mind.

4. Can I use this planer for framing applications?
Yes, the reversible carbide blades and high-speed steel blades make it versatile for framing.

5. How does the kickstand enhance usability?
The kickstand allows users to rest the planer on the work surface without damaging the material, adding convenience to woodworking sessions.

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Reviews (11)

November 5, 2022

Precision Powerhouse!

The D26677K's precision cuts and power redefine woodworking. A must for any craftsman's arsenal.

February 12, 2022

Effortless Efficiency

This planer effortlessly tackles hardwoods. A game-changer for quick, efficient woodworking projects.

March 17, 2022

Versatility Unleashed

Switching between carbide and high-speed steel blades provides unmatched versatility. A true craftsman's dream!

April 18, 2022

Precision Redefined

The calibrated depth adjustment knob ensures precise cuts. A tool that redefines precision in woodworking.

May 19, 2022

Durable Dynamo

Poly-V drive belt delivers durability. Withstands rigorous use, making it a reliable workhorse in the workshop.

June 2, 2022

Craftsman's Companion

The D26677K is a craftsman's companion. Its precision and power make it an indispensable tool in my workshop.

July 21, 2022

Efficient Edge Chamfering

The machined groove for edge chamfering is a game-changer. Adds an extra layer of functionality to an already stellar tool.

August 9, 2022

User-Friendly Power

Kickstand and precise controls make it user-friendly. A powerful tool that's a breeze to operate.

September 23, 2022

Reliable and Robust

Reliability meets robustness with the D26677K. A sturdy, dependable tool that delivers consistent performance.

October 24, 2022

Woodworking Essential

A woodworking essential. It's become my go-to for achieving precision and efficiency in every project.

November 25, 2022

Top-Notch Performance

The D26677K delivers top-notch performance. A premium tool for serious woodworkers seeking excellence.