The Gonicc GPPS-1002 features a drop-forged body and handles, providing unparalleled strength and durability. This construction method ensures that the shears can withstand the rigors of regular use without succumbing to wear and tear.

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  • Quality Blade Made of High Carbon SteelAt the heart of the Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears is a high-quality blade crafted from premium-grade high carbon steel. This material offers exceptional hardness and edge retention, allowing for precise and effortless cutting.
  • Ultra-fine Polishing TechnologyTo further enhance cutting performance, the blade undergoes ultra-fine polishing technology, resulting in a razor-sharp edge. This meticulous attention to detail ensures smooth and clean cuts with minimal effort, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Suitable for Various Plants and TreesWhether you're tending to delicate roses or shaping dense shrubbery, the Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears are up to the task. Their versatile design makes them suitable for a wide range of plants and trees, including annuals, vegetables, flowers, bonsai, and more.
  • Ideal for Deadheading, Trimming, and ShapingFrom deadheading spent blooms to precision trimming and shaping, these pruning shears excel in various gardening tasks. Their sharp blade and ergonomic design make them indispensable for achieving professional-looking results with ease.
  • Non-slip HandlesThe Gonicc GPPS-1002 is equipped with ergonomically designed non-slip handles, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. This feature minimizes hand strain and fatigue, allowing for extended use without discomfort.
  • Lightweight ConstructionDespite their robust construction, these pruning shears are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and control. Whether you're pruning high branches or reaching into tight spaces, the lightweight design enhances agility and precision.
  • Sap Groove Design for Enhanced PerformanceOne common issue with pruning shears is sap buildup, which can impede cutting performance and lead to blade stickiness. The Gonicc GPPS-1002 addresses this concern with its innovative sap groove design, which channels sap away from the blade, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted cutting.
  • Up to 3/4" Diameter Size Tree BranchesWith a cutting capacity of up to 3/4" diameter size tree branches, the Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears are suitable for a wide range of pruning tasks. Whether you're tackling small twigs or thicker branches, these shears deliver clean and precise cuts with minimal effort.
  • Factors Affecting Cutting CapacityIt's important to note that cutting capacity may vary depending on factors such as the type of tree species and the condition of the branches. Regular maintenance and sharpening of the blade can help ensure optimal cutting performance over time.
  • Coated with Antirust OilTo protect the blade from rust and corrosion, the Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears are coated with a layer of antirust oil. This preventive measure helps prolong the lifespan of the shears, ensuring years of reliable performance even in humid or wet conditions.
  • Maintenance Tips:To maintain peak performance, it's recommended to clean and lubricate the shears regularly, especially after use in damp conditions. Additionally, storing the shears in a dry environment and avoiding exposure to moisture can further extend their longevity.


The Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears combine durability, precision, and ergonomic design to offer a superior cutting experience for gardeners of all skill levels. Whether you're a hobbyist gardener or a professional landscaper, these shears are sure to become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. With their exceptional performance and long-lasting quality, investing in a pair of Gonicc pruning shears is a decision you won't regret.


1. Are Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears suitable for left-handed users?
Yes, the ergonomic design of the handles accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users comfortably.

2. Can these pruning shears be used for cutting thick branches?
While the shears are capable of cutting branches up to 3/4" in diameter, attempting to cut thicker branches may result in damage to the blade or difficulty in achieving clean cuts.

3. How often should I sharpen the blade of my Gonicc pruning shears?
It's recommended to sharpen the blade regularly, especially if you notice a decrease in cutting efficiency or if the blade begins to dull.

4. Can I use the Gonicc GPPS-1002 pruning shears for cutting flowers?
Yes, these shears are suitable for delicate tasks such as deadheading flowers or trimming stems.

5. What is the warranty period for Gonicc pruning shears?
Gonicc offers a satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on their pruning shears. Please refer to the manufacturer's warranty policy for specific details and terms.

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Reviews (7)

March 18, 2023

Precision Pruning Powerhouse!

Effortlessly tackled my overgrown shrubs. The GONICC GPPS-1002 is a game-changer for any gardener. Highly recommended!

April 2, 2023

Top-Notch Tool for Tree Trimming

As a professional landscaper, I rely on the GONICC GPPS-1002 for its durability and cutting precision. A must-have for any forestry task!

May 20, 2023

Efficient and Ergonomic Pruners

The GONICC GPPS-1002 makes pruning a breeze with its comfortable grip and sharp blade. Perfect for long hours in the garden!

June 10, 2023

Quality Shears for Serious Gardeners

Investing in the GONICC GPPS-1002 was a game-changer for my garden. Its sturdy build and precise cuts make all the difference!

July 15, 2023

Versatile and Reliable Pruning Solution

Whether I'm shaping bonsai or trimming roses, the GONICC GPPS-1002 delivers consistent performance. A must-have for any plant enthusiast!

August 28, 2023

Impressive Cutting Capacity!

The GONICC GPPS-1002 effortlessly sliced through thick branches in my backyard. Truly a powerhouse tool for any forestry task!

September 10, 2023

Durable and Dependable Pruners

After years of use, my GONICC GPPS-1002 still performs like new. Its quality construction and sharp blade make it a worthwhile investment!