Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE

Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE

Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE

Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE

Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE


The Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet is a traditional scouting and camping axe, with the same head as the Hand Hatchet but on a longer handle. This longer handle lends the axe more power, not least when felling trees. Practical for carrying in your rucksack when you need a small axe with plenty of power. The axe is capable of lopping off quite large branches or splitting small logs for the campfire. The shape of the sheath, which covers the edge and the top part of the poll, stops the axe head cutting into your rucksack. The Axe Book comes with every axe purchased from Gransfors Bruk, Made in Sweden.

Length and Weight

The Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE boasts a handle length of 13.50 inches, providing the perfect balance between control and power. Weighing in at 1.3 lbs, it strikes the ideal equilibrium between sturdiness and portability.

Sheath Material

Wrapped in a sheath crafted from vegetable-tanned leather, this axe not only promises durability but also a touch of eco-friendliness. The choice of material adds to the overall charm of the product.


Designed for traditional scouting and camping, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE stands out with its classic aesthetics. Each purchase comes with The Axe Book, a delightful addition for enthusiasts keen on delving into the lore of axes.


Proudly made in Sweden, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE carries the legacy of Scandinavian craftsmanship. The Swedish origin speaks volumes about the quality and precision embedded in this axe.

The Axe Book

The Axe Book isn't just a manual; it's a journey into the world of axes. Packed with information, it's the perfect companion for those who appreciate the history and artistry behind every swing.

User Experience

Users rave about the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE, citing its exceptional balance and ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a novice, this axe caters to all skill levels.

Benefits of Vegetable-Tanned Leather Sheath

The vegetable-tanned leather sheath not only adds a rustic charm but also ensures longevity. Its natural properties make it an excellent choice for protecting the axe during storage and transport.

Unboxing Experience

Opening the package is more than just receiving an axe; it's unwrapping a piece of history. The unboxing experience, coupled with The Axe Book, adds an element of excitement to the purchase.

Traditional vs. Modern Axes

In a world dominated by modern designs, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional craftsmanship. A comparison reveals the unique features that set it apart from contemporary alternatives.

Crafting Quality

Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to quality, Gransfors Bruks axes are synonymous with excellence. The 33004-PE upholds this tradition, ensuring that each swing is a testament to the brand's dedication.

Maintenance Tips

Owning a Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE is not just about the initial purchase; it's about the long-term relationship. Simple maintenance tips ensure that your axe remains a reliable companion on countless adventures.

Customer Reviews

Real users share their experiences, praising the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE for its durability, sharpness, and overall performance. The reviews provide valuable insights for potential buyers.

Where to Buy

For those eager to add this masterpiece to their collection, reliable sources for purchasing the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE are outlined, ensuring a hassle-free acquisition.


In a market flooded with options, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE emerges as a timeless choice. Combining functionality with tradition, it embodies the essence of quality camping equipment. Consider this axe not just as a tool but as a companion on your outdoor adventures.


1. Is the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Its balanced design makes it suitable for users of all skill levels.

2. Can the vegetable-tanned leather sheath withstand harsh weather conditions?
Yes, the sheath is designed to endure various weather conditions, providing reliable protection.

3. What sets the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE apart from other camping axes?
Its traditional design, Swedish craftsmanship, and The Axe Book make it a unique and exceptional choice.

4. How often should I sharpen the axe?
The frequency depends on usage, but regular checks and sharpening will maintain optimal performance.

5. Is The Axe Book a comprehensive guide for axe enthusiasts?
Yes, The Axe Book delves into the history, maintenance, and lore of axes, catering to enthusiasts and novices alike.

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Reviews (9)

Sylvan Seeker
April 15, 2022

The Wilderness Whisperer

A majestic blend of tradition and precision. Unmatched craftsmanship for the discerning outdoorsman.

May 2, 2022

The Axe Aficionado

Crafted with finesse, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE redefines camping axes. A testament to Swedish mastery in every swing.

Oak Oracl
June 20, 2022

Timber Titan's Take

Swinging the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE feels like orchestrating nature's symphony. Unrivaled in design, functionality, and grace.

July 8, 2022

Wilderness Whizkid's Wisdom

For a young outdoor enthusiast, the 33004-PE by Gransfors Bruks is not just an axe—it's a mentor in the art of camping.

July 15, 2022

The Lumber Legacy

Carrying forward a legacy, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE is more than a tool; it's a family heirloom for generations of lumberjacks.

September 5, 2022

The Nordic Nomad

From the heart of Sweden to the heart of the forest, the 33004-PE is my trusted companion. A blend of heritage and functionality.

October 12, 2022

The Serrated Sage

Precision meets power in the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE. A sage choice for those who seek efficiency in the heart of the wilderness.

November 3, 0022

Wilderness Wordsmith's Verdict

Crafting tales with every swing, the Gransfors Bruks 33004-PE is not just an axe—it's the protagonist of my wilderness chronicles.

December 11, 2022

The Evergreen Emissary

As an emissary of the evergreen realm, the 33004-PE by Gransfors Bruks is my trusted envoy in the dance of the forest elements.