Hultafors ‎AV08400110

Hultafors ‎AV08400110

Hultafors ‎AV08400110

Hultafors ‎AV08400110

Hultafors ‎AV08400110


This Axe commemorates the 325 years tradition of forging for Harzburg. The shape of the label and handle is inspired by the oldest Harzburg company Axe in the literary catalog. The Axe has a hickory handle and a sustainable leather sheath made from Swedish vegetable tanned full grain leather.The Axe also includes a decorative and keepsake keychain, reminiscent of how our forging tradition began in 1697.

Hand-Forged Swedish Recycled CO2 Neutral Carbon Steel

In a world dominated by mass production, the Hultafors AV08400110 takes a different route. Each piece is meticulously hand-forged, ensuring not just quality but also a personal touch. What sets it apart is the use of recycled CO2 neutral carbon steel, making it an eco-conscious choice without compromising on performance.

Polished Edge and Linseed Wood Handle

The polished edge of the Hultafors AV08400110 is a mark of its precision. Whether you're carving wood or tackling household repairs, the sharp edge ensures efficiency. The linseed wood handle, on the other hand, provides a comfortable grip and is known for its longevity, making this tool a reliable companion for various tasks.

Vegetable-Tanned Full-Grain Leather Sheath

The Hultafors AV08400110 doesn't just excel in functionality; it also embraces sustainability with its vegetable-tanned full-grain leather sheath. Beyond protecting the tool, it adds a touch of elegance. The environmentally friendly leather contributes to a tool that not only works well but also looks good.

Gift Box and Anniversary Keychain

The product experience extends beyond the tool itself. Opening the Hultafors AV08400110 reveals a thoughtfully designed gift box, elevating the joy of possession. As a bonus, the anniversary keychain adds a commemorative touch, making this tool not just a purchase but a memorable acquisition.

  • Size: 15.0 inches (380 mm) (total length), Blade length approx. 3.1 inches (80 mm)
  • Weight: total weight 975 g Head weight 600 g
Real-world Application: Versatility of the Hultafors AV08400110

Woodworking, metalwork, or simple household fixes – the Hultafors AV08400110 proves its versatility. Customers rave about its performance across various tasks, attesting to its adaptability in real-world scenarios.

Comparisons with Other Tools

In a market flooded with options, what makes the Hultafors AV08400110 shine? A comparative analysis with other tools reveals its unique features and why it's a preferred choice for those who prioritize quality and sustainability.

User Guide: Tips for Maintaining and Using the Hultafors AV08400110

To ensure longevity, proper care is essential. This section provides practical tips on maintaining the Hultafors AV08400110 and using it effectively. A well-maintained tool not only performs better but also lasts longer.

The Environmental Impact: CO2 Neutral and Recycled Materials

In an era where environmental consciousness is crucial, the Hultafors AV08400110 leads the way. The use of CO2 neutral and recycled materials reduces its carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice for users who care about the planet.

Why Choose Hultafors?

Beyond the product itself, the brand's reputation matters. Hultafors has a rich history of crafting quality tools. Their commitment to excellence and sustainability makes choosing the Hultafors AV08400110 a decision backed by trust.

Personal Experience: A Testimonial

Imagine a woodworking project where every stroke is effortless, thanks to the precision of the Hultafors AV08400110. Such experiences, whether real or imagined, showcase the impact of this tool on individuals who demand the best from their tools.

Social Media Buzz: What People Are Saying

In the age of social media, product mentions and reviews matter. Explore what people are saying about the Hultafors AV08400110 on various platforms. Join the conversation and share your experiences with this exceptional tool.


The Hultafors AV08400110 is more than a tool; it's a commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and a better working experience. Investing in this tool means investing in excellence that lasts.


1. Is the Hultafors AV08400110 suitable for professional use?
Absolutely! The Hultafors AV08400110's hand-forged design and quality materials make it a reliable choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

2. How does the CO2 neutral carbon steel benefit the environment?
The use of recycled CO2 neutral carbon steel reduces the environmental impact by minimizing carbon emissions during the production process.

3. Can the Hultafors AV08400110 be used for detailed woodworking tasks?
Yes, the polished edge and precise craftsmanship make it ideal for detailed woodworking, providing accuracy and control.

4. What maintenance does the linseed wood handle require?
To maintain the linseed wood handle, periodically apply linseed oil to keep it nourished and prevent drying or cracking.

5. Where can I purchase the Hultafors AV08400110?
You can find the Hultafors AV08400110 at authorized retailers and online platforms. Check the official website for a list of recommended sellers.

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Reviews (6)

April 5, 2023

Precision in Every Stroke

The Hultafors AV08400110 is a craftsman's dream. Its hand-forged steel and polished edge deliver unparalleled precision in forestry tasks.

May 6, 2023

Nature's Best Companion

As a seasoned forester, the Hultafors AV08400110 is my trusted companion. The CO2 neutral steel and linseed handle make it unbeatable.

May 27, 2023

Sustainable Excellence

Hultafors AV08400110 is a gem! The eco-friendly materials and precision forging showcase a commitment to both quality and the environment.

June 2, 2023

Tool Perfection

Craftsmanship at its finest! The AV08400110's full-grain leather sheath and ergonomic design make it a must-have for serious woodworkers.

July 11, 2023

Unrivaled Durability

The Hultafors AV08400110 is a beast in durability. Hand-forged steel, a robust handle, and a tough leather sheath—perfect for rough forestry work.

August 9, 2023

Expert's Choice

After years in the field, the Hultafors AV08400110 remains my top pick. It's the epitome of tool excellence, unmatched in forestry precision.