Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn

Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn

Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn

Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn

Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn


New to the lineup of Z200 Husqvarna mowers, this Z242F features a 21.5HP Kawasaki engine, armrests and headlights. Performance and style hit the grass running with the all new Z200 Series Zero Turn Mowers. Cutting edge design, proven performance and new innovative features combine to make lawn maintenance an event instead of a chore.

Understanding Hydrostatic Transmission

What is hydrostatic transmission?

Hydrostatic transmission is a method of power transmission that utilizes hydraulic fluid to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. Unlike traditional mechanical transmissions, which use gears to change speed and direction, hydrostatic transmissions offer smooth and seamless operation.

Benefits of hydrostatic transmission

One of the primary advantages of hydrostatic transmission is its simplicity and durability. With fewer moving parts than conventional transmissions, hydrostatic systems require less maintenance and are less prone to wear and tear. Additionally, hydrostatic transmissions provide infinite variability in speed, allowing for precise control over the mower's movement.

Innovative Park Brake System

How does the park brake system work?

The Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn features a patent-pending park brake system that automatically activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved outward or inward. This intuitive design eliminates the need for manual engagement of the parking brake, providing added convenience and safety for operators.

Advantages of the patent-pending park brake system

By integrating the park brake system with the steering levers, Husqvarna has simplified the operation of the mower, reducing the risk of accidental rollaways and enhancing overall control. Whether navigating tight turns or traversing slopes, operators can rely on the park brake system to ensure stability and peace of mind.

Versatile Clipping Management Options

Discharging clippings

The Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn offers multiple options for managing grass clippings. For homeowners who prefer to discharge clippings onto the lawn, the mower's side discharge chute provides efficient dispersal, preventing clumping and promoting a healthy lawn.

Mulching clippings

For those seeking a more environmentally friendly approach to lawn care, the optional mulching kit allows for the finely chopped clippings to be redistributed back into the turf, providing natural fertilization and moisture retention.

Bagging clippings

When a pristine lawn is the top priority, the bagger attachment offers a convenient solution for collecting clippings and maintaining a clean-cut appearance. With the bagger attachment, users can easily dispose of grass clippings without leaving behind unsightly debris.

Performance and Power

Powering the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn

Equipped with a robust 21.5HP Kawasaki engine, the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn delivers ample power and torque to tackle even the toughest mowing tasks. Whether mowing thick grass or navigating uneven terrain, this mower excels in performance and reliability.

Efficiency in cutting various terrains

Thanks to its hydrostatic transmission and zero-turn capabilities, the Husqvarna mower offers exceptional maneuverability and agility, allowing operators to navigate around obstacles with ease. From expansive lawns to intricate landscaping features, this mower delivers a flawless cut every time.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Design for operator comfort

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn prioritizes operator comfort with its ergonomic design and adjustable features. From the cushioned seat to the padded armrests, every aspect of the mower is engineered for maximum comfort during extended use.

Ease of use with steering levers

Unlike traditional steering wheels, the Husqvarna mower features intuitive steering levers that allow for precise control and maneuverability. Whether making sharp turns or navigating narrow passages, operators can easily adjust the direction and speed of the mower with minimal effort.

Maintenance and Durability

Longevity of the mower

Built to withstand the rigors of regular use, the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn is constructed from high-quality materials and components, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. With proper maintenance and care, this mower is designed to provide years of reliable service.

Maintenance tips for optimal performance

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, it's important to follow a regular maintenance schedule for the Husqvarna mower. This includes checking and replacing oil, inspecting and sharpening blades, and lubricating moving parts as needed. By staying proactive with maintenance, users can maximize the lifespan of their mower and enjoy consistent results season after season.


The Husqvarna 42 in. 21.5HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn represents the pinnacle of mowing innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance and reliability. Whether tackling large residential properties or commercial landscaping projects, this mower delivers superior results with ease and efficiency. With its intuitive controls, versatile clipping management options, and durable construction, the Husqvarna Zero Turn is the ultimate solution for homeowners and professionals seeking a superior mowing experience.


1. Is assembly required for the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn mower?
Yes, some assembly is required upon delivery, but detailed instructions are provided for easy setup.

2. Can I use the mower in wet conditions?
While the mower is designed to withstand various cutting conditions, it's recommended to avoid mowing in excessively wet or muddy areas to prevent damage to the turf and the mower itself.

3. Does the mower come with a warranty?
Yes, the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn mower comes with a limited warranty to cover any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during normal use.

4. Can I use the bagger attachment for leaves and debris, in addition to grass clippings?
Yes, the bagger attachment is versatile and can be used to collect leaves, twigs, and other debris, in addition to grass clippings.

5. How often should I replace the mower blades?
The frequency of blade replacement depends on factors such as mowing frequency, grass type, and terrain conditions. It's recommended to inspect the blades regularly and replace them as needed to maintain optimal cutting performance.

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March 15, 2023

Mower Maverick's Insightful Review

Effortless mowing experience with the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. Smooth operation, powerful engine, and precise cutting. Highly recommend!

April 20, 2023

GreenGrassGuru's Top Choice

The Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn is a game-changer for lawn care enthusiasts. Unmatched performance, durability, and versatility. A must-have!

May 20, 2023

LawnLion's Precision Perfection

Impressed by the precision and power of the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. Makes lawn maintenance a breeze. No regrets investing in quality!

June 10, 2023

TurfTitan's Reliable Companion

The Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn is a reliable workhorse. Exceptional performance, easy maneuverability, and sturdy build. Worth every penny!

July 5, 2023

LawnKing's Dream Machine

Dreaming of a perfectly manicured lawn? Look no further than the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. Effortless operation and superior results every time.

August 18, 2023

GrassGuru's Expert Analysis

As a lawn care professional, I trust the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn for its unmatched performance and durability. It's simply the best in its class.

September 12, 2023

MowingMaestro's Superior Satisfaction

Exceptionally satisfied with the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. It's a cut above the rest with its precision cutting and ease of use. Highly recommend!

October 23, 2023

LawnLegend's Ultimate Weapon

The Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn is the ultimate weapon in lawn maintenance. Powerful, efficient, and built to last. A true game-changer!

November 8, 2023

MowerMagician's Unrivaled Performance

Experience unrivaled performance with the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. From its powerful engine to its precise cutting, it's a cut above the rest.

December 20, 2023

LawnLuxury's Premium Choice

Upgrade to premium lawn care with the Husqvarna 42 in. Zero Turn. Superior performance, durability, and comfort. Truly worth every penny!