Makita XJP03Z

Makita XJP03Z

Makita XJP03Z

Makita XJP03Z

Makita XJP03Z


The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Plate Joiner (model XJP03Z, tool only) provides portability and performance in the field or in the shop -- without the cord. The XJP03Z combines power and precision with ease-of-use features for strong and accurate biscuit joints for furniture making, cabinet construction and fine woodworking applications. (note: battery and charger sold separately). For improved tool performance and extended battery life, Makita created Star Protection Computer Controls. Star Protection is communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. For increased versatility, the tool can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the star symbol on the battery indicating Star Protection inside. The XJP03Z provides up to 320 cuts or 160 joints on a single charge (18V LXT 3.0Ah battery, sold separately) . The rack-and-pinion vertical fence system is engineered for accurate fence adjustments, and the cast aluminum pivot fence has three positive stops at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees. The blade diameter is 4 inches, and there are six depth settings with one-touch stops for the most common biscuit sizes including #0, #10 and #20.

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  • Rack-and-Pinion Vertical Fence SystemThe Makita XJP03Z is equipped with a rack-and-pinion vertical fence system, meticulously engineered to deliver precise fence adjustments. This innovative design ensures that your cuts are accurate, allowing you to achieve flawless joinery with ease. Whether you're working on a intricate woodworking project or a simple DIY task, the rack-and-pinion fence system provides the stability and precision you need to get the job done right.
  • Cast Aluminum Pivot FenceOne of the standout features of the Makita XJP03Z is its cast aluminum pivot fence, which boasts three positive stops at 0°, 45°, and 90°. This allows for quick and effortless adjustments, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your cuts. Additionally, the pivot fence is designed for easy centering on 3/4" material, giving you greater control and accuracy over your workpiece.
  • Depth Settings and One-Touch StopsVersatility is key when it comes to woodworking, and the Makita XJP03Z delivers with six depth settings and one-touch stops for #0, #10, and #20 biscuit sizes. Whether you're working with different materials or joining methods, the ability to quickly adjust the depth settings ensures that you can tackle any project with confidence and precision.
  • Cordless Design for PortabilityGone are the days of being tethered to a power outlet. The Makita XJP03Z features a cordless design, providing you with the freedom to work anywhere, whether it's in the field or in your workshop. With no cords to restrict your movement, you can tackle projects with ease and efficiency, knowing that the Makita XJP03Z is up to the task.
  • Large and Easy-to-Operate Cam LocksFence adjustments are made effortless with the Makita XJP03Z's large and easy-to-operate cam locks. These intuitive locks allow you to make precise adjustments with minimal effort, ensuring that your cuts are always on point. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice woodworker, you'll appreciate the convenience and ease of use that the cam locks provide.
  • Note: Battery and Charger Sold Separately: It's important to note that the Makita XJP03Z is sold as a bare tool, meaning that the battery and charger are sold separately. While this may require an additional investment, it also gives you the flexibility to choose the battery and charger that best suit your needs. With Makita's range of compatible batteries and chargers, you can customize your setup to meet the demands of your projects.


The Makita XJP03Z is a versatile and reliable tool that is sure to enhance your woodworking experience. From its precision-engineered fence system to its cordless design, every feature is designed with performance and convenience in mind. Whether you're a professional carpenter or a hobbyist woodworker, the Makita XJP03Z is a must-have addition to your toolkit.


1. Does the Makita XJP03Z come with a battery and charger?
No, the Makita XJP03Z is sold as a bare tool, so you'll need to purchase the battery and charger separately.

2. How many depth settings does the Makita XJP03Z have?
The Makita XJP03Z features six depth settings for versatility in joinery projects.

3. Is the rack-and-pinion fence system difficult to adjust?
Not at all! The rack-and-pinion fence system is designed for easy and precise adjustments.

4. Can I use the Makita XJP03Z for both fieldwork and workshop projects?
Absolutely! The cordless design makes the Makita XJP03Z ideal for use anywhere, whether it's in the field or in your workshop.

5. What sizes of biscuits are compatible with the Makita XJP03Z?
The Makita XJP03Z accommodates #0, #10, and #20 biscuit sizes with convenient one-touch stops.

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Reviews (9)

March 15, 2023

Precision Perfection with the Makita XJP03Z

Effortlessly accurate cuts every time! The cordless convenience is a game-changer. Highly recommend.

April 1, 2023

Unleash Your Woodworking Potential

The Makita XJP03Z is a powerhouse! Its depth settings and pivot fence make joinery a breeze.

May 12, 2023

Portable Precision at Its Finest

Impressive versatility and accuracy. The cordless design is a huge plus for on-the-go projects.

June 28, 2023

Professional Grade Joinery Tool

The Makita XJP03Z exceeded my expectations. The rack-and-pinion fence system is a game-changer.

July 9, 2023

Efficiency and Accuracy Combined

As a seasoned woodworker, I can attest to the precision and reliability of the Makita XJP03Z.

August 21, 2023

A Cut Above the Rest

The Makita XJP03Z is a top-tier joinery tool. Its ease of use and accuracy make it a must-have.

September 5, 2023

Craftsmanship Elevated

With the Makita XJP03Z, precision is effortless. Its depth settings cater to various woodworking needs.

October 17, 2023

Joinery Made Simple

Even for beginners, the Makita XJP03Z is a dream to work with. Its intuitive design is unmatched.

November 29, 2023

Innovation in Joinery

The Makita XJP03Z delivers on all fronts – accuracy, portability, and ease of use. Highly recommended.