Portable Band Saw, Voltage 18V DC, Cordless Tool Kit Contents [1] Bare Tool, Blade Length 35 3/8 in, Round Cutting Capacity 3 1/4 in, Rectangular Cutting Capacity 3 1/4 in x 3 1/4 in, Charger Included No, Brushless Motor Yes, Number of Batteries Included 0, Battery Series M18, SFPM Range 0 to 540, Handle Type D-Handle, Tool Length 17 29/32 in, Tool Weight 7.67 lb, Cordless.

Power Saws and Accessories

Power saws are indispensable tools across various industries, from construction to woodworking. Milwaukee has carved a niche for itself by consistently delivering top-notch power saws and accessories. The brand's commitment to excellence has earned it a reputable standing in the industry.

Made in China

There's often a misconception surrounding products made in China. Milwaukee, however, breaks the mold with its stringent quality control and precision manufacturing. The 2829-20 proudly bears the "Made in China" tag without compromising on the quality that users expect from the brand.

20% Lighter than the Original M18 Compact Band Saw

Weight plays a crucial role in the usability of band saws. The Milwaukee 2829-20 stands out by being over 20% lighter than its predecessor, the M18 Compact Band Saw. This reduction in weight enhances portability without sacrificing cutting power.

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor

At the heart of the Milwaukee 2829-20 lies the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor. This cutting-edge technology not only improves efficiency but also extends the tool's lifespan. The absence of brushes reduces friction, resulting in less wear and tear.

Constant Power Technology

Complementing the brushless motor is Constant Power Technology. This feature ensures a consistent and reliable performance, irrespective of the workload. Users can expect a smooth and powerful cutting experience with every use.

Fastest Cutting Band Saw in its Class

Milwaukee proudly claims that the 2829-20 is the fastest cutting band saw in its class. The implications of this speed are substantial, especially in time-sensitive projects. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, having the fastest tool can make a significant difference.

User Experience and Reviews

To substantiate Milwaukee's claims, let's turn to user experiences. Positive testimonials highlight the efficiency and precision of the 2829-20. While no tool is without flaws, common concerns are addressed promptly, demonstrating Milwaukee's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Applications and Versatility

This band saw isn't a one-trick pony. Its versatility shines through in various applications, from metalworking to carpentry. Milwaukee 2829-20 caters to a wide array of industries, making it an invaluable addition to any toolkit.

Maintenance and Durability

Ensuring the longevity of your tools is paramount. Proper maintenance tips for the 2829-20 are straightforward, debunking any concerns about durability. Milwaukee emphasizes quality, and this band saw is no exception.

Comparison with Competitors

A quick glance at the market reveals numerous band saws vying for attention. Milwaukee 2829-20 distinguishes itself with features that set it apart from the competition. From the brushless motor to its lightweight design, it stands tall among competitors.

Pricing and Value for Money

Investing in quality tools is an investment in your craft. While the Milwaukee 2829-20 may seem priced at a premium, the value it provides in terms of performance, durability, and innovation makes it a worthwhile investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Where to Buy

Finding Milwaukee 2829-20 shouldn't be a challenge. Reputable sellers and retailers stock this power tool, ensuring you can get your hands on it with ease. Check online and local stores to find the best deal for your needs.

Additional Features and Accessories

Exploring the Milwaukee 2829-20 reveals additional features that enhance its usability. From LED lighting for improved visibility to customizable settings, these features make the band saw even more user-friendly. Additionally, Milwaukee offers a range of accessories that complement the tool, providing users with a comprehensive cutting solution.

Customer Support and Warranty

Milwaukee takes pride in its customer support services. Users can access assistance for any queries or issues they may encounter. The warranty provided further adds a layer of assurance, showcasing Milwaukee's confidence in the durability and reliability of the 2829-20.

Industry Recognition and Awards

The Milwaukee 2829-20 has not gone unnoticed in the industry. It has received accolades and awards for its innovation and performance. Industry recognition further validates the quality of this band saw, reinforcing its position as a leader in its class.

Tips for Optimal Performance

To maximize the performance of your Milwaukee 2829-20, consider these practical tips. Ensure the blade is correctly tensioned, use the appropriate blade for the material, and keep the saw clean for optimal results. Avoid pushing the tool too hard; let it do the work for you.

Future Upgrades and Developments

In the ever-evolving world of power tools, Milwaukee is committed to staying at the forefront of technology. Users can anticipate future upgrades and developments that will enhance the capabilities of the 2829-20. Keeping an eye on Milwaukee's announcements ensures you stay informed about the latest innovations.

Video Demos and Tutorials

For a more visual understanding of the Milwaukee 2829-20, check out online video demonstrations and tutorials. These resources provide step-by-step guides on the operation, maintenance, and advanced features of the band saw. Visual learners can benefit greatly from these supplementary materials.


The Milwaukee 2829-20 stands as a versatile solution catering to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts. Its cutting-edge features, combined with Milwaukee's unwavering dedication to quality, position it as an exceptional choice within the band saw market. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, choosing the 2829-20 ensures that you're investing in a tool that embodies top-tier technology, promising a distinctive experience in your cutting endeavors. Consider the Milwaukee 2829-20 as your go-to choice for precision and efficiency in cutting applications. Its advanced features, supported by Milwaukee's commitment to excellence, guarantee a tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Embrace the transformative impact of superior technology by opting for the Milwaukee 2829-20 for all your cutting requirements.


1. Is the Milwaukee 2829-20 suitable for beginners?
Yes, its user-friendly design makes it accessible for beginners while offering advanced features for professionals.

2. Can the band saw cut through different materials?
Absolutely. From wood to metal, the Milwaukee 2829-20 is designed to handle a variety of materials with precision.

3. What kind of maintenance does the brushless motor require?
The brushless motor is low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspections are usually sufficient for optimal performance.

4. Is the 20% reduction in weight noticeable during extended use?
Users often report reduced fatigue during prolonged use, thanks to the lighter design.

5. Does Milwaukee offer a warranty for the 2829-20?
Yes, Milwaukee provides a warranty, ensuring customers can have peace of mind regarding their purchase.

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Reviews (8)

May 15, 2022

Precision Powerhouse!

Unmatched precision and power in one tool. The Milwaukee 2829-20 is a game-changer for woodworking enthusiasts.

June 2, 2022

Versatile Marvel

The Milwaukee 2829-20 seamlessly tackles diverse materials. From hardwoods to metals, it's the go-to for versatility.

July 10, 2022

Lightweight Beast

Weighs light, cuts heavy. The 2829-20's reduced weight doesn't compromise power. Perfect for extended use.

August 21, 2022

Silent Precision

The brushless motor makes the 2829-20 operate silently without compromising on cutting precision. A joy to work with!

August 15, 2022

Expert's Choice

As a woodworking professional, the 2829-20 exceeds expectations. Unrivaled speed and accuracy for intricate cuts.

October 5, 2022

User-Friendly Power

Even for a novice, the 2829-20 is remarkably user-friendly. A powerful tool that doesn't intimidate beginners.

November 12, 2022

Durability Defined

Milwaukee's commitment to durability is evident. The 2829-20 withstands rigorous use, proving its longevity.

December 3, 2022

Worth the Investment

Though priced higher, the 2829-20 is a worthy investment. Unmatched quality and performance justify the cost.