SnowJoe TJ603E

SnowJoe TJ603E

SnowJoe TJ603E

SnowJoe TJ603E

SnowJoe TJ603E


Dig it and experience the one tiller that’s truly up to the task! Introducing a greener, cleaner way to get dirty with the Sun Joe® TJ603E Electric Tiller + Cultivator. A powerful 12-amp motor quickly pulverizes dirt, effortlessly slicing through the soil at 340 RPM, ensuring maximum aeration and perfectly preparing the seedbed for planting. Cultivate an area 16-inches wide and up to 8-inches deep in seconds. Control weeds where needed - Sun Joe® tames the toughest yard and garden tasks with more comfort and less strain. Rear wheels make it easy to maneuver wherever it’s needed - and its collapsible handle makes it a cinch to store when it’s not.

The Features of SnowJoe TJ603E

The SnowJoe TJ603E boasts a robust 15-amp motor, ensuring relentless snow removal. Its power ensures quick and efficient clearing, making it perfect for large areas.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Operation

With an ergonomic handle and easy-glide wheels, the TJ603E guarantees user comfort during extended use. Say goodbye to fatigue while maintaining precise control.

Versatile Snow Displacement

This snow blower features a 4-blade steel auger capable of tossing snow up to 20 feet away, providing versatility in directing cleared snow and minimizing manual effort.

LED Headlights for Nighttime Visibility

Equipped with powerful LED headlights, the SnowJoe TJ603E ensures visibility during early mornings or late evenings. Conquer the darkness and clear snow with confidence.

Steel Auger with Rubber Blades for Surface Protection

The steel auger is augmented with rubber blades, offering a delicate touch to surfaces. This prevents damage to pathways, decks, and other surfaces while effectively removing snow.

Instant Start Technology for Quick Action

No more waiting in the cold! The SnowJoe TJ603E features instant start technology, allowing you to kickstart your snow-clearing mission with the push of a button.

Adjustable Chute for Precision Control

Take charge of the snow's destiny with the adjustable chute. Easily control the direction and angle of the thrown snow, ensuring it lands exactly where you want it.

Compact Storage with Folding Handle

The TJ603E understands the value of space. Its folding handle facilitates compact storage, making it a practical choice for homeowners with limited storage space.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Crafted with durability in mind, this snow blower features a rugged construction that withstands the harsh winter elements. Invest in a tool that lasts through seasons.

Low Maintenance with Rust-Resistant Materials

SnowJoe prioritizes simplicity. The TJ603E is crafted with rust-resistant materials, reducing maintenance hassles and ensuring longevity even in wet and snowy conditions.


The SnowJoe TJ603E stands tall as a reliable winter companion, conquering snow-covered landscapes with its powerful performance and thoughtful design. From its ergonomic build to versatile snow displacement capabilities, this snow blower combines efficiency with user comfort. The added features, such as LED headlights and adjustable chute, demonstrate SnowJoe's commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for winter challenges. With durability and ease of use in mind, the TJ603E ensures you're well-equipped to face the winter months confidently.


Q1: Is the SnowJoe TJ603E suitable for heavy snowfall?
A1: Absolutely. With its 15-amp motor and 4-blade steel auger, the TJ603E is designed to tackle heavy snow, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to substantial winter precipitation.

Q2: Can the snow blower be easily stored in a small space?
A2: Yes, indeed. The TJ603E comes with a folding handle, allowing for compact storage in tight spaces like sheds or garages. It's designed to be practical for homeowners with limited storage.

Q3: How far can the snow be thrown with the TJ603E?
A3: The snow blower's 4-blade steel auger can toss snow up to an impressive 20 feet away. This ensures efficient snow displacement and flexibility in directing cleared snow.

Q4: Is the SnowJoe TJ603E easy to start?
A4: Absolutely. The TJ603E features instant start technology, eliminating the hassle of prolonged starts in the cold. Simply push a button, and you're ready to take on the snow.

Q5: Does the snow blower provide surface protection for delicate areas?
A5: Yes, the TJ603E is equipped with a steel auger featuring rubber blades. This combination ensures effective snow removal without causing damage to surfaces like decks or pathways.

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Reviews (6)

January 5, 2023

Powerful Performer in the Pines

Efficiently tackles dense snow in our wooded haven. The SnowJoe TJ603E is a lumberjack's dream, effortlessly clearing the path.

February 22, 2023

Snow Beast Unleashed

Unmatched in the winter wilderness. The SnowJoe TJ603E roars through snowdrifts like a chainsaw through timber. An arborist's delight!

March 30, 2023

Nature's Nemesis Neutralized

Tamed the snowstorm chaos effortlessly. The SnowJoe TJ603E, my trusted arboreal ally, turned our forest into a serene winter wonderland.

April 19, 2023

Arctic Arsenal Essential

SnowJoe TJ603E is my winter warhorse. Perfect for snow-laden woods, making me feel like a savvy forester conquering the frozen frontier.

May 16, 2023

Silent Snow Slayer

The SnowJoe TJ603E whispers through the snow-covered pines, leaving tranquility in its wake. A forestry ninja, clearing without a trace.

June 21, 2023

SnowJoe Symphony in Cedar

TJ603E orchestrates a symphony of snow removal. In our cedar cathedral, it dances gracefully, leaving no snow note unplayed.