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Rutland Products presents the Black Rutland Stove Gasket Cement, a versatile adhesive designed for gaskets and small stove repairs. This heat-resistant cement, rated up to 2000°F (1090°C), boasts superior adhesion, making it ideal for securing fiberglass stove gaskets to metal surfaces, repairing small metal cracks, or bonding metal to metal. Its multipurpose application and DIY-friendly nature make it a cost-effective choice that enhances safety and prolongs the lifespan of heating appliances. Available in a convenient 2.3-ounce tube, this product is a must-have for homeowners seeking reliable solutions for stove and fireplace maintenance.

The Features of Rutland Stove Gasket Cement

  • Multipurpose Application: One of the standout features of this product is its versatility. Rutland Stove Gasket Cement can be used for various applications, making it an essential item for any homeowner. Whether you need to adhere fiberglass stove gaskets to metal surfaces or repair small metal cracks, this cement has got you covered.
  • Superior Adhesion: When it comes to gasket repair, a strong bond is vital to prevent heat and gas leakage. Rutland Stove Gasket Cement excels in this department. It offers superior adhesion, ensuring that your gasket remains securely in place, even under high temperatures.
  • Heat Resistant: Heating appliances operate at high temperatures, and regular adhesives may not withstand the heat. This cement is rated to withstand temperatures of up to 2000°F (1090°C), making it the ideal choice for stove and fireplace applications.
  • Metal-to-Metal BondingApart from gasket repairs, Rutland Stove Gasket Cement can also be used to bond metal to metal. It is a handy solution for small metal cracks or for joining metal components together securely.

Benefits of Using Rutland Stove Gasket Cement

Now that we've explored its features, let's delve into the benefits of using this exceptional product:

1. Increased Safety

Maintaining a secure gasket seal is essential for safety when operating a heating appliance. Rutland Stove Gasket Cement ensures that gaskets stay in place, reducing the risk of gas leaks and other potential hazards.

2. Prolongs Appliance Lifespan

By using this cement to repair minor cracks and issues, you can extend the lifespan of your heating appliance. This can save you money on costly replacements or major repairs.

3. DIY-Friendly

You don't need to be a professional to use Rutland Stove Gasket Cement. Its user-friendly nature allows homeowners to take on small repair projects without the need for expensive service calls.

4. Versatile and Cost-Effective

The multipurpose nature of this cement means you can use it for various repairs around your home, making it a cost-effective investment.

How to Use Rutland Stove Gasket Cement

  1. Using this product is straightforward. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:
  2. Prepare the Surface: Ensure the surfaces to be bonded are clean and free from dust, grease, or debris.
  3. Apply Cement: Using a brush or applicator, apply a thin, even layer of Rutland Stove Gasket Cement to the surfaces you want to bond.
  4. Press Together: Press the surfaces together firmly. If you're working with gaskets, make sure they align correctly.
  5. Allow to Dry: Let the cement cure for the recommended time, typically a few hours. Check the product label for specific drying times.
  6. Test: Once dry, test the repair to ensure it's secure and functioning correctly.


Rutland Products Black Rutland Stove Gasket Cement is a must-have for any homeowner with heating appliances. Its versatility, heat resistance, and strong adhesion make it a reliable choice for gasket repairs and small stove fixes. By investing in this cement, you not only enhance safety but also prolong the lifespan of your heating equipment.

So, the next time you need to tackle a stove or fireplace repair, reach for Rutland Stove Gasket Cement. It's the go-to solution for all your heating appliance needs.

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Reviews (16)

January 18, 2022

Perfectly Sealed

With Rutland's cement, my stove is perfectly sealed. It's like having a new stove again

February 24, 2022

Expert Endorsement

As a chimney sweep, I rely on Rutland's gasket cement for all my stove repairs. It's unmatched.

March 12, 2022

Quick Fix

Rutland's cement is a quick and easy fix for gasket issues. Highly effective and reliable.

April 20, 2022

Airtight Assurance

Rutland's cement is the real deal. My stove's seal is now airtight, and it's holding up well.

May 15, 2022

Gasket Saver!

This cement worked like magic, sealing my stove gasket tight. No more leaks! Highly recommend.

June 2, 2022

Stove Saver

This cement fixed my old stove's gasket, saving me from buying a new one. Fantastic product!

July 12, 2022

Saved My Stove

Rutland's gasket cement saved my beloved stove. It's like a resurrection for heating appliances!

August 8, 2022

Gasket Expert

I'm a professional in the heating industry, and I trust Rutland's cement for all my gasket work.

September 5, 2022

Superb Sealing

This cement sealed my stove's gasket like a champ. No more heat loss! Impressive results.

October 12, 2022

Economical and Effective

Budget-friendly and works like a charm. My stove is as good as new!

October 24, 2022

Rutland Reliability

For decades, Rutland has been my go-to for gasket cement. Always delivers.

October 30, 2022

Perfectly Sealed

With Rutland's cement, my stove is perfectly sealed. It's like having a new stove again!

November 3, 2022

Quick Fix

Rutland's cement is a quick and easy fix for gasket issues. Highly effective and reliable.

November 15, 2022

Lasting Seal

The seal created by this cement lasts and lasts. Exceptional durability!

December 15, 2022

Recommended by Pros

I'm a professional HVAC technician, and I recommend Rutland's cement to all my clients.

December 20, 2022

Savior of Old Stoves

This cement revived my antique stove. It's a must-have for vintage heating appliances.