Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel

Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel

Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel

Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel

Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel


The Scotts cordless reel mower with grass bag is a versatile and convenient yard tool that can be used with or without the battery. It has a cutting width of 16 inches with a single height adjustment for uniformly trimmed grass. This set includes a battery, fast charger, reel mower, and grass catcher. You can mow your lawn comfortably with its foam grip that makes it easier to use. Once you are done with your yard work, you can easily detach the handle for safe and easy storage in your shed.

Powerful Brushless Motor Technology

At the heart of the Scotts electric reel mower is a robust brushless motor, powered by a 20-Volt 2.0Ah battery. This motor ensures reliable performance and longevity, with the added benefit of a fast charger to minimize downtime.

Wide Cutting Width for Efficient Mowing

With a generous 16-inch cutting width, this mower allows you to cover more ground with fewer passes, making lawn care quicker and more efficient. The inclusion of a grass catcher further enhances convenience, collecting clippings as you go.

Dual-Mode Operation: Battery and Manual

One of the standout features is its dual-mode operation. It can function with the battery for effortless mowing or manually, providing versatility and ensuring you can finish the job even if the battery runs out.

Compact Design with Detachable Handle

Space is a premium for many, and this mower addresses that with a smart, space-saving design. The detachable handle means it can be easily stored in tight spaces, making it ideal for those with limited storage.

Adjustable Cutting Height for a Custom Lawn Finish

Customization is key in lawn care, and this mower offers adjustable blade heights ranging from 1.54” to 2.8”. This flexibility allows for precision lawn care tailored to your yard's specific needs.

Benefits of Using a Cordless Reel Mower

Environmental Benefits of Electric Mowing

Switching to an electric mower reduces your carbon footprint, as it emits no fumes and consumes less energy compared to traditional gas mowers.

The Convenience of Cordless Operation

Cordless mowers liberate you from the confines of cords and the constant search for outlets, providing freedom to move and maneuver as needed.

Low Maintenance and Easy Storage

Electric mowers are known for their low maintenance, lacking the complex engine parts of gas mowers. Combined with the easy storage feature of this model, it's a hassle-free addition to any garden shed.

User Experience and Performance

Maneuverability and Terrain Adaptability

The Scotts mower shines in maneuverability, thanks to its durable 8.5” front and 2.2" rear polymer wheels. This design ensures smooth operation across various terrains.

Battery Life and Charging Time

The included fast charger significantly reduces downtime, while the 20-Volt battery offers ample power for most residential lawns on a single charge.

Grass Catcher Efficiency

The included grass catcher is a convenient feature, collecting clippings as you mow and making cleanup a breeze.

Comparison with Traditional Mowers

Noise Levels and User Comfort

Electric mowers, including this Scotts model, operate much quieter than their gas counterparts, providing a more pleasant mowing experience for the user and less disturbance for neighbors.

Impact on Lawn Health

Reel mowers cut grass with a scissor-like action, promoting healthier lawns by preventing the tearing and damaging of grass blades, which is common with rotary mowers.

Maintenance Tips and Best Practices

Maintaining this mower involves regular cleaning, blade sharpening, and battery care. Proper maintenance ensures optimal performance and extends the mower's lifespan.


The Scotts 20-Volt 16-Inch Electric Cordless Reel Mower represents a significant step forward in lawn care technology, blending the precision of traditional reel mowers with modern conveniences. Its eco-friendly operation, ease of use, and compact design make it an excellent choice for those looking to simplify their lawn care routine while making a positive environmental impact.


1. How long does the battery last on a single charge?
The battery life can vary based on grass thickness and height, but on average, the 20-Volt 2.0Ah battery provides enough power for most residential lawns to be mowed on a single charge, typically around 30 to 45 minutes of continuous use.

2. Can the mower be used without the battery?
Yes, one of the unique features of this mower is its dual-mode operation. It can be used manually without the battery, making it versatile and ensuring you can always finish your lawn, even if the battery depletes mid-task.

3. What is the maximum cutting height?
The mower offers an adjustable cutting height from 1.54” to 2.8”. This range allows for flexibility in how you prefer your lawn to look and can be adjusted based on the season or your specific lawn care needs.

4. How does this mower impact the health of the lawn?
The Scotts reel mower cuts grass blades with a scissor-like action, which is gentler on your lawn compared to the tearing effect of standard rotary blades. This clean cut promotes healthier grass, encouraging a lush and vibrant lawn by reducing the risk of disease and insect infestation.

5. Is the grass catcher easy to detach and empty?
Yes, the grass catcher is designed for ease of use. It can be quickly detached for emptying and then reattached, making the process straightforward and efficient. This feature helps keep your lawn tidy by collecting clippings as you mow, which can then be composted or disposed of according to your preference.

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Reviews (9)

May 25, 2023

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Masterpiece

The Scotts 20-Volt Reel Mower makes my lawn look pristine without the noise or fumes.

June 10, 2023

Quiet Mowing, Happy Neighbors

This mower is so quiet and efficient; my neighbors thought I was just pushing a toy!

July 22, 2023

Battery Life Could Be Better

Love the design, but wish the battery lasted a bit longer for my larger lawn.

August 8, 2023

Compact and Easy to Store

The detachable handle is a game-changer for storage in my small shed.

September 3, 2023

Perfect for Small Lawns

Its cutting width and maneuverability make it ideal for my small city lawn.

October 14, 2023

Adjustable Height is a Plus

Adjusting the blade height helps me keep my lawn just how I like it.

November 5, 2023

Great for the Environment

Love contributing to a greener planet with this electric mower.

November 17, 2023

Needs Better Wheels

Works well but the wheels could be more durable for uneven terrain.

December 30, 2023

Grass Catcher is Handy

The grass catcher feature is convenient and easy to use, making cleanup a breeze.