The Zero-G has revolutionized the functionality and durability of Garden Hoses. Being 50% lighter than the average hose, the Zero-G makes gardening easier and more convenient than it has ever been. With the combined features of a patented Crush-Proof aluminum couplings, a G-Force High Density Woven Fiber Jacket and a Tru-Flex Inner Core, its durability resembles that of a commercial grade hose. 100% Drinking Water Safe & Lead Free. Assembled in the USA. Does Not Expand/Contract.


Gardening enthusiasts know that a heavy, kink-prone hose can quickly turn a pleasant gardening experience into a frustrating chore. TEKNORAPEX has addressed these common issues with their innovative ZERO G - 4001-50 hose. This remarkable garden hose is designed to be 50% lighter than commercial vinyl hoses, making it a breeze to handle and maneuver.

Kink-Free, Easy to Maneuver, and Store

One of the most common problems gardeners face with traditional hoses is kinking. TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 has solved this issue with its kink-free design. Say goodbye to the frustrating interruptions and tangles that come with kinks. This hose is not only kink-free but also incredibly easy to maneuver. Its lightweight construction allows you to effortlessly carry it around your garden, reaching every nook and cranny with ease.

High-Burst, High-Flow Rated

When it comes to watering your garden, having a hose that can deliver a high-flow rate is crucial. TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 excels in this department with its high-flow rating. Whether you need a gentle spray for delicate plants or a powerful stream for deep watering, this hose has you covered. Its high-burst rating ensures that it can withstand the pressure without bursting, giving you peace of mind while you water your garden.

Commercial-Grade, Ergonomic, Crush-Proof, Aluminum Couplings

The durability of a garden hose is paramount, especially if you plan to use it frequently. TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is built to last with its commercial-grade construction. The aluminum couplings are not only crush-proof but also ergonomic, allowing for a comfortable grip and easy connection to your water source. You won't have to worry about leaks or couplings breaking with this hose.

100% Drinking Water Safe & Lead Free

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to the water you use in your garden. TEKNORAPEX understands this concern and ensures that their ZERO G - 4001-50 hose is 100% drinking water safe and lead-free. You can water your plants with confidence, knowing that your garden will thrive without any harmful chemicals leaching into the soil.


TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is a revolutionary garden hose that addresses the common issues faced by gardeners. Its lightweight design, kink-free feature, high-flow rating, durability, and safety make it a top choice for anyone passionate about gardening. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional hoses and elevate your gardening experience with TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50.


1. Is TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 suitable for all types of gardens?
Yes, it is suitable for all types of gardens, from small urban plots to larger landscapes.

2. Can I leave this hose out in extreme weather conditions?
While it is designed to be durable, it's advisable to store it in a cool, dry place when not in use during extreme weather.

3. How long is the TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 hose?
This hose is available in various lengths, but the standard length is 50 feet.

4. Can I use this hose for drinking water for my pets?
Absolutely, it is 100% drinking water safe, making it suitable for your pets as well.

5. Does TEKNORAPEX offer any warranty on their hoses?
Yes, TEKNORAPEX provides a warranty for their ZERO G - 4001-50 hose, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Reviews (6)

May 15, 2023

Garden Guru's Top Pick!

TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is a game-changer! Lightweight, kink-free, and durable—a must-have for any gardener.

June 10, 2023

Flawless for Forest Restoration

TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is perfect for my reforestation projects. Maneuverability and high flow rate make it a forestry dream!

July 20, 2023

A Landscape Artist's Delight

As a professional landscaper, I rely on TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50. It's a game-changer with its lightweight design and durability.

August 5, 2023

Forestry's Best Friend!

TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is my go-to hose for forest maintenance. The kink-free feature and high-flow rate make it unbeatable.

September 12, 2023

Greenhouse Gardener's Treasure

TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 is a blessing for my greenhouse. Easy to handle, durable, and lead-free, ensuring my plants thrive.

October 12, 2023

The Reliable Hose for Arborists

As an arborist, I need a hose that can withstand rugged use. TEKNORAPEX ZERO G - 4001-50 delivers with its durability and high-burst rating.