Tigercat 822E Feller Bunchers

Tigercat 822E Feller Bunchers


The CAT 822E Feller Buncher is a versatile machine suitable for both thinning and final felling operations. With its powerful lift capacity, tight-tuck boom geometry, and compact tail-swing, it minimizes site impact and residual stand damage, making it ideal for selective felling applications. Its high horsepower and efficient hydraulic circuits enable quick and responsive control, giving the operator a better experience.

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Forest Master
January 15, 2022

Impressive Machine for Selective Felling

The Tigercat 822E is a remarkable machine that has made our selective felling work much easier. The efficient ER boom technology and tight-tuck geometry have significantly improved our productivity. Highly recommended!

Wood Worker
February 1, 2022

Reliable and Efficient

We've been using the Tigercat 822E for several weeks now, and we're very impressed with its performance. The strong lift capacity and efficient hydraulic circuits have made our work much easier, and the retracting roof enclosure provides excellent access to the engine. Highly recommend!

February 21, 2022

Great Machine for Small Stem Felling

The Tigercat 822E is the perfect machine for high cycle, small stem felling applications. The ER boom technology requires less energy to extend and retract, which translates into fuel savings and improved performance. Plus, the controls are optimally positioned for easy operation.

March 10, 2022

Quiet and Comfortable

The Tigercat 822E is a quiet and comfortable machine to operate. The interior environment is spacious and includes a large, colour touchscreen display for the machine control system interface. The Bluetooth audio and hands-free calling features are a great plus.

Forest Kings01
April 1, 2022

Perfect Machine for Site Impact Minimization

The Tigercat 822E is the perfect choice for selective felling and minimizing site impact. The tight-tuck boom geometry and compact tail-swing reduce residual stand damage, and the skyVIEW camera system provides clear sightlines for improved safety. Highly recommended!