Vermeer HG6000TX

Vermeer HG6000TX


The Vermeer HG6000TX is a heavy-duty horizontal grinder designed to efficiently grind wood, brush, and other materials. With its powerful rotating drum equipped with teeth, it can quickly shred and process large quantities of material. This versatile machine finds applications in land clearing, demolition, storm damage cleanup, stump grinding, and wood chip production.

One of the standout features of the HG6000TX is its versatility. Whether you need to clear land, tackle demolition projects, clean up after storms, grind stumps, or produce wood chips, this machine is up to the task. Its ability to handle various materials with precision and consistency makes it an indispensable tool for contractors, landscapers, and forestry professionals alike.

How does a hg6000tx horizontal grinder work?

The HG6000TX Horizontal Grinder operates with ease and efficiency. It begins by feeding the material into its robust rotating drum. Equipped with sharp teeth, the drum effectively shreds the material into smaller, more manageable pieces. This process is ideal for reducing wood waste, brush, and other materials.

Once the material is shredded, it is discharged through the machine's rear, ready for further use or disposal. The size of the output can be easily adjusted by utilizing the screen on the discharge chute, allowing for customized results based on specific requirements. This versatility is invaluable, as it provides control and precision in achieving the desired final product.

With its straightforward operation and reliable performance, the HG6000TX Horizontal Grinder ensures efficient material processing, making it an indispensable tool in various industries such as land clearing, demolition, storm damage cleanup, stump grinding, and wood chip production. Its ability to effectively shred and process large quantities of material with ease sets it apart as a powerful and reliable solution for tackling demanding tasks.

Benefits of using the hg6000tx:

There are numerous advantages to using the Vermeer HG6000TX horizontal grinder:

  • Versatility This grinder can be utilized in various applications, making it a valuable asset for contractors and landscapers.
  • Efficiency With its high grinding capacity, the HG6000TX can process large amounts of material quickly and efficiently.
  • Productivity By reducing the time required for land clearing, demolition, and cleanup tasks, the HG6000TX enhances overall productivity.
  • Environmental benefits By grinding wood waste into chips, this machine helps reduce landfill waste. The resulting wood chips can be repurposed for mulch, compost, or as a sustainable biofuel source.

Key Features of HG6000TX

The HG6000TX boasts several key features, including:

  • Engine: The engine provides the necessary power to rotate the grinding drum.
  • Feed system: The feed system is responsible for smoothly and consistently feeding material into the drum.
  • Rotor: The rotor is the component that grinds the material effectively.
  • Chute: The chute is used for the controlled discharge of the ground material.
  • Safety features: The HG6000TX incorporates safety features such as guards, interlocks, and warning lights to ensure operator safety.


Horizontal grinders like the HG6000TX find utility in various applications, including:

  • Landscaping: Clearing land, removing brush, and grinding up stumps.
  • Demolition: Efficiently demolishing structures like buildings and bridges.
  • Forestry: Grinding wood for chip production.
  • Construction: Processing concrete and asphalt waste.


In conclusion, the Vermeer HG6000TX horizontal grinder is a powerful and versatile machine designed to tackle a range of tasks. It proves invaluable for contractors and landscapers who need to efficiently process wood waste and other materials. With its robust performance and reliable features, the HG6000TX stands as a trusted companion in demanding grinding applications.

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Reviews (5)

March 15, 2022

Efficiency and Power in One Package

The hg6000tx's SmartGrind system and Series II duplex drum deliver exceptional grinding performance. A game-changer in forestry.

May 2, 2022

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Results

Top-loading screens and reversible hammers make maintenance a breeze. The TOD enhances safety. A professional's dream!

July 18, 2022

Versatile and Reliable Grinding Solution

Fuel chip attachment expands capabilities, making it a true multitasker. Mobility and remote control are game-changers.

September 30, 2022

Unmatched Performance and Durability

hg6000tx surpasses expectations. Track-driven design and integrated dolly system make transport a breeze.

November 12, 2022

Reliable Workhorse for Heavy-Duty Jobs

True workhorse for demanding projects. Power, efficiency, and easy operation make it the go-to choice.