VEVOR TIG Welder 210Amp

VEVOR TIG Welder 210Amp

VEVOR TIG Welder 210Amp

VEVOR ‎5y2nxaw

VEVOR TIG Welder 210Amp


The versatility of the VEVOR 5y2nxaw extends to its welding applications and suitable thickness. With a 210A current output, this welder machine can tackle various materials, including stainless steel, iron, mild steel, copper, and nickel. Whether you're working on thin sheets or thicker materials, the VEVOR 5y2nxaw delivers consistent and reliable welding results. Designed with user convenience in mind, the VEVOR 5y2nxaw offers a deep weld pool and beautiful welding finishes, perfect for creative handicrafts and professional projects alike. Its compatibility with a wide range of welding rods ensures versatility and flexibility in your welding operations.

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  • High-performing 3-in-1 TIG Welder: Our welder machine has HF TIG, ARC, and a clean mode. It also comes with a TIG torch. The arc success rate of the TIG is 100%. The TIG and hand MMA welding provide an easy arc start, stable current, minimum spatter, and good shaping. Get clean and beautiful welding easily by using clean mode after welding.
  • Safety First & Overheat Protection: The unique air channel design increases the heat dissipation of the power device and control circuits. It also extends the welding time drastically. The IGBT inverter will greatly improve the performance and reliability of the 3 in 1 welder. The outstanding 60% duty cycle can also ensure long-time welding. What are you waiting for? Get ready to feel the difference!
  • Easy-to-use Panels and Functions: The setup is marked clearly by a name and graphic representation of each knob's function. The spot key helps you do spot welding; the pulse key helps you walk the cup. The 2T/4T switch is available to add convenience. Also, a gas shield set makes your welds more pristine.
  • Suitable Welding Thickness: Delivers a 210A current output, making the welder machine suitable for welding stainless steel, iron, mild steel, copper, and nickel. (The maximum welding thickness is 0.2"/5 mm.). Whether you are a hobbyist, maker, small fabricator, or craftsman, choose the VEVOR TIG welder and explore your creativity.
  • Perfectly Designed with you in Mind: This TIG welding machine is optimized to deliver a deep weld pool and beautiful welding, which is great for creative handicrafts. For TIG, it is capable of welding rods with thickness of 1/16"-1.6 mm, 3/32"-2.4 mm, 1/8"-3.2 mm; for MMA, it is capable of welding E6010, E6011, E7014, E7018 (3/32"-2.4 mm, 1/8"-3.2 mm), and E6013 (1/16"-1.6 mm, 3/32"-2.4 mm, 1/8"-3.2 mm).
  • Friendly Reminder: For MMA mode, you'll need a welding handle. If you intend to use the MMA function, please purchase a welding handle separately in advance.


The VEVOR 5y2nxaw sets a new standard in TIG welding with its high-performing 3-in-1 functionality, safety features, user-friendly design, and versatility in welding applications. Whether you're a novice or an experienced welder, this welder machine is sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your welding experience to new heights.


1. What makes VEVOR 5y2nxaw stand out among other welders?
The VEVOR 5y2nxaw stands out for its high-performing 3-in-1 functionality, safety features, and user-friendly design, making it a top choice for welding enthusiasts.

2. Can beginners use VEVOR 5y2nxaw easily?
Yes, beginners can easily operate the VEVOR 5y2nxaw thanks to its intuitive design and clear panel markings.

3. Is VEVOR 5y2nxaw suitable for professional welders?
Absolutely! Professional welders appreciate the VEVOR 5y2nxaw's performance, reliability, and versatility in handling various welding tasks.

4. What safety features does VEVOR 5y2nxaw offer?
The VEVOR 5y2nxaw comes with overheat protection and safety features designed to prioritize user protection during welding operations.

5. How does VEVOR 5y2nxaw compare with similar products in the market?
Compared to similar products, the VEVOR 5y2nxaw stands out for its high-quality construction, performance, and ease of use, making it a

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March 9, 2023

Impressive Performance, Exceptional Versatility!

Effortless welding with VEVOR 5y2nxaw. Its 3-in-1 functionality and safety features make it a top choice for professionals.

April 10, 2023

Smooth Operations, Clean Results!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw delivers flawless welding every time. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance make it a must-have for any workshop.

CraftyWelder 7000
May 29, 2023

Unmatched Quality, Unbeatable Value!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw exceeds expectations with its durability and precision. A true game-changer in the welding industry.

June 2, 2023

Top-Notch Welder, Seamless Experience!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw sets the standard for TIG welding. Its ease of use and consistent performance make it my go-to choice for all projects.

July 11, 2023

Reliable Partner for Welding Projects!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw never disappoints. Its safety features and versatile applications make it indispensable in my workshop.

August 28, 2023

Efficient, Effective, and Exceptional!

With VEVOR 5y2nxaw, welding has never been easier. Its robust construction and smooth operation make it a must-have tool for any welder.

September 27, 2023

Incredible Welding Experience!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw surpasses all expectations. Its user-friendly interface and precise welding capabilities make it an invaluable asset in my workshop.

October 9, 2023

Exceptional Performance, Unmatched Quality!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw delivers impeccable results with ease. Its versatility and durability make it the perfect choice for welding professionals.

November 1, 2023

Welding Made Effortless with VEVOR 5y2nxaw!

VEVOR 5y2nxaw simplifies welding tasks with its intuitive design and reliable performance. A must-have tool for any serious welder.