Grizzly G0504 – 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw


I stumbled upon the Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw. This powerhouse caught my attention, promising unparalleled precision and power. In this review, I’ll share my insights into its performance, discuss its pros and cons, and compare it to other options in the market.

Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw

Product Overview

The Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw epitomizes precision and power in the woodworking domain. Boasting a formidable 30 HP motor, this bandsaw effortlessly handles a diverse range of materials, making it ideal for heavy-duty resawing tasks. The standout feature lies in its dual conveyor system, ensuring a consistent and controlled feed rate for unparalleled accuracy in cuts.

Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw

With a substantial 16″ resaw capacity, the G0504 accommodates a variety of applications, from crafting thin veneers to producing robust planks. Crafted with durability in mind, this bandsaw is a long-term investment for serious woodworkers.

However, its substantial size and weight may pose considerations for smaller workshops, and the premium price tag necessitates a careful evaluation of one’s budget and woodworking requirements. In essence, the Grizzly G0504 stands as a powerhouse choice for those seeking top-tier performance in the realm of horizontal resaw bandsaws.

Grizzly G0504 Key Features:

  • Digital Height Control: The Grizzly G0504 features digital height control for precise blade positioning, allowing users to fine-tune the blade height with digital accuracy, enhancing overall cutting precision.
  • Variable-Speed, Hydraulically-Driven Feed and Return Conveyors: With variable-speed, hydraulically-driven conveyors, this bandsaw offers flexibility in material feed rates, ensuring smooth and controlled movement for diverse cutting tasks.
  • Powered Saw Elevation: The bandsaw simplifies adjustments with powered saw elevation, enabling effortless raising or lowering of the blade for accurate cuts, especially beneficial for varying cutting depths.
  • Hydraulic Blade Tensioning with Gauge: Equipped with hydraulic blade tensioning and a gauge, the G0504 ensures optimal blade tension, promoting longevity, reducing breakage risk, and optimizing cutting performance.
  • Adjustable Ceramic Blade Guides: Adjustable ceramic blade guides reduce friction and heat, contributing to smoother blade movement, improved accuracy, and extended blade life.
  • Steel Conveyor Table: A durable steel conveyor table provides a stable surface for material support, ensuring reliability under heavy workloads and facilitating seamless material feeding for precise cuts.
  • Steel Fence with Rollers: The steel fence with rollers offers solid support and guidance for workpieces, enhancing stability and contributing to accurate and controlled cuts, especially with larger workpieces.
  • 4″ Cast-Iron Pressure Rollers with Polyurethane Tires: Featuring 4-inch cast-iron pressure rollers with polyurethane tires, the G0504 ensures efficient material feeding and stability, maintaining consistent contact between the material and the blade for uniform and precise cuts.

Performance Precision

Delving into the core of the Grizzly G0504’s capabilities, its performance stands out as a testament to precision and power. Anchored by a robust 30 HP motor, this bandsaw effortlessly navigates through a diverse array of materials with unparalleled ease. Through extensive testing, I observed the G0504 consistently delivering seamless and accurate cuts, even when confronted with dense hardwoods.

a large industrial machine, the Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw

The impressive 16″ resaw capacity further enhances its versatility, allowing for the creation of delicate thin veneers or robust planks with equal efficiency. A standout feature contributing to the G0504’s precision is its dual conveyor system. This innovative mechanism ensures a steady and controlled feed rate, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the accuracy of every cut.

16" dual conveyor re-saw machine, primarily in green and yellow colors

The result is not only impeccably smooth finishes but also a reduction in material waste, maximizing overall operational efficiency. Adding another layer of stability, the bandsaw operates on a 3-phase power system, mitigating the risks associated with power fluctuations that could compromise performance. In essence, the Grizzly G0504 sets a high standard for performance precision in the realm of horizontal resaw bandsaws.

Build Quality and Visual Appeal

The Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw exudes robust build quality, reflecting a commitment to durability and longevity. The machine’s frame and components are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring stability and resilience under heavy workloads. The use of sturdy steel in critical areas, such as the conveyor table and frame, instills confidence in its ability to withstand the rigors of demanding woodworking tasks.

Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw

The attention to detail in engineering is evident, with precision-machined parts and well-crafted mechanisms contributing to the overall solidity of the bandsaw. This build quality not only enhances the machine’s performance but also positions it as a reliable, long-term investment for woodworking professionals seeking a tool that can withstand the test of time.

While primarily designed for functionality, the Grizzly G0504 doesn’t compromise on visual appeal. The bandsaw’s sleek and purposeful design is complemented by its clean lines and thoughtful placement of controls and features. The combination of industrial-grade steel components and a well-finished exterior gives the machine a professional and sophisticated appearance.

Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaws aligned in a row inside a large industrial space

The strategic use of color accents and the incorporation of a visually intuitive layout contribute to an overall aesthetic that aligns with its high-performance capabilities. Despite its substantial size and power, the Grizzly G0504 manages to present a visually pleasing and cohesive look, making it a standout addition to any workshop where both form and function are valued.

Safety Management

The Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw prioritizes safety through a comprehensive set of features and design considerations. One notable aspect is the incorporation of safety interlocks that prevent the bandsaw from operating when crucial components, such as the blade guard or access panels, are not securely in place.

large green industrial machine, possibly a horizontal resaw, with complex mechanical components

This ensures that the machine only functions when all safety measures are in order, reducing the risk of accidents during operation. Additionally, the bandsaw is equipped with emergency stop buttons strategically placed for quick and easy access, allowing operators to halt the machine promptly in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, the Grizzly G0504 includes clear and concise safety guidelines in its user manual, providing operators with essential information on proper usage, maintenance, and potential hazards. The inclusion of safety warnings and labels on the machine itself serves as a constant reminder of best practices, fostering a safety-conscious environment in the workshop.

a close-up view of the hydraulic control system on a Grizzly G0504 resaw

Overall, the Grizzly G0504 goes beyond mere functionality, actively promoting a culture of safety by integrating features and resources that empower users to operate the bandsaw with confidence and caution. Regular training on safety protocols, coupled with the machine’s inherent safety features, ensures a secure woodworking experience for operators at all skill levels.

Review of Visual Concepts

Visual Concepts has truly excelled with the design of the Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw. The machine strikes a harmonious balance between industrial strength and aesthetic appeal. Its sturdy steel frame, coupled with well-finished exteriors, gives it a professional and sophisticated appearance that speaks to its high-performance capabilities.

The strategic placement of controls, the use of color accents, and the overall layout contribute to an intuitively designed tool. Despite its substantial size and power, the bandsaw manages to exude a sense of precision and purpose, making it not just a workhorse but a visually appealing addition to any woodworking workshop.

The combination of form and function in the Grizzly G0504 reflects Visual Concepts’ commitment to crafting a tool that not only performs exceptionally but also enhances the overall aesthetic of the workspace.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerhouse Performance: The 30 HP motor ensures consistent and efficient cuts, even through dense materials.
  • Dual Conveyor System: Provides precise and controlled feeding, enhancing the accuracy of cuts.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with durability in mind, the G0504 is a long-term investment for serious woodworkers.
  • Wide Resaw Capacity: The 16″ capacity allows for versatile applications, from thin veneers to thick planks.


  • Size and Weight: The machine’s substantial size may pose challenges for smaller workshops, and its weight requires careful consideration during installation.
  • Price Tag: While the G0504 offers exceptional performance, its premium price might be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers.

Decision-Making Factors User’s

When considering the Grizzly G0504 for a woodworking arsenal, key decision-making factors revolve around the user’s specific needs. For enterprises engaged in large-scale woodworking operations or undertaking substantial resawing projects, the G0504 emerges as a top-tier choice due to its robust 30 HP motor and 16″ resaw capacity.

However, prudent decision-making involves acknowledging potential constraints such as limited space, budget considerations, or engagement in smaller projects. In these cases, exploring more compact alternatives with ample horsepower becomes a judicious approach, ensuring that the chosen bandsaw aligns seamlessly with the user’s workshop requirements and project scope.

Prescription For Optimal Uses

  • Heavy-Duty Resawing: The Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw is optimally designed for heavy-duty resawing tasks. With its robust 30 HP motor and 16″ resaw capacity, it excels in cutting through dense hardwoods and large timber, making it an ideal choice for woodworking operations that frequently require precision resawing for various projects.
  • Industrial Woodworking Operations: This bandsaw is well-suited for industrial-scale woodworking operations where efficiency and precision are paramount. Its powerful motor, dual conveyor system, and stable steel construction make it capable of handling high-volume cutting tasks with ease. Whether producing veneers, planks, or intricate cuts, the Grizzly G0504 is a reliable workhorse for industries that demand top-tier performance.
  • Custom Woodworking Applications: The Grizzly G0504 is an excellent choice for custom woodworking applications that require versatility and accuracy. Woodworkers engaged in crafting unique pieces, furniture, or specialty items will benefit from its wide resaw capacity and advanced features. The ability to make precise cuts, combined with the convenience of adjustable ceramic blade guides and digital height control, makes this bandsaw well-suited for those who prioritize customization and craftsmanship in their woodworking endeavors.

Closing Thoughts

To sum up, the Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw asserts its dominance in the woodworking domain with a compelling combination of a robust motor, dual conveyor system, and expansive 16″ resaw capacity. This makes it an exemplary choice for discerning woodworkers aiming for a seamless blend of precision and efficiency in their projects. Nonetheless, potential buyers are advised to conduct a thorough evaluation of their individual workshop needs, financial limitations, and the scale of their projects before committing to this significant investment. Striking the right balance between the bandsaw’s formidable capabilities and the practical considerations of available space and budget constraints will ensure a well-informed decision tailored to the unique demands of each woodworking enthusiast.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the resaw capacity of the Grizzly G0504 bandsaw?
    The Grizzly G0504 features an impressive 16″ resaw capacity, allowing users to handle a wide range of cutting tasks, from thin veneers to substantial planks.
  2. Is the bandsaw suitable for small workshops with limited space?
    While the Grizzly G0504 is a powerful tool, its substantial size may pose challenges in smaller workshops. Prospective buyers should consider the available space before making a purchase.
  3. What type of material can the bandsaw cut?
    The Grizzly G0504 is designed to cut through various materials, including hardwoods and other dense substances commonly used in woodworking.
  4. How does the digital height control system work?
    The digital height control system allows users to precisely position the blade using digital accuracy, providing fine-tuned control over the cutting process for enhanced precision.
  5. Can the bandsaw handle variable material feed rates?
    Yes, the Grizzly G0504 is equipped with variable-speed, hydraulically-driven feed and return conveyors, offering flexibility in controlling material feed rates for different cutting tasks.
  6. Is the bandsaw suitable for beginners or hobbyist woodworkers?
    The G0504’s powerful 30 HP motor and professional-grade features make it more suitable for experienced woodworkers or those engaged in large-scale projects rather than beginners or hobbyists.
  7. How stable is the steel conveyor table during operation?
    The steel conveyor table ensures stability during operation, providing a robust surface for material support and contributing to the precision of cuts.
  8. Can the bandsaw be easily adjusted for different cutting depths?
    Yes, the powered saw elevation feature simplifies the adjustment of the blade’s height, allowing users to easily adapt to different cutting depths as needed.
  9. What is the significance of the hydraulic blade tensioning system?
    The hydraulic blade tensioning system, along with a gauge, enables users to precisely adjust and maintain optimal blade tension, enhancing blade longevity and cutting performance.
  10. Is the Grizzly G0504 suitable for resawing thick materials?
    Yes, the bandsaw’s 16″ resaw capacity and 30 HP motor make it well-suited for resawing thick materials, providing the power and capacity needed for demanding woodworking projects.

We’re eager to hear from you! Feel free to share your firsthand experiences and thoughts regarding the Grizzly G0504 16″ 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw in the comments section below. Your valuable insights can serve as a guide for fellow woodworkers, aiding them in making well-informed decisions based on real-world experiences!

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