Shop Fox W1879 – 6″ Benchtop Jointer


That’s where a high-quality jointer comes in, and the Shop Fox W1879 6″ Benchtop Jointer has been a topic of interest among woodworking enthusiasts for its promise of professional-grade performance in a compact package. As someone who has spent ample time behind the blade of various jointers, I wanted to see if the Shop Fox W1879 lives up to the hype.

Shop Fox W1879 6" Benchtop Jointer with controls and dust port

Product Overview

The Shop Fox W1879 is a 6″ benchtop jointer designed to offer precision and efficiency in a compact form factor, making it suitable for small to medium-sized woodworking projects. It features a powerful motor capable of handling both soft and hardwoods, ensuring smooth and accurate cuts.

Person using a Shop Fox W1879 6-inch Benchtop Jointer with wood piece and safety push blocks

The jointer includes an adjustable fence for versatility in edge and face jointing, and its compact design makes it an ideal choice for woodworkers with limited space. Despite its size, the W1879 does not compromise on performance, offering features typically found in larger, more expensive models. This makes it a practical option for hobbyists and professionals looking for a reliable jointer without the bulk and expense of full-sized equipment.

Key Features

  1. Sturdy one-piece steel stand: The stand is made from a single piece of steel, ensuring stability and durability for the jointer during operation.
  2. Knob-adjustable cut depth: Cut depth can be easily adjusted using a knob, allowing for precise control over the thickness of the cuts.
  3. SAE and metric scale: The jointer is equipped with both SAE (inches) and metric (centimeters) scales for accurate measurements and adjustments.
  4. Safety switch with removable key: Features a safety switch that can only be activated with a key, enhancing the safety by preventing unauthorized or accidental use.
  5. 0–45° Tilting fence tilts: The fence can tilt between 0 and 45 degrees, offering flexibility for angled cuts.
  6. 2-1/2″ Dust port fits standard shop vacuums: The dust port is designed to fit standard shop vacuums, facilitating easy cleanup and dust management.
  7. 2-Year Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty, providing coverage against defects and certain issues.
  8. Two safety push blocks included: Includes two safety push blocks to keep hands away from the cutting area, enhancing user safety during operation.

Product Overview

  • Manufacturer: Woodstock International
  • Part Number: ‎W1876
  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, Single-Phase, 10A
  • Maximum with of cut: 6 in.
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8 in.
  • Cutterhead type: spiral-style with 12 inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 12,000 RPM
  • Table size: 6-1/4 x 30
  • Dust port size: 2-1/2 in.
  • Dimensions: ‎32.5 x 12.75 x 11.46 inches
  • Carbide insert size: 14mm x 14mm x 2mm
  • Item Weight: 43 pounds
  • Style: ‎6″ Benchtop Jointer

Compact Design

The Shop Fox W1879 stands out primarily for its compact design, tailored specifically to fit on a benchtop. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for individuals with limited space in their workshops. Unlike many other jointers that require significant room for operation and storage, the W1879 offers the capabilities of a full-size jointer without occupying excessive space.

Person using Shop Fox W1879 6-inch Benchtop Jointer on wood in a workshop

This design choice makes it an ideal solution for hobbyists, small-scale professional woodworkers, or anyone who needs to maximize the efficiency of their workspace. The ability to deliver precise cuts in a more manageable size underlines its appeal to those who do not wish to compromise on quality due to spatial constraints.

Power and Performance

Despite its compact size, the Shop Fox W1879 does not fall short in terms of power and performance. It is equipped with a robust motor that effortlessly handles a wide range of wood types, from softwoods to dense hardwoods, without bogging down. This power ensures that the jointer can be used for a variety of projects, making it a versatile addition to any workshop.

Person operating a Shop Fox W1879 6-inch Benchtop Jointer with wood piece and push block

The motor’s strength is a key factor in the W1879’s ability to offer consistent, reliable performance, mirroring what one would expect from larger, more cumbersome equipment. This combination of power in a compact form allows users to undertake diverse woodworking projects without needing multiple, specialized tools.

Cutting Capacity

The 6-inch cutting width of the Shop Fox W1879 provides a balance between compactness and functional capability, catering to most common woodworking tasks with ease. The inclusion of an adjustable fence is a significant feature, enhancing the tool’s accuracy and versatility.

Close-up of a wooden piece being jointed on a Shop Fox W1879 6-inch Benchtop Jointer

This adjustability is crucial for both edge and face jointing, allowing woodworkers to make precise adjustments for various project requirements. The flexibility to adapt the fence for different types of cuts adds to the jointer’s overall utility, making it suitable for a wide array of applications from cabinetry to furniture making, where precision is paramount.

User Experience Setup and Ease of Use

The Shop Fox W1879 is designed with user convenience in mind, evidenced by its straightforward setup process. The clarity of its instructions ensures that users can quickly assemble the jointer and prepare it for use without extensive effort or confusion.

Adjustable fence on the Shop Fox W1879 Benchtop Jointer

This ease of setup, combined with the jointer’s intuitive design, significantly lowers the barrier to entry for hobbyists or those new to woodworking.

Its user-friendly nature extends beyond setup, as the jointer’s controls and adjustments are designed to be easily understood and manipulated, enhancing the overall user experience and making woodworking more accessible to a broader audience.

Performance in Action

Once operational, the Shop Fox W1879 demonstrates its worth through exceptional performance. It consistently delivers smooth, precise cuts, a testament to its well-engineered design and robust motor. The jointer’s adjustable infeed and outfeed tables play a crucial role in managing workpieces of varying sizes and types, ensuring flexibility across different projects.

Close-up of a hand adjusting the control knob on the Shop Fox W1879 Benchtop Jointer

This adaptability, combined with the machine’s reliable cutting capability, underscores its effectiveness in a workshop setting. Users can expect to achieve professional-grade results with relative ease, making the W1879 a valuable tool for enhancing the quality and precision of their woodworking projects.

Maintenance and Durability

The maintenance of the Shop Fox W1879 is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that the jointer remains in optimal condition with minimal effort. Regular maintenance tasks are simplified, which is beneficial for prolonging the tool’s lifespan and maintaining its performance over time.

Dust collection hose attached to Shop Fox W1879 Benchtop Jointer with red toggle clamp

The jointer’s construction suggests a focus on durability, with high-quality materials and solid engineering ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular use. This emphasis on build quality provides users with confidence in the W1879 as a long-term investment for their workshop.

The combination of easy maintenance and robust construction means that woodworkers can rely on the jointer to remain a key component of their tool arsenal for years to come.

Review of Visual Aspects

The Shop Fox W1879 Benchtop Jointer boasts a utilitarian and robust appearance, signaling its readiness for demanding woodworking tasks. Its visual design is straightforward, with a color scheme that combines the industrial feel of the off-white body with black and red accents that denote important control features, such as the power switch and adjustment knobs.

The jointer’s steel stand and aluminum tables present a durable construction that reassures users of its stability during operation. The compactness of the machine does not detract from its perceived strength; rather, it emphasizes its functionality in environments where space-saving is crucial. Overall, the W1879’s visual aspects communicate a no-nonsense approach to woodworking, prioritizing function and ergonomic design without unnecessary embellishments.

Advantages of Shop Fox W1879

  • Compact and Space-Efficient: Its small footprint makes it ideal for workshops with limited space, allowing for efficient use of the work area without sacrificing functionality.
  • Powerful Performance for Its Size: Despite its compact design, it delivers robust performance, capable of handling various woodworking tasks with ease.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use: The jointer is designed for straightforward assembly and operation, making it accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels.

Limitations and Considerations

  • Dust Collection Could Be Improved: While it does feature a dust port, the effectiveness of the dust collection system may not meet the expectations of all users, potentially requiring additional solutions for optimal dust management.
  • Limited to Smaller Projects Due to Its Size: The 6-inch cutting width restricts the size of the material that can be worked on, making it less suitable for larger projects that require wider jointing capabilities.

Decision-Making Factors: Who Should Consider the Shop Fox W1879

The Shop Fox W1879 is particularly suited for individuals who navigate the constraints of limited workshop space but refuse to compromise on the quality of their woodworking tools. Hobbyists and professional woodworkers alike, who typically engage in smaller to medium-sized projects, will find this jointer to be a valuable asset. Its compact design does not detract from its performance; instead, it offers a powerful solution that meets the demands of precise woodworking tasks. The jointer’s ease of setup and user-friendly operation make it an appealing option for those who may not have extensive experience with such machinery, as well as seasoned professionals seeking a reliable, space-efficient tool. Therefore, the W1879 emerges as an optimal choice for anyone needing a dependable jointer that promises both high performance and practicality in environments where space is at a premium.

Situational Best Uses

The Shop Fox W1879 shines in environments where precision and efficiency are paramount, yet space and budgetary constraints must be considered. This jointer is especially adept at executing fine, accurate jointing tasks necessary for furniture making, cabinetry, and other detailed woodworking projects. Its 6-inch cutting width, while compact, is perfectly suited for the majority of precision jointing work, offering the versatility needed for crafting joints in smaller pieces of wood or for detailed work on larger pieces. The adjustable fence and powerful motor enable users to achieve precise results consistently, making it an invaluable tool for projects that require a high degree of accuracy and finish. In essence, the W1879 is best utilized in scenarios where the quality of jointing cannot be compromised due to the tool’s size, making it an excellent choice for woodworkers who prioritize precision and efficiency in their craft.


In conclusion, the Shop Fox W1879 6″ Benchtop Jointer represents a harmonious balance between compactness, performance, and usability, asserting itself as a prime choice for woodworkers who wish to enhance the precision and efficiency of their projects without requiring excessive space. This jointer combines the essential features needed for high-quality woodworking—power, precision, and durability—into a design that is both space-efficient and user-friendly. Its suitability for a wide range of woodworking tasks, from hobbyist projects to professional-grade furniture making and cabinetry, underscores its versatility and value as a tool. Whether you are just beginning your journey in woodworking or are a seasoned craftsman, the Shop Fox W1879 stands as a worthy investment, promising to deliver outstanding results across a variety of projects, making it a staple tool in any woodworker’s arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum width of material the Shop Fox W1879 can handle?
    The Shop Fox W1879 can handle materials up to 6 inches wide, suitable for a variety of smaller to medium-sized woodworking projects.
  2. Can the Shop Fox W1879 jointer handle hardwoods?
    Yes, the Shop Fox W1879 is equipped with a powerful motor that enables it to joint both softwoods and hardwoods effectively.
  3. Is the fence on the W1879 adjustable?
    Yes, the fence on the Shop Fox W1879 is adjustable, allowing for angles between 0 and 45 degrees, which is ideal for precision jointing tasks.
  4. How does the dust collection system work on the W1879?
    The Shop Fox W1879 features a 2-1/2″ dust port that can be connected to standard shop vacuums, helping to manage sawdust and keep your workspace clean.
  5. What is the warranty period for the Shop Fox W1879, and what does it cover?
    The Shop Fox W1879 comes with a 2-year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship.
  6. How easy is it to set up the Shop Fox W1879?
    The Shop Fox W1879 is designed for easy setup, with clear instructions that allow for quick assembly and readiness for use.
  7. Can the cut depth be adjusted on the W1879, and if so, how?
    Yes, the cut depth on the Shop Fox W1879 can be easily adjusted using a knob, providing users with precise control over their jointing tasks.
  8. What safety features does the Shop Fox W1879 include?
    The W1879 includes a safety switch with a removable key to prevent unauthorized or accidental use, enhancing operational safety.
  9. Are any accessories included with the Shop Fox W1879?
    Yes, the Shop Fox W1879 includes two safety push blocks to improve handling safety during operation.
  10. Is the Shop Fox W1879 suitable for professional use?
    While the W1879 is primarily designed for hobbyists and small-scale professional projects due to its size, its robust performance makes it suitable for professional applications within its operational capacity.
  11. How do I maintain the Shop Fox W1879 to ensure longevity?
    Regular maintenance includes keeping the jointer clean, ensuring all adjustments and fittings are tight, and regularly checking the blades for sharpness and alignment.
  12. Can I replace the blades on the W1879, and are they readily available?
    Yes, the blades on the Shop Fox W1879 can be replaced, and they are readily available from Shop Fox or woodworking supply stores.

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