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Hey everyone! Today I want to share my experience with the ATLAS 80V Brushless Cordless 18 in. Chainsaw. Having used it extensively over a period, mainly for processing around seven trees, I’m ready to give you the lowdown on this powerhouse from Harbor Freight.

Initially, I was drawn to this chainsaw for its robust 18-inch bar and the promising 80-volt battery, hinting at significant power – and it didn’t disappoint. Voltage matters, and it shows in the performance of this chainsaw.

Specifications of the Atlas 80 Volt Chainsaw

Bar Length18 in.
Battery Voltage80V
Motor TypeBrushless
Product Weight9.8 lb.
Shipping Weight14.65 lb.

Power and Battery

Power and Battery

The battery, while a bit pricey at around $100 each, has proven its worth. The overheating protection is a standout feature, kicking in just when needed, ensuring longevity and safety. The dual voltage setup is quite clever, although a minor downside is the occasional hiccup where the saw stopped unexpectedly. However, a quick battery reinsertion did the trick every time.

Design and Features

The safety mechanism of this chainsaw is thoughtfully designed, allowing you to engage it with a simple side push, and it stays on without needing to hold it down continuously. Keeping it clean is crucial, as debris tends to accumulate, but that’s a small trade-off for its solid performance. The oil compartment doesn’t leak, a common annoyance with other saws, which is a huge plus.

Design and Features

The standard nut and bolt design for the bar and chain is convenient, especially with the captive nuts – no more lost nuts in the field! Adjusting the chain tension is straightforward and hassle-free.

Performance in Action

Performance in Action

Cutting with the ATLAS chainsaw feels powerful and efficient. I’ve taken it through its paces with white oak and other woods, and while the chain did dull after heavy use (which is expected), it was still capable. Remember, a sharper chain will always make your job easier, so regular maintenance is key. The chain brake is swift, adding an extra layer of safety by stopping the chain almost instantly after releasing the trigger.

Battery Life and Management

Battery Life and Management

Don’t expect to run this saw non-stop on a single battery. For continuous work, you’d probably need three or four batteries. Recharge times are reasonable but remember to let the battery cool down first before recharging.

Compatibility and Maintenance

Compatibility and Maintenance

I ventured out and tried an Oregon chain, which was a bit shorter but still fit well. It’s a bit disappointing that Harbor Freight doesn’t offer much in terms of replacement parts or chains. Regular cleaning of the bar and internals is vital for optimum performance and longevity, a practice I highly recommend.


  • The 80V battery delivers a significant amount of power, making it feel like I can take on any cutting task with ease. It’s impressive how it cuts through thick logs and branches without bogging down.
  • The 18-inch bar is a major plus, allowing me to tackle larger trees or thicker branches. It saves me time and effort, as I don’t need to make multiple passes to cut through a single log.
  • Despite its robust capabilities, the chainsaw is designed with comfort in mind. The wrap-around handle and overmold grip reduce vibration and make it more comfortable to hold, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • Considering its power and features, this chainsaw comes at a very reasonable price. It feels like a solid investment, especially if you’re looking for a reliable tool for heavy-duty tasks without spending a fortune.


  • The fact that the battery is sold separately can be a bit of a downer. It adds an extra expense and means you can’t use the chainsaw straight out of the box without this additional purchase.
  • Weighing in at 9.8 lbs, it’s certainly not the lightest chainsaw. During long cutting sessions or when working at odd angles, the weight can be noticeable and may lead to quicker fatigue.
  • For prolonged, uninterrupted work, having just one battery isn’t enough. You might need to invest in multiple batteries, which adds to the overall cost and requires management in terms of charging and swapping them out.
  • Finding replacement parts or additional accessories can sometimes be a challenge, which might be a consideration if you prefer having readily available parts for maintenance or upgrades

Comparative Analysis: ATLAS 80V Chainsaw vs. Stihl MSA 220 C-B Chainsaw

Feature / SpecificationATLAS 80V Chainsaw
Stihl MSA 220 C-B Chainsaw
Bar Length18 in.14 – 16 in. (depending on the model)
Battery Voltage80V36V
Motor TypeBrushlessBrushless
Product Weight9.8 lb.Varies with the model, generally lighter
Power ComparisonMore power than a 50cc gas chainsawFast chain speed for precision
Cutting CapacityUp to 32 in.Not specified, varies with the model
Chain DesignLow kickbackLow kickback, STIHL Quickstop chain brake
Safety FeaturesMechanical chain brakeQuickstop chain brake, Ematic system
Battery IncludedNoNo (sold separately)
User ComfortDurable wrap-around handle, overmold gripErgonomic design, low vibration
Price PointGenerally lowerGenerally higher
AvailabilityHarbor Freight stores and onlineAuthorized dealers, widely available

The ATLAS 80V Chainsaw is a powerful, cost-effective tool ideal for heavy-duty tasks, featuring an 18-inch bar and a strong 80V battery. Its design focuses on user comfort but bear in mind the additional cost for the separate battery purchase and the slightly heavier weight. Safety features like the mechanical chain brake and low kickback chain make it a secure choice. Conversely, the Stihl MSA 220 C-B Chainsaw shines in precision and ergonomics, suitable for detailed tasks, with a design that reduces user fatigue. While it comes at a higher price and the battery is sold separately, its brand reputation ensures reliability and access to excellent customer support. Your choice between the two should align with your specific needs, budget, and preference for either heavy-duty performance or precision and comfort.

Final Thoughts

After a substantial period of use, the ATLAS 80V Chainsaw from Harbor Freight has genuinely impressed me. It’s a solid piece of equipment for anyone from a casual backyard lumberjack to someone more serious about wood processing. The battery life, while not infinite, is manageable with proper planning and additional batteries. The power and efficiency make it a worthy tool in your arsenal, and I’m eager to see how it stands the test of time. Here’s to more woodcutting and hoping the batteries stand the test of time as well as the saw does!


  1. Can the ATLAS Chainsaw operate in extreme weather conditions, like intense cold or heat?
    The ATLAS Chainsaw is built to withstand typical outdoor working temperatures. However, extreme cold can impact battery performance and capacity. It’s recommended to keep the battery at room temperature before use in cold weather. In extreme heat, ensure the chainsaw and battery are not left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods to prevent overheating.
  2. Is the ATLAS 80V Chainsaw suitable for professional tree felling and heavy-duty forestry work?
    While the chainsaw is robust and offers more power than a professional 50cc gas chainsaw, it is designed more for homeowners and landowners handling tasks like tree felling, limbing, bucking, and clearing brush. For constant, heavy-duty forestry work, additional batteries and chains might be necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  3. How does the mechanical chain brake enhance the safety of the chainsaw?
    The mechanical chain brake is designed to stop the chain immediately if a sudden movement or impact is detected, significantly reducing the risk of injury during a kickback. It’s an essential safety feature that adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring safer operation.
  4. Can I use third-party chains and bars with the ATLAS Chainsaw, or am I limited to specific brands?
    While the chainsaw is optimized for ATLAS bars and chains, it can accommodate some third-party options like the Oregon S62 Advance Cut chain. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility in terms of size and design to maintain safety and performance standards.
  5. What maintenance steps are recommended to prolong the life of the ATLAS Chainsaw?
    Regular maintenance includes cleaning the bar and chain area to remove debris, checking chain tension before use, ensuring the chain is sharp, and checking the oil level for the automatic oiler. It’s also advisable to check the battery contacts and keep them clean for optimal power transmission.
  6. Are there any eco-friendly advantages of using the ATLAS 80V Chainsaw compared to gas-powered alternatives?
    Yes, the ATLAS Chainsaw offers several eco-friendly benefits. It produces no direct emissions, making it more environmentally friendly than gas-powered chainsaws. It’s also quieter, reducing noise pollution, and the electric start means reduced energy waste compared to the typical start-up process of gas-powered saws.
  7. In case of any issues, what kind of support does Harbor Freight provide for the ATLAS Chainsaw?
    Harbor Freight offers customer support for troubleshooting and guidance on the use and maintenance of the chainsaw. However, it’s noted that finding replacement parts can be a challenge, so it’s advisable to contact customer support for assistance with parts and service needs.

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