Honest Review of the NEO-TEC NH872 71cc Chainsaw – Husqvarna Clone!


The NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw, priced at $380, emerges as a cost-effective alternative to premium models like the Husqvarna 372XP. Boasting a robust 71cc engine and a 28-inch bar, this chainsaw aims to offer significant cutting power without the hefty price tag often associated with high-end models.

Specifications of NEO-TEC NH872

  • Engine Power: 3.9KW/5.3 HP
  • Engine Displacement: 71CC
  • Bar Compatibility: 20/24/28 inches
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8 inch
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 750ml
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 450ml
  • Materials: Plastic (ABS) and Magnesium Alloy

First Impressions

Upon unpacking, the NEO-TEC NH872 arrives in two distinct packages: one for the motor and another for the chain and bar. The assembly process is generally straightforward; however, I ran into an issue when I over-tightened the nuts without having the bar in place, which resulted in a cracked case.

Person holding a NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw, displayed on a workshop table.

This mishap is an important lesson for new users: always make sure the bar is properly installed before tightening the nuts to avoid any potential damage to the chainsaw’s casing. This initial experience underscores the need for careful assembly and might be a point of consideration for those new to using such equipment.

Package Contents

  • Chainsaw Power Head
  • Tool Kit
  • Chainsaw Guard
  • 1L Fuel Oil Mixing Bottle
  • Guide Bar Cover
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • 28” Guide Bar/Chain

Performance and Tuning

Tuning the NEO-TEC NH872 is an essential step before its first operation. The chainsaw comes with a basic toolkit that includes a necessary flathead screwdriver. However, a more user-friendly tool, such as one with a hex or torx head, would make adjustments easier and more precise. Setting up the carburetor properly is crucial to prevent the chainsaw from revving uncontrollably at startup.

Close-up of a person adjusting the NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw's settings.

In terms of performance, the 71cc engine promises significant power but initially may fall short of expectations, indicating that further carburetor adjustments are necessary. This requirement for meticulous tuning could pose challenges for users who are less experienced with carburetor engines, potentially making the NH872 less appealing for beginners or casual users.

Cutting Experience

Initially, the NEO-TEC NH872 struggled with performance. The first few cuts were disappointing as the saw felt underpowered, especially when tackling larger logs. Despite making some carburetor adjustments, the saw still required further tuning.

NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw cutting through a large, thick log outdoors.

Even with improvements, it seemed that achieving optimal power and efficiency might require more extensive modifications or a better understanding of its tuning intricacies. This could be a significant drawback for users looking for a chainsaw that’s ready to perform robustly right out of the box.

Additional Features and Build Quality

The NEO-TEC NH872 is equipped with several features designed to enhance its functionality and durability:

  • Centrifugal Air Cleaning System: This feature is particularly beneficial as it helps to reduce engine wear by removing larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter.
  • Adjustable Oil Pump and Quick-Release Air Filter: These features facilitate easy maintenance, allowing for quick adjustments and cleanings which contribute to the longevity of the chainsaw.
  • Low Vibration Levels: The chainsaw is designed to minimize vibrations, which improves comfort and reduces fatigue during extended use. This is crucial for users who operate the chainsaw for prolonged periods.
  • Durable Magnesium Alloy Parts: The use of magnesium alloy in the construction of the chainsaw parts ensures durability and lighter weight, enhancing the overall sturdiness of the saw without compromising on maneuverability.

Portability and Ergonomics

The NEO-TEC NH872 strikes a good balance between power and portability. Designed to cater to both novice and experienced users, it offers a comfortable experience during extended cutting sessions.

Person using a NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw to cut through logs on the ground.

The chainsaw’s weight is well-balanced, comparable to more costly models, which makes it easier to handle and reduces user fatigue. This balance of ergonomics and performance emphasizes the chainsaw’s suitability for a range of tasks, from light yard work to more demanding woodcutting projects.

Pros of the NEO-TEC NH872 71cc Chainsaw

  • The 71cc engine provides robust power for various cutting tasks, making it suitable for both home and professional use.
  • Priced at $380, it offers significant savings compared to more expensive brands while still delivering the necessary power.
  • The saw is compatible with Husqvarna 372XP parts, which ensures easier access to replacements and upgrades.
  • The chainsaw comes with a complete toolkit, which is convenient for ongoing maintenance and adjustments.
  • Despite its power, it’s designed to be lighter than some more powerful models, making it easier to handle during extended use.

Cons of the NEO-TEC NH872 71cc Chainsaw

  • The chainsaw ships in pieces, requiring assembly that can be tricky, especially for beginners. Incorrect assembly can lead to damage, as experienced by the reviewer.
  • Out of the box, the saw requires significant tuning adjustments. Those not mechanically inclined might find this challenging.
  • The reviewer experienced a cracked case during assembly, raising questions about the material’s durability under normal usage conditions.
  • Initial cutting performance was subpar, requiring further carburetor adjustments to improve speed and handling.
  • The need for specific types of tools for adjustment (like a flathead screwdriver) which are not as convenient or effective as tools provided by competitors such as Husqvarna.

Troubleshooting Guide for the NEO-TEC NH872 Chainsaw

Dealing with a chainsaw can sometimes be as tricky as it is essential, especially when it comes to robust models like the NEO-TEC NH872. Here’s a quick guide to help you troubleshoot some common issues you might encounter:

  1. Starting Difficulties
    • Problem: The chainsaw doesn’t start.
    • Solution: Ensure that the fuel mixture is correct and that the chainsaw has enough oil. Check the spark plug for dirt or wear and clean or replace it if necessary.
  2. Chain Tension Issues
    • Problem: The chain is too loose or too tight.
    • Solution: Adjust the chain tension by loosening the nuts on the side of the chainsaw and using the tensioning screw to get the right tightness. The chain should snap back into place when pulled and released.
  3. Overheating
    • Problem: The chainsaw becomes too hot during operation.
    • Solution: Make sure the saw has adequate lubrication. Clean the air filter to ensure proper air flow, and check that the cooling fins and exhaust are clear of debris.
  4. Poor Cutting Performance
    • Problem: The chainsaw is running but not cutting efficiently.
    • Solution: Sharpen the chain if it’s dull. If the chain is new and still underperforming, it might be installed incorrectly or might be the wrong size or type for the chainsaw.
  5. Unexpected Stalling
    • Problem: The chainsaw stalls during operation.
    • Solution: Check the carburetor settings; it may need adjusting. Ensure the air filter and fuel filter are clean. Also, inspect the fuel lines for cracks or leaks.
  6. Excessive Vibration
    • Problem: The chainsaw vibrates more than usual.
    • Solution: Check that all bolts and screws are tightened. A loose chain or unbalanced bar can also cause excessive vibration.


The NEO-TEC NH872 is somewhat of a mixed experience. It offers cost savings compared to high-end brands, but this comes with a trade-off in the need for hands-on tuning to reach optimal performance. It’s well-suited for those who are mechanically inclined and don’t mind getting into the nitty-gritty of chainsaw adjustments. For users looking for powerful equipment without breaking the bank, and who are comfortable with manual tuning, the NH872 could be a strong contender. However, It might not be the best choice for those expecting top performance straight out of the box.

This chainsaw could be a worthwhile investment for personal and semi-professional use, provided the initial setup complexities and the need for ongoing adjustments are not major deterrents. Its combination of robust features and affordability makes it an attractive option within its price bracket.

Rating: 3.5/5 – Recommended for users who are comfortable with making hands-on mechanical adjustments.


  1. What is the engine displacement of the NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw?
    The NEO-TEC NH872 features a 71cc engine, offering robust power for various cutting tasks.
  2. Can the NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw accommodate different bar lengths?
    Yes, it is compatible with 20, 24, and 28-inch bars, providing flexibility depending on your cutting needs.
  3. What type of maintenance does the NEO-TEC NH872 require?
    Regular maintenance includes checking and adjusting the chain tension, cleaning the air filter, and ensuring the chain is adequately lubricated. It’s also important to check for any loose bolts or signs of wear.
  4. Is the NEO-TEC NH872 suitable for professional use?
    While it’s a powerful tool capable of handling demanding tasks, it’s designed for both homeowners and professional users who are comfortable making adjustments and repairs as needed.
  5. How does the NEO-TEC NH872 handle vibration and user fatigue?
    The chainsaw features a low vibration design to help reduce user fatigue during extended use, making it more comfortable to operate.
  6. What are the warranty terms for the NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw?
    The chainsaw comes with a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects and quality issues.
  7. Are there any specific tuning tips for the NEO-TEC NH872?
    Tuning involves adjusting the carburetor settings, which include the high and low speed adjustments. It is advisable to start with factory settings and adjust based on the saw’s performance.
  8. How does the centrifugal air cleaning system benefit the NEO-TEC NH872?
    This system helps to reduce wear on the engine by removing larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter, extending the maintenance intervals.
  9. What should I do if my NEO-TEC NH872 chainsaw’s engine stalls frequently?
    Frequent stalling could be due to improper fuel mixture, clogged air filter, or misadjusted carburetor. Checking these aspects and consulting the manual for troubleshooting steps is recommended.

Have you tried the NEO-TEC NH872 or a similar chainsaw? Share your experiences in the comments below! Whether you’re a seasoned lumberjack or a weekend woodworker, your insights can help others make informed decisions. Join the discussion and let us know how this chainsaw worked out for you!

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