Husqvarna 585 Gas Chainsaw Review


I had the chance to test out the Husqvarna 585 Gas Chainsaw—a serious tool for serious tasks. As someone who often tackles significant outdoor projects, from clearing fallen trees after a storm to managing large-scale forestry tasks, finding a chainsaw that’s both powerful and reliable is crucial.

Husqvarna 585 in the woods sitting on the big log

The Husqvarna 585, with its robust 90cc engine, promises to deliver on all fronts. Let’s break down the features and performance of this heavyweight contender in the chainsaw market.

Specifications of Husqvarna 585

  • Engine Size: 5.25 cu.inch
  • Power: 6.9 hp
  • Torque: 5.3 Nm at 7,800 rpm
  • Chain Speed: 75.5 fts at max power
  • Bar Lengths: 18″ to 36″, with a standard 24″
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs (excl. cutting gear)
  • Sound Level: 112 dB(A)
  • Vibration: Rear 5.9 m/s², Front 6.7 m/s²
  • Oil Tank: 0.89 US pint
  • Special Features: X-Tough™ bar, Air Injection, Flip-Up Fuel Cap

Performance and Ergonomics

Right out of the box, the Husqvarna 585 impresses with its formidable power output. Boasting a 6.9 hp engine and a maximum torque of 5.3 Nm, this chainsaw is designed for heavy-duty tasks.

Person unboxing the Husqvarna 585

It offers fast acceleration and a high chain speed at a max power of 75.5 feet per second, allowing it to slice through large logs and dense wood effortlessly. Despite its power, it’s the ergonomic design that stands out. The saw features a lightweight muffler and retained bar nuts for easy maintenance, along with a comfortable handle that reduces fatigue during extended use.

Cutting Efficiency and Maintenance

Equipped with an X-Tough guide bar ranging from 20” to 36”, the Husqvarna 585 is versatile for various cutting tasks. Its X-Cut C85/C83 chain is engineered for exceptional cutting capacity, making it ideal for forestry work where precision and efficiency are paramount. The chainsaw also includes a state-of-the-art filtration system with Air Injection technology that filters 98% of incoming dust, which not only enhances the engine’s longevity but also reduces the frequency of cleanups.

Person using Husqvarna 585 making notch cut

Maintenance is made simpler with features like the service connector, allowing for quick diagnostics and upkeep, and the tool-less access to the air filter and spark plug ensures you can keep your chainsaw in top condition without extra tools. Additionally, the flip-up fuel cap and visible fuel level indicator enhance the convenience by simplifying refuels and monitoring fuel usage.

Unique Features

The Husqvarna 585 isn’t just about power and maintenance. It also focuses on detailed improvements like optimal chip ejection to prevent clogging and a retained starter screw to avoid loss during disassembly.

Husqvarna 585 sitting in the trunk of the tree

The felling sight, engineered to last a lifetime, aids in precision cutting, ensuring every cut is as accurate as possible. For those working in challenging environments, the reduced vibration levels coupled with the powerful and efficient X-Torq engine make it a reliable companion that combines performance with environmental consideration.

Husqvarna 585 Testimonial by Darren Dean

Maintenance Tips and Best Practices for Husqvarna 585 Gas Chainsaw

Maintaining your Husqvarna 585 chainsaw is crucial for ensuring its longevity and performance. Here are some essential tips and practices to keep your chainsaw in top condition:

  1. After each use, clean the chainsaw thoroughly. Remove debris and sawdust from the chain, bar, and sprocket area. Clean the air filter regularly to prevent dust from entering the engine.
  2. Keep the chain sharp at all times. A dull chain makes your chainsaw work harder and increases wear. Learn how to sharpen your chain or take it to a professional.
  3. Always ensure the chain is correctly tensioned. A loose chain can jump off the bar and lead to dangerous situations, while an overly tight chain increases wear on the bar and motor.
  4. Rotate the bar regularly to promote even wear. Inspect the bar for damage or wear and replace it if necessary. Use a bar groove cleaner to clear out debris that may affect chain movement.
  5. Use the recommended bar and chain oil for your Husqvarna 585. Regularly check oil levels and refill as needed to ensure proper lubrication and reduce friction.
  6. Use fresh fuel with the correct oil mix ratio as specified by Husqvarna. Avoid leaving fuel in the chainsaw for extended periods to prevent carburetor issues.
  7. When not in use,store your chainsaw in a clean, dry place. Empty the fuel tank for long-term storage and clean the entire chainsaw before putting it away.
  8. Periodically check the spark plug and replace it if worn or fouled. Inspect all nuts, bolts, and screws, ensuring they are tight and secure to prevent operational hazards.

Safety Recommendations for Using the Husqvarna 585 Gas Chainsaw

Safety is paramount when operating any chainsaw, especially powerful models like the Husqvarna 585. Here are key safety tips:

  1. Always wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, steel-toed boots, and chainsaw chaps or pants.
  2. Learn the correct techniques to hold and operate the chainsaw. Always maintain a stable stance and keep both hands on the chainsaw when operating.
  3. Understand what causes kickback and how to react. Never see with the tip of the bar, and always be prepared for the chainsaw to push back toward you unexpectedly.
  4. Keep your work area clear of obstacles and ensure that others maintain a safe distance. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when felling trees.
  5. Do not operate the chainsaw when tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fatigue can lead to accidents and injuries.
  6. Always have a first aid kit nearby and ensure you know how to use it. Know the location of the nearest hospital and have a means to call for help in case of an accident.

Implementing these maintenance and safety tips will help you safely and effectively use your Husqvarna 585 chainsaw, maximizing its performance and lifespan while ensuring your safety during operation.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning to the Husqvarna 585 for my latest projects has been a game-changer, especially when compared to my previous experiences with other high-powered chainsaws. It offers a blend of power, efficiency, and user-focused design that stands out in the crowded market of professional chainsaws. For anyone from seasoned loggers to land managers, this chainsaw promises to deliver top-notch performance without compromising on comfort or safety.


  1. How does the Husqvarna 585’s X-Torq engine benefit the environment?
    The Husqvarna 585 features the innovative X-Torq engine, which not only enhances fuel efficiency but significantly reduces exhaust emissions compared to traditional engines. This makes it an environmentally friendlier choice for users conscious about their carbon footprint.
  2. Can I use alternative fuels in the Husqvarna 585 without damaging the engine?
    Yes, the Husqvarna 585 is designed to handle various fuels with its robust engine design, allowing flexibility in fuel choice without compromising the chainsaw’s performance or longevity, a great advantage in regions where fuel choices can be limited.
  3. What are retained bar nuts, and why are they important for the Husqvarna 585?
    Retained bar nuts are a clever design feature that keeps the nuts attached to the chain cover even when loosened. This prevents them from being lost during maintenance in the field, a common frustration among chainsaw users, especially in cluttered or natural outdoor environments.
  4. Why is the X-Tough guide bar considered a game-changer for professional loggers?
    The X-Tough guide bar on the Husqvarna 585 is built for endurance and precision, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions and prolonged use without compromising cutting performance, essential for professionals who rely on their equipment in challenging forestry tasks.
  5. How does the QuickStop Super chain brake on the Husqvarna 585 enhance operational safety?
    This safety feature is designed to stop the chainsaw’s chain almost instantly during unintended movement, significantly reducing the risk of injury. This is particularly crucial in preventing accidents that can occur with kickback during intensive cutting tasks.
  6. What advantage does the Air Injection feature provide for the Husqvarna 585’s maintenance?
    Husqvarna’s Air Injection technology minimizes the amount of debris that reaches the air filter, thereby extending the intervals between filter cleanings and enhancing the chainsaw’s overall efficiency and durability.
  7. Is the Husqvarna 585 easy to handle for new chainsaw users despite its powerful features?
    While the Husqvarna 585 is a powerhouse designed for seasoned users, its ergonomic features like lightweight muffler, optimal chip ejection, and reduced vibration make it surprisingly manageable for newcomers dedicated to mastering chainsaw handling in demanding environments.

I hope this review of the Husqvarna 585 has shed some light on its powerful features and real-world capabilities! Whether you’re a seasoned logger or a weekend warrior, I’d love to hear about your experiences with this chainsaw or any others you’ve handled. Drop your thoughts in the comments below—let’s get a lively discussion going about what makes the perfect chainsaw for those tough outdoor tasks!

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