Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Review


Discover the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i, priced at $399.99, a high-performance electric chainsaw that combines cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness, complete with a battery and charger for immediate use.

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The Husqvarna Power Axe 350i emerges as a formidable contender in the electric chainsaw arena. This package, complete with a battery and charger, epitomizes Husqvarna’s dedication to merging superior performance with environmental stewardship. The Power Axe 350i is designed to provide an exceptional cutting experience while adhering to eco-friendly principles, making it an ideal choice for both professional and personal use. Its robust features and efficient design reflect a commitment to quality and sustainability, promising to deliver top-tier performance without compromising the planet’s health.

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Technical Specifications of Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

  • Chain Speed at Max Power: 38.7 fts
  • Battery Voltage: 40 V
  • Motor Type: BLDC (brushless)
  • Bar Length: 18 inches
  • Chain Type: S93G
  • Weight: 7.72 lbs (excluding battery and cutting equipment)
  • Sound Pressure Level: 91 dB(A)

The automatic oil pump with a capacity of 7-9 ml/min ensures the chain remains lubricated, reducing wear and maintaining cutting efficiency. With a recommended bar length of 18 inches and a pitch of 3/8″ mini, the Power Axe 350i is equipped to handle a wide range of cutting tasks.

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i Design and Usability

Person holding Husqvarna Power Axe 350i preparing to cut

The Power Axe 350i is designed with user convenience in mind. It is lighter by 10% compared to its gas counterparts, which, along with its ergonomic design, reduces user fatigue and enhances maneuverability during extended use. The saw’s design integrates a chain brake indicator light, providing an added layer of safety by alerting the user to the status of the chain brake, thus preventing accidental starts and potential injuries.

Performance of Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

Using the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i has been an enlightening experience. The chainsaw’s impressive chain speed of 38.7 feet per second made quick work of everything I put in front of it, slicing through wood with ease and efficiency. Powered by a robust 40V Li-Ion battery and driven by a BLDC (brushless) motor, the 350i provided a consistent and reliable power output that didn’t falter, even during extended use. One of the standout features for me has been the motor’s durability and the overall longevity of the chainsaw. The brushless motor doesn’t just pack a powerful punch; it also extends the lifespan of the saw, ensuring that it remains a key part of my toolkit for the long haul.

Person cutting log using Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

Furthermore, the active cooling system of the Power Axe 350i impressed me with its ability to prevent the chainsaw from overheating. During prolonged cutting sessions, I noticed that the saw maintained its optimal performance without any signs of strain or excessive heat, a testament to the thoughtfulness put into its design. Overall, the performance of the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i has exceeded my expectations, offering a blend of speed, power, and durability that stands out in the crowded field of electric chainsaws.

Innovative Features

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i cutting log

A standout feature of the 350i is its boost mode, which enhances the cutting power when dealing with tougher materials, ensuring performance superiority over its gas and electric competitors. The tool-less chain tensioning system facilitates quick adjustments on the fly, eliminating downtime and increasing productivity.

Eco-Friendly Operation

Husqvarna Power Axe 350i laying on the grass with bar and chain cover

In line with modern environmental standards, the Power Axe 350i boasts low carbon emissions. This feature, coupled with its battery-powered operation, makes it an ideal choice for eco-conscious users looking to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing power and efficiency.

Pros of the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

  • The Power Axe 350i doesn’t skimp on power. Despite being electric, it rivals gas chainsaws in cutting capability, handling thick branches and logs with ease. The boost mode is particularly handy for tougher cuts, providing that extra bit of power when needed.
  • One of the standout features is its weight — or lack thereof. At just over 7 lbs, it’s significantly lighter than many gas models, which makes a big difference in comfort and maneuverability during long cutting sessions.
  • Being part of the Husqvarna MAX Battery Series means you can swap batteries between tools. This interchangeability is a game-changer for efficiency and reduces the overall cost of maintaining multiple batteries.
  • The chain brake indicator light adds an extra layer of safety, giving immediate feedback on the chain status, which is a big plus for preventing accidents.

Cons of the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

  • At $399.99, the Power Axe 350i is an investment. While the performance and features justify the cost, it’s still on the higher end of the price spectrum for electric chainsaws.
  • While the interchangeable battery system is convenient, if you’re planning on extensive use, you may need to invest in spare batteries, which adds to the overall cost.
  • Although it’s powerful for an electric model, the 350i might not match the grunt of larger, professional-grade gas chainsaws for the most demanding tasks.
  • Depending on the charger and battery capacity, full recharge times can be lengthy, which might hinder productivity, especially if you don’t have spare batteries on hand.
  • The automatic oil pump is great for maintaining the chain, but I’ve noticed it can go through bar oil fairly quickly, so keeping an eye on the oil level is necessary to avoid running dry during a job.

Maintenance of Husqvarna Power Axe 350i

Maintaining the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i is crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Here’s a detailed guide on how to care for this electric chainsaw:

Regular Cleaning

  • After Use: Clean the chainsaw to remove sawdust, debris, and sap that can accumulate during cutting. Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean the tool, especially around the chain and bar area.
  • Bar and Chain: Remove the chain and bar regularly to clean them thoroughly. Check for any wear or damage and replace them if necessary.

Chain Maintenance

  • Sharpness: Regularly check the chain’s sharpness. A dull chain makes the chainsaw work harder, reducing efficiency and battery life. Sharpen the chain as needed or replace it if it’s significantly worn.
  • Tension: Check the chain tension before each use. The chain should be snug against the bar but still able to move freely. Adjust the tension as needed with the tool-less chain tensioning feature.

Battery Care

  • Charging: Use only the charger provided with the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i to charge the batteries. Avoid overcharging and do not leave the battery connected to the charger indefinitely after it’s fully charged.
  • Storage: When not in use for extended periods, store the battery in a cool, dry place. Do not store the battery in a discharged state; charge it to about 50% if it will not be used for several months.


  • Oil Level: Regularly check the oil level in the chain oil tank and refill as needed with the appropriate bar and chain oil. Do not use reclaimed oil or motor oil, as these can damage the oil pump and chain.
  • Oil Pump and Ports: Check the oil pump and oil ports for clogs or debris. Clean them regularly to ensure smooth oil flow to the chain and bar.

Motor and Cooling System

  • Air Intakes: Ensure the air intakes for the cooling system are clear of debris to prevent overheating. Clean the air intake vents regularly.
  • Brushless Motor: While brushless motors require less maintenance than brushed motors, keeping the motor area clean will prevent overheating and ensure efficient operation.

Safety Features Check

  • Chain Brake: Test the chain brake regularly to ensure it’s functioning properly. Engage and release the brake several times to check for smooth operation.
  • Inspect for Damage: Regularly inspect the entire chainsaw for any signs of damage or wear, particularly the safety features like the chain brake and handguard.

Firmware Updates

  • If your chainsaw supports firmware updates (check with Husqvarna for model-specific features), ensure that it’s updated to the latest version to improve performance and safety.

By following these maintenance tips, you can help ensure that your Husqvarna Power Axe 350i remains a reliable and efficient tool for your cutting needs, providing safe and effective performance for years to come. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your chainsaw but also ensures it operates at peak efficiency, keeping you safe and your work precise.


The Husqvarna Power Axe 350i is more than just a chainsaw; it’s a testament to Husqvarna’s innovation in creating powerful, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible tools. With features like the X-CUT® Chain for superior cutting, an interchangeable battery system for convenience, and a robust, efficient motor, the 350i is engineered to meet the demands of both professional and home users. Its performance, coupled with Husqvarna’s trusted brand reputation, makes the Power Axe 350i a compelling choice for anyone in the market for a high-quality electric chainsaw.


  1. How does the Power Axe 350i’s cutting power compare to traditional gas chainsaws?
    The Husqvarna Power Axe 350i offers comparable cutting power to many gas chainsaws, particularly excelling in tasks suited for its 18-inch bar length. Its electric motor and boost mode provide ample power for most residential and some professional needs.
  2. Can the Power Axe 350i be used for professional tree cutting services?
    Yes, the Power Axe 350i can be used for professional tree cutting, especially for tasks within its power and bar length capabilities. It’s ideal for jobs requiring lower noise and emissions, though for extensive, heavy-duty cutting, additional batteries or larger models might be better suited.
  3. What is the main advantage of the interchangeable battery system in the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i?
    The main advantage is the flexibility and cost savings it offers. Users can interchange the same battery among different tools in the Husqvarna MAX Battery Series, reducing the need for multiple batteries and chargers, and streamlining work across various tasks.
  4. Is the Power Axe 350i suitable for first-time chainsaw users?
    Absolutely, its lightweight design, combined with safety features like the chain brake indicator light, makes it an excellent choice for beginners. The lack of a pull-start and straightforward operation also lessens the learning curve for new users.
  5. How does the boost mode function affect battery life?
    Using the boost mode on the Power Axe 350i increases power output for tougher cuts but also consumes battery charge more quickly. Users should balance the use of boost mode with battery life, reserving it for particularly challenging cuts to optimize usage time.
  6. What environmental benefits does the Power Axe 350i offer?
    The electric motor significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to gas chainsaws, contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. It also eliminates the need for gas and oil mixtures, reducing potential soil and water contamination.
  7. How does the tool-less chain tensioning work, and is it reliable?
    The tool-less chain tensioning feature allows for quick and easy adjustments of the chain’s tension without needing additional tools. It’s designed to be both reliable and user-friendly, ensuring the chain remains at the optimal tension for safe and effective cutting.
  8. Can the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i be used in wet conditions?
    While it’s built to be durable, like all electric tools, it’s best to avoid using the Power Axe 350i in wet conditions to prevent potential electric shock or damage to the tool. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific safety advice.

We hope this review of the Husqvarna Power Axe 350i has shed some light on its capabilities and features. If you’ve had experiences with this chainsaw or have thoughts to share, we’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below and let’s discuss. Your insights help everyone make better, informed decisions. Happy cutting!

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