Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Review


As someone who uses chainsaws a lot, I was really excited to try out the Oregon Professional 120-Volt Bench Grinder with Hydraulic Clamping (620-120). Chainsaw work is a big part of what I do, so having sharp chains is super important to me. Getting to review this product was a fantastic opportunity, and now I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned with others who might be looking for a reliable and easy-to-use chainsaw sharpener. I’ve put the Oregon 620-120 to the test in real-world conditions, and I’m here to tell you all about why it could be a game changer for your chainsaw work.


  • Power Source: Manual
  • Weight: 9.46 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: 17.3 inches Long x 11.6 inches Wide x 12.9 inches High
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Amperage: 4.3A
  • Wattage: 300W
  • Motor Speed: 3400 RPM
  • Horsepower: 0.4 HP
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Phase: Single
  • Grinder Wheel Size: 5-3/4 inches
  • Maximum Chain Pitch: 3/4 inch

First Impressions

new Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener in its packaging, placed on a wooden workbench next to two empty cardboard boxes

Right out of the box, the Oregon 620-120 makes a strong impression. Weighing in at a sturdy 9.46 kilograms, it has the heft and build quality you’d expect from a top-notch workshop tool. Its dimensions (17.3″L x 11.6″W x 12.9″ H) strike the perfect balance between robustness and compactness, making it an ideal fit for my workspace. It doesn’t hog space but still feels substantial and reliable – exactly what you want in a professional-grade bench grinder.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic Clamping Assistance: The Game Changer The hydraulic clamping is a real standout. This feature transforms the often tedious task of chain clamping into a smooth, effortless process. It’s not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer, saving precious time and sparing you the usual manual hassle that comes with chain sharpening.
  • Universal Chain Sharpener: Versatility at Its Best Adaptability is key in any tool, and the Oregon 620-120 shines here. It can sharpen chains up to a .404” pitch, covering a wide range of chains from leading brands like Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna, and more. This universal approach means you’re well-equipped for almost any sharpening task that comes your way.
  • Accurate Sharpening: Precision Meets Practicality Precision is paramount in sharpening, and this grinder nails it with its multiple adjustment points. This feature, coupled with the built-in light, ensures that you can achieve the perfect sharpness every time, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.
  • Additional Tools: The Complete Package The Oregon 620-120 doesn’t skimp on extras. It comes equipped with a dressing brick, a profile guide, two grinding wheels (3.2mm & 4.7mm), and a 6.0mm flat profile disc for depth gauge maintenance. These aren’t just add-ons; they’re essential tools that enhance the grinder’s overall functionality, making it a comprehensive sharpening solution.


Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener in operation, sharpening a chainsaw chain and emitting sparks

The Oregon 620-120 is a powerhouse of efficiency. Its robust motor (120V, 60Hz, 4.3A, 300W, 3400 RPM, 0.4 HP) drives an impressively smooth and swift sharpening process. In my tests across various chain types, the results were nothing short of remarkable – each chain came out consistently sharp and precise. What truly sets it apart is the hydraulic assist, which revolutionizes the clamping and adjusting process. This is a boon for professionals who need to sharpen high volumes of chains, as it drastically cuts down on effort and time.

Ease of Use

close-up of an Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener in use, with a person’s hand adjusting the settings

Setting up the Oregon 620-120 is a breeze, whether you choose to mount it on a bench or a wall. The package includes all necessary bolts, making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free. The design really shines when it comes to making adjustments. With its wide clamping area and clearly marked settings, the grinder is incredibly user-friendly. Even if you’re relatively new to chain sharpening, you’ll find navigating the functionalities of this tool quite intuitive. The Oregon 620-120 takes the intimidation out of chain sharpening, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.

You can check it out here to learn about technical tips for the Oregon 620-120!

Pros and Cons of Oregon Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener


  • The hydraulic assist feature significantly simplifies the chain clamping process, making it quick and effortless, which is a huge plus for efficiency.
  • Its ability to sharpen a wide range of chain pitches (up to .404”) from various manufacturers adds great versatility to this tool.
  • The multiple adjustment points for sharpening accuracy, along with the built-in light, make for precise and consistent results.
  • The motor specs (120V, 60Hz, 4.3A, 300W, 3400 RPM, 0.4 HP) ensure that the grinder operates smoothly and efficiently, handling even demanding sharpening tasks with ease.
  • Its user-friendly design, including easy setup (bench or wall-mounted) and clear markings for adjustments, makes it accessible even for beginners.
  • The inclusion of a dressing brick, profile guide, and various grinding wheels adds significant value and utility to the package.


  • At $479.99, it’s a significant investment. While the quality justifies the price, it might be less appealing for non-professional users or those with infrequent sharpening needs.
  • Weighing around 9.46 kilograms and with its dimensions, it might be a bit bulky for very small workshops or for users who prefer a more portable option.
  • Despite its user-friendly design, beginners might still face a learning curve in understanding and making the best use of all the adjustment features for optimal sharpening.
  • As a 120V tool, it may not be suitable for regions with different voltage standards, or it may require an adapter, which could be an inconvenience.
  • While not explicitly mentioned, bench grinders in general can be noisy, which might be a consideration in shared workspaces or residential areas.

Is Oregon 620-120 Bench Grinder Still Worth to Buy?

Oregon Chainsaw Chain Sharpener on a cluttered workbench, with a chainsaw blade attached for sharpening

At $479.99, the Oregon 620-120 is indeed an investment, positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum. However, when you break down what you’re getting for this price – professional-grade features, unparalleled efficiency, and the sheer convenience of in-house sharpening – it starts to look less like an expense and more like a smart investment. Especially for those who use chainsaws regularly, the cost savings in the long run, not to mention the time and effort saved, make it a financially sound choice. For serious users, the Oregon 620-120 isn’t just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment in quality and efficiency.


The Oregon Professional 120-Volt Bench Grinder with Hydraulic Clamping (620-120) stands out as a top-tier tool in its category. It delivers on every promise, from its robust performance to its versatile sharpening capabilities. For professionals who demand reliability, efficiency, and precision, this sharpener is an excellent choice. While the initial price might give pause to the occasional user, for anyone who values top-quality work and needs a durable, high-volume sharpening solution, the Oregon 620-120 is undoubtedly a sound investment. It’s a professional tool that lives up to professional standards, making it a worthy addition to any serious workshop.

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  1. Can the Oregon 620-120 turn my old chainsaw into a cutting superstar?
    Absolutely! With its precise sharpening capabilities, this grinder can breathe new life into your old chainsaw chains, making them perform like they’re brand new.
  2. I’m new to chainsaw maintenance. Will I need a PhD in engineering to operate this sharpener?
    Not at all! Despite its professional-grade features, the Oregon 620-120 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has clear markings and a straightforward setup process, making it accessible even to those new to chainsaw maintenance.
  3. Is the hydraulic clamping feature just a fancy add-on or does it actually make a difference?
    It’s far from just a gimmick! The hydraulic clamping significantly reduces the effort and time needed for securing the chain during sharpening, which is a game-changer, especially for frequent users.
  4. I live in a tiny workshop space. Is this grinder going to eat up all my room?
    While the Oregon 620-120 is robust, its design is compact enough (17.3″L x 11.6″W x 12.9″H) to fit comfortably in smaller workshops without taking up too much space.
  5. Will this sharpener work on chains from different manufacturers, or is it exclusive to Oregon chains?
    One of the great things about the Oregon 620-120 is its versatility. It can sharpen chains from a variety of manufacturers, not just Oregon, making it a highly adaptable tool for different chainsaw models.
  6. I’m on a budget. Is the investment in this grinder justifiable?
    If you regularly use a chainsaw and spend money on professional sharpening services, this grinder can be a cost-effective investment in the long run. Its durability and efficiency can save you both time and money.
  7. Does the grinder come with everything I need to start sharpening right away?
    Yes, it comes with all the necessary tools, including a dressing brick, profile guide, and grinding wheels. You can start sharpening as soon as you set it up.
  8. I’ve got different types of chains. Can this machine handle them all?
    Indeed, it can. The Oregon 620-120 is capable of sharpening a wide range of chain pitches, making it a versatile choice for various types of chainsaw chains.
  9. Is there a risk of overheating with continuous use of the grinder?
    With any high-powered tool, there’s always a consideration for heat generation. However, the Oregon 620-120 is built to professional standards, ensuring it can handle continuous use without significant overheating issues.
  10. How long will it take me to sharpen a chain with this grinder?
    The time it takes can vary depending on the condition of the chain and your proficiency with the machine. However, thanks to its efficient design and hydraulic assist, the Oregon 620-120 can significantly reduce the time it takes to sharpen a chain compared to manual methods.

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