RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Review


I’m excited to share my insights on the RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw (R01101B). After thoroughly testing and evaluating this tool, I’ve gathered some key observations that highlight its capabilities, design, and overall performance. Let’s delve into what makes this chainsaw a noteworthy addition to any toolkit.


  • Bar Length: 12 inches
  • Maximum Cut Diameter: 10 inches
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Chain Speed: 10 meters per second (MPS)
  • Chainsaw Bar Size: Small
  • Drive Links: 45
  • Filter Type: No Filter
  • Handle Type: Rear Handle Chainsaw
  • Product Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Power Type: Battery (Lithium Ion)
  • Battery Amp Hours: Not specified (No Battery included)
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Size: Compatible with RIDGID 18V battery system
  • Battery/Charger: Tool Only (Battery and Charger sold separately)
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8 inch

Design and Build Quality

RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Design and Build Quality

From the moment I picked up the RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw, its design excellence was apparent. Weighing just 7.5 lbs, it felt surprisingly light in my hands, a real boon for those longer cutting sessions or when working at awkward angles. The ergonomic rear handle design ensured a comfortable and firm grip, enhancing control for precision cutting tasks. This blend of lightweight construction and user-centric design truly sets it apart in its category.

Performance and Power

RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Performance and Power

Powering it up, the brushless motor’s efficiency was immediately noticeable. It’s quite impressive how this relatively compact tool manages to pack such a punch. The 12-inch bar and chain, with a 10-inch cut capacity, effortlessly took on various tasks in my yard, from pruning branches to slicing through small logs. Cutting speed is a crucial factor, and the 10 m/s chain speed of this chainsaw meant clean and swift cuts without any hassle. It’s clear that while it may not replace a full-sized gas chainsaw for heavy-duty work, for everything else, it’s more than up to the task.

Battery and Runtime

RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Battery and Runtime

As with any cordless tool, the battery’s performance is vital. While it’s a bit of a letdown that the chainsaw comes without a battery, its compatibility with all RIDGID 18V batteries is a plus. Using it with a MAX output battery, I found the performance notably enhanced. The runtime was impressive – making over 100 cuts on a single charge in my tests, though this will vary based on the cutting conditions and battery used.

Maintenance and Usability

The RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw has been designed with maintenance simplicity in mind. One feature that particularly stood out for me was the automatic oiler. It’s a game-changer, ensuring the chain stays well-lubricated during operation, which not only makes cutting smoother but also significantly extends the life of the chain. As someone who values longevity in tools, this is a big plus.

RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Maintenance and Usability

The tooled chain tensioning system was straightforward to use. It might not be as quick as the tool-less systems I’ve used in the past, but it’s far from complicated. For the occasional adjustment needed, it’s more than adequate. For users prioritizing ease and speed in tension adjustments, this might be a minor drawback, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall usability of the chainsaw.

Additional Features

RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw Additional Features

A standout aspect of this chainsaw is the Lifetime Service Agreement. Knowing that I can have free parts and services for the life of the tool provides an added layer of security and confidence in the purchase. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to their customers. However, it’s crucial to note the need for registration within 90 days of purchase to benefit from this offer. This step is essential and something buyers should not overlook.

Price Point

At $189.00, the chainsaw is positioned in the mid-range price bracket. For its blend of performance, durability, and features like the brushless motor and automatic oiler, this price represents a solid investment, particularly for those already using other RIDGID 18V tools. While there are cheaper options out there, the balance of quality and features offered by RIDGID, along with the Lifetime Service Agreement, makes this chainsaw a worthwhile purchase for both casual and more frequent users.

Pros and Cons

  • In my hands, the chainsaw felt incredibly light and easy to maneuver. This aspect is particularly beneficial for extended use or when working in tight spaces.
  • The brushless motor not only delivers consistent power but also promises longevity, making it a reliable choice.
  • I found its cutting speed and capacity perfectly suited for a range of medium-duty tasks, striking a good balance between performance and size.
  • The automatic oiler is a standout feature that simplifies maintenance, a big plus in my book.
  • This offering from RIDGID adds significant value, providing long-term assurance for your investment.
  • The fact that it’s sold without a battery and charger could be an inconvenience, especially for those not already in the RIDGID ecosystem.
  • While straightforward, the tooled chain tensioning might not be everyone’s preference, especially for those accustomed to tool-less systems.
  • Its capabilities, while impressive, aren’t quite in line with what’s required for more demanding, heavy-duty cutting tasks.


The RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw (R01101B) is a robust, efficient, and user-friendly tool suitable for a variety of medium-duty tasks. Its lightweight design, combined with significant power and ease of use, makes it an excellent option for both home users and professionals requiring a portable solution. While it won’t replace a full-sized chainsaw for more demanding tasks, it’s a valuable addition to any toolkit, especially for those already using RIDGID’s 18V battery platform.


  1. Can the RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw be used for professional tree cutting services?
    While the chainsaw is capable of medium-duty tasks such as pruning and light lumber cutting, it might not be the best fit for heavy-duty professional tree cutting due to its 10-inch cut capacity and battery limitations.
  2. Is the chainsaw suitable for beginners or non-professional users?
    Absolutely! Its lightweight design, safety features, and ease of maintenance make it a great choice for beginners or occasional users who need a reliable tool for yard work or small projects.
  3. How does the performance of this chainsaw compare to a gas-powered chainsaw?
    The RIDGID 18V Brushless Chainsaw offers a quieter, more environmentally friendly experience with less maintenance compared to a gas-powered chainsaw. However, for extremely heavy-duty tasks, a gas chainsaw might provide more power and longer runtime.
  4. What kind of maintenance does this chainsaw require?
    Regular maintenance includes checking and filling the oil for the automatic oiler, adjusting the chain tension as needed with the provided tool, and ensuring the chain is sharp. It’s also important to clean the saw after use to remove debris and sawdust.
  5. Can the chainsaw be used in wet conditions?
    Using any electric chainsaw in wet conditions is not recommended as it poses safety risks and can damage the tool.
  6. What safety gear should be worn when using this chainsaw?
    Always wear protective gear, including safety glasses, gloves, ear protection, and appropriate clothing. It’s also advisable to have a first aid kit nearby in case of emergencies.
  7. How does the Lifetime Service Agreement work?
    To benefit from the Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register the chainsaw within 90 days of purchase. This agreement covers free parts and service for the life of the tool, under normal wear and tear.
  8. Is it easy to find replacement parts for this chainsaw?
    Yes, replacement parts are readily available through RIDGID’s service centers or authorized retailers. The widespread availability of parts is a plus for long-term maintenance and care.
  9. Can the chainsaw be operated with one hand?
    For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended to use both hands when operating the chainsaw. This ensures maximum control and reduces the risk of accidents.
  10. How environmentally friendly is this chainsaw compared to others?
    As a battery-powered tool, it produces no direct emissions, making it more environmentally friendly than its gas-powered counterparts. Its brushless motor also enhances energy efficiency.

Join the discussion below by sharing your experiences, tips, or reviews. Your contributions help others make informed decisions and navigate their chainsaw choices with confidence. Let’s build a community of shared knowledge for all wood-cutting enthusiasts!

David Murray
David Murray
Forestry Author

I'm David Murry, a forestry equipment specialist with a focus on chainsaw operation. With over 13 years of experience, I've honed my skills in operating and maintaining a wide range of machinery, from chainsaws to log splitters. My passion for the outdoors and commitment to sustainable forestry drive my work, which emphasizes safety, efficiency, and staying updated with industry advancements. Additionally, I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise and promoting environmental awareness within the forestry community.


Does the saw have a chain break? I have practically all of Ridgid tools in my shop and this looks like a good addition.

Daniel Adams
Keith Rader
January 15, 2024 8:04 pm

Hi Keith Rader, yes, the RIDGID 18V Brushless 12 in. Chainsaw (R01101B) does have a chainsaw brake. This safety feature, known as an electronic chain brake, quickly stops the chain’s rotation, helping protect you from potential kickbacks. It’s really useful. Also, you might want to read our review about: Best Chainsaw for the Money

Kristin Watsons
David Murray
January 16, 2024 12:44 am

I bought this saw for taking it on the snowmobile trails to clear them. It is alot easier to just carry the saw and a battery . I used it to clear a medium sized tree and it worked well.

Daniel Adams
Ron Frederick
January 10, 2024 7:40 pm

I think it's worth noting that this saw is available both as a stand alone tool, and in a kit with a 6 ah battery and a charger. Both of those additional items are also covered under Ridgid's Lifetime Service Agreement.

Daniel Adams
Matthew McCaslin
January 10, 2024 1:00 pm

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