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Embark on a journey of effortless woodcutting with the STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw, a tool that redefines efficiency and ease in yard maintenance. This chainsaw, with its lightweight frame and robust performance, promises to transform tedious chores into seamless tasks. Designed to cater to both the sporadic demands of homeowners and the rigorous needs of professionals, the MS 250 is more than just a chainsaw; it’s a reliable partner in your outdoor endeavors. Join me as I delve into my personal experience with this compact yet powerful tool, and discover why the STIHL MS 250 is the choice of champions for keeping your surroundings pristine and well-manicured.


GUIDE BAR LENGTH (Recommended)18 in.

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Initial Impressions

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Initial Impressions

When I first handled my STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw, its thoughtful design was immediately noticeable. Compact and surprisingly lightweight at just 10.1 lbs, it promised ease of use. This feature was particularly appealing, considering my limited experience with heavy-duty yard tools. The chainsaw’s balanced weight distribution and ergonomic design suggest it was built with the user’s comfort in mind.

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Performance in Action

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Performance in Action

The real effectiveness of the MS 250 became apparent when I set out to tackle my yard tasks. The stack of firewood and the overgrown trees were my first challenges. The chainsaw’s performance was remarkable. Despite its modest size, the MS 250 efficiently cut through the wood. The synergy between its 3.0 bhp engine and the OILOMATIC chain (.325″ RM3) facilitated smooth and effective cuts. It was clear that this chainsaw was designed for more than just minor trimming tasks, offering a level of performance that belied its compact stature. The work was done quicker than I expected, without the chainsaw feeling overburdened or sluggish at any point.

Year-Round Reliability

Year-Round Reliability

The Winter/Summer Shutter feature of the MS 250 is a testament to STIHL’s commitment to functionality and user convenience. This seemingly small addition had a significant impact on my experience. On a brisk morning, with the air crisp and cold, the MS 250 started effortlessly, a relief compared to the usual struggle with machinery in lower temperatures. The chainsaw’s ability to regulate carburetor temperature is not just a feature; it’s a thoughtful design element that ensures reliability regardless of the season.

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Ease of Maintenance

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining the MS 250 is refreshingly straightforward. The quick-release caps for the fuel and oil tanks are user-friendly and can be operated smoothly, even when I’m wearing thick work gloves. Tensioning the chain, often a tricky process with other chainsaws, is uncomplicated with the MS 250. The intuitive design means I spend less time on maintenance and more on the actual task at hand, a real advantage for anyone who values efficiency.

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Safety and Comfort

STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw Safety and Comfort

Working with the MS 250, I immediately noticed the emphasis on safety and user comfort. The chain brake is a prime example – it engages promptly with just a flick of the wrist, adding an extra layer of safety to my woodcutting sessions. Handling the chainsaw, whether I’m slicing through horizontal logs or making vertical cuts, is surprisingly comfortable. The ergonomic build minimizes strain, and even after extended use, I didn’t feel the fatigue I expected. The reduced vibration is a welcome feature, making the MS 250 not just a tool, but a comfortable extension of my own capabilities in maintaining my property.


  • Every time I’ve needed it, the MS 250 has been delivered without fail. Its consistent performance, regardless of the task’s complexity, makes it a dependable partner for all my woodcutting needs.
  • STIHL has clearly prioritized user convenience in the design of the MS 250. From the ergonomic handle to the efficient Winter/Summer Shutter feature, every element is tailored to enhance the user experience.
  • The chainsaw comes equipped with safety features such as the quick-engagement chain brake, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safer working environment.
  • The straightforward maintenance, with features like quick-release caps and an easily adjustable chain, reduces downtime and keeps the chainsaw in optimal condition with minimal effort.


  • While the MS 250 is user-friendly, those new to chainsaws may need some time to get acquainted with its features and maintenance routines.
  • As with most chainsaws, operating the MS 250 generates noise. While it’s not excessive, it’s something to be mindful of, especially in noise-sensitive environments.

Maintenance of STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

Maintaining your STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw is crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to keeping your chainsaw in top condition:

Regular Maintenance Tasks
  1. Check the Chain Tension:
    • Before each use, ensure the chain is properly tensioned. It should be snug against the guide bar but still able to rotate freely without sagging.
    • Adjust the chain tension if necessary by loosening the nuts on the side cover, turning the tensioning screw, and then retightening the nuts.
  2. Inspect and Clean the Air Filter:
    • A clean air filter is essential for the engine to run efficiently. Remove the air filter cover (no tools required), take out the filter, and clean it using a soft brush or by tapping it gently.
    • If the air filter is extremely dirty, wash it in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and let it dry completely before reinstallation.
  3. Check and Sharpen the Chain:
    • A sharp chain ensures efficient cutting and reduces the risk of kickback. Regularly inspect the chain for dullness or damage.
    • Use a STIHL filing kit to sharpen the teeth of the chain, maintaining the correct angle and depth.
  4. Clean the Guide Bar:
    • Remove debris and sawdust that can accumulate in the guide bar’s groove. Clean the oil inlet hole to ensure proper chain lubrication.
  5. Inspect and Clean the Fuel System:
    • Check the fuel cap and fuel tank for leaks. Clean any debris from the fuel area to prevent contamination.
    • Replace the fuel filter annually to ensure a clean fuel supply to the engine.
  6. Lubricate the Sprocket:
    • Ensure the sprocket at the tip of the guide bar is well-lubricated to reduce wear and ensure smooth chain movement.
Periodic Maintenance Tasks
  • Inspect the Spark Plug: Remove and inspect the spark plug every few months. Clean any buildup and check the electrode gap. Replace the spark plug if it’s worn or damaged.
  • Check the Recoil Starter: Inspect the recoil starter mechanism periodically for wear or damage. Ensure that the starter rope retracts properly.
  • Examine the Muffler and Spark Arrestor: Check the muffler for excessive carbon buildup, which can impede exhaust flow. Clean or replace the spark arrestor screen as needed.
  • Winter/Summer Shutter Adjustment: Adjust the Winter/Summer Shutter based on the season to maintain optimal engine temperature and prevent carburetor issues.

By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, you can ensure that your STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw remains a reliable and efficient tool for all your woodcutting tasks. Always refer to your chainsaw’s user manual for specific maintenance instructions and safety precautions.

Final Thoughts

The STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw is a testament to quality craftsmanship. It’s clear that STIHL has designed this chainsaw not just for performance, but also for the user’s convenience and safety. Whether you’re a homeowner with occasional yard tasks or someone who needs a reliable tool for more frequent woodcutting, the MS 250 seems like a choice you won’t regret. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in a tool that delivers every time you need it.


  1. What makes the STIHL MS 250 ideal for homeowners and farm owners alike?
    The STIHL MS 250 is renowned for its exceptional power-to-weight ratio, making it easy to handle various tasks, from firewood cutting to property maintenance. Its versatility and ease of use make it a preferred choice for both homeowners and farm owners.
  2. How does the Winter/Summer Shutter feature benefit the MS 250’s performance?
    The Winter/Summer Shutter allows the carburetor to operate at an optimum temperature throughout the year. It prevents carburetor icing in colder temperatures below 50°F (10°C), ensuring reliable performance in various climatic conditions.
  3. Is the STIHL MS 250’s maintenance user-friendly for someone with minimal chainsaw experience?
    Yes, the MS 250 is designed with user-friendly maintenance in mind. Features like the side chain tensioner, quick-release caps for oil and fuel tanks, and easily accessible air filters make routine maintenance straightforward, even for those with minimal chainsaw experience.
  4. Can I use different bar lengths with the MS 250?
    While the recommended guide bar length for the MS 250 is 18 inches, users have successfully used it with bar lengths ranging from 14 to 20 inches, depending on their specific needs and handling comfort.
  5. What safety features does the STIHL MS 250 have?
    The STIHL MS 250 includes several safety features such as a chain brake that can be engaged with a single hand movement, a master control lever for operating the machine, and a trigger lockout to prevent accidental starts.
  6. How does the fully automatic, speed-controlled oil pump benefit the chainsaw’s operation?
    The fully automatic, speed-controlled oil pump ensures the bar and chain receive optimal lubrication only when the chain is spinning. This not only enhances the chainsaw’s performance but also conserves oil and reduces unnecessary spillage.
  7. Is it normal for the STIHL MS 250 not to come in a box, and why is that?
    Yes, it’s normal. The STIHL MS 250 typically undergoes a pre-delivery inspection (PDR) where it’s tested and set up for immediate use. This hands-on approach ensures the chainsaw is ready to run as soon as you walk out the door, and you receive a basic overview of its operation from the retailer.

Join the discussion below by sharing your experiences, tips, or reviews. Your contributions help others make informed decisions and navigate their chainsaw choices with confidence. Let’s build a community of shared knowledge for all wood-cutting enthusiasts!

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David Murray
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I'm David Murry, a forestry equipment specialist with a focus on chainsaw operation. With over 13 years of experience, I've honed my skills in operating and maintaining a wide range of machinery, from chainsaws to log splitters. My passion for the outdoors and commitment to sustainable forestry drive my work, which emphasizes safety, efficiency, and staying updated with industry advancements. Additionally, I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise and promoting environmental awareness within the forestry community.


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