STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw Review


The STIHL MS 462 represents a significant step forward in chainsaw technology, combining power, efficiency, and user-friendly features into a robust package tailored for professional use.

STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw sitting on the logs

Made in Germany and designed to replace older models like the MS 441 and MS 461, the MS 462 is a top contender in the 70cc class and directly competes with the Husqvarna 572 XP.

Specifications of STIHL MS 462

  • Power Source: Gas
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs.
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 11.5 oz.
  • Engine Power: 5.9 bhp
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.3 oz.
  • Displacement: 72.2 cc
  • Oil Capacity: 11.5 oz.

Design and Features

The MS 462 boasts a 72.2 cc engine that delivers a substantial 5.9 brake horsepower (bhp), ensuring that it packs enough punch for even the most challenging cuts. Its power-to-weight ratio is impressive, weighing in at just 13.2 lbs, which makes it the lightest in its class yet power-packed to handle intense cutting tasks. It comes equipped with a 20-inch ES Light bar which enhances its balance, making it easier to manage during extended use.

STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw sitting on the box and logs beside it

One of the standout features of the MS 462 is its advanced engineering, including:

  • Winter/Summer Shutter: This feature allows the carburetor to adjust its temperature for optimal performance year-round, preventing carburetor icing in colder weather.
  • Decompression Valve: This reduces the compression in the cylinder during startup, making the chainsaw easier to start with less effort.
  • STIHL ElastoStart™: A built-in shock absorber in the starter handle that eases the effort required when pulling the start cord.
  • Pre-Separation Air Filtration System: This extends the life of the engine’s air filter, doubling the time between cleanings by ejecting larger dirt particles before they reach the filter.


In practical tests, the MS 462 demonstrates exceptional responsiveness and speed. It handles like a dream with its lightweight design, feeling similar to much smaller saws but with the robust performance expected from a larger chainsaw. The saw is incredibly quick to accelerate and works efficiently with the included 20-inch light bar. When equipped with a 24-inch bar, it still performs admirably, though the balance is slightly affected, making the 20-inch bar a better option for most tasks.

STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw cutting big log

The MS 462 is designed with practicality in mind:

  • Heated Handles: This feature is incredibly beneficial for working in cold environments, keeping your hands warm for comfortable operation.
  • Toolless Fuel and Oil Caps: These caps are designed for easy removal and securing without needing additional tools.
  • Anti-Vibration System: This system minimizes the vibration of the chainsaw, reducing operator fatigue and making the chainsaw more comfortable to use over long periods.


STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw cutting chord of firewood

While the MS 462 is a powerhouse, it is not without its limitations. It is specifically designed for professional use, which means it’s overqualified for casual or infrequent use. The chainsaw uses fuel quickly, which could be a consideration for those looking to use it extensively throughout the day.

Price and Value

At a recommended price of 1500 euros, the MS 462 is an investment. It’s aimed at professionals who need a reliable, high-performance tool for serious chainsaw work. For those who require a chainsaw that can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease and precision, the MS 462 offers excellent value.

Comparative Analysis: STIHL MS 462 vs. Husqvarna 572 XP

When comparing two leading chainsaws in the professional category, the STIHL MS 462 and Husqvarna 572 XP, several factors such as engine power, handling, user experience, and additional features stand out. Here’s a simplified comparison to help you assess which chainsaw might be the right fit for your needs.

Engine Power (cc)72.2 cc70.6 cc
Horsepower (bhp)5.9 bhp5.8 bhp
Weight13.2 lbs14.5 lbs
Bar LengthTypically used with 20″ or 24″ barCommonly used with 20″ or 24″ bar
HandlingLightest in class, excellent balanceSlightly heavier, stable
TechnologyPre-separation air filtration, ElastoStart™, Anti-vibration, Winter/Summer shutterAir Injection™ system, Autotune, Anti-vibration, Ergonomic design
Ease of StartDecompression valve, manual & automaticAutotune for easier starts
User ComfortHeated handles, reduced vibrationErgonomic handle, vibration reduction
MaintenanceToolless fuel and oil caps, durable non-electronic carburetorToolless chain tensioner, durable build
Environmental ImpactReduced-emission engine technologyLow exhaust emissions


Both chainsaws are designed to offer high performance and durability, catering to professional users who require reliable and efficient tools for demanding tasks.

  • STIHL MS 462: Stands out for its lightweight design, making it easier to handle, especially for extended periods. It’s ideal for users who appreciate a simple, non-electronic approach to maintenance while still benefiting from modern technological advancements like the pre-separation air filtration system and ElastoStart™ for easier starts.
  • Husqvarna 572 XP: Offers a slightly more powerful engine with advanced technology like the Air Injection™ system and Autotune, which optimizes engine settings automatically. It’s slightly heavier, which can translate to greater stability during use. The ergonomic design and anti-vibration technology make it suitable for users looking for comfort and reduced fatigue.

Choosing between these two models will depend on specific preferences for weight, technological features, and price. Both models are robust and designed for professional use, ensuring that regardless of choice, the user will have a capable and durable tool for forestry work.

Maintenance Advice for the STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your STIHL MS 462 chainsaw. Here are some detailed maintenance tips that can help you keep your chainsaw in top condition:

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

  • Air Filter: Clean the air filter regularly to prevent dirt from entering the engine and causing damage. After every few uses, remove the filter and tap it gently to remove dust. If it’s very dirty, wash it in soapy water, rinse, and allow it to dry completely before reinserting.
  • Spark Plug: Check the spark plug every few months for wear and carbon build-up. Replace it if necessary to ensure your chainsaw starts easily and runs smoothly.
  • Cooling System: Keep the cooling fins on the engine clear of debris to prevent overheating. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove sawdust and dirt.

Chain and Bar Maintenance

  • Chain Tension: Check the chain tension before each use. A properly tensioned chain should snugly fit on the guide bar but still be able to be pulled around by hand. Adjust the tension whenever the chain becomes loose.
  • Chain Sharpness: Regularly check the sharpness of your chainsaw chain. A dull chain makes cutting inefficient and increases the risk of kickback. Sharpen the chain regularly, or replace it if the cutters are worn out.
  • Bar Care: Rotate the guide bar regularly to ensure even wear. Clean the bar groove and oil holes to ensure proper lubrication. Check for signs of wear or damage and replace the bar if it’s bent, cracked, or heavily worn.


  • Chain Oil: Always ensure that your chainsaw has adequate chain oil. The oil lubricates the chain and bar during cutting, reducing friction and preventing damage. Use STIHL chain oil for the best performance.
  • High Output Adjustable Oiler: Make use of the chainsaw’s adjustable oiler, especially when using longer guide bars or in dry/dusty conditions. Adjust the oiler to increase oil flow to ensure the chain is adequately lubricated.

Storage Tips

  • Long-Term Storage: If you plan to store the chainsaw for an extended period, empty the fuel tank in a well-ventilated area and run the engine until it stops. This prevents issues related to stale fuel. Also, lightly oil the chain and guide bar to prevent rust.
  • Safe Storage: Store the chainsaw in a dry, secure place out of reach of children. Cover the chain and bar with a protective cover to prevent accidents and protect the chain from environmental damage.


  • Regular Service Checks: Have your chainsaw serviced regularly by a professional. Annual servicing is recommended to check engine health, carburetor settings, and other vital components like the ignition system.

Following these maintenance tips will help ensure that your STIHL MS 462 chainsaw remains reliable and performs at its best, providing you with many years of efficient and safe wood cutting.


The STIHL MS 462 is an impressive addition to any professional’s toolkit. Its combination of power, lightweight design, and advanced features like the heated handles and anti-vibration system make it a top contender in the market. While it does come with a higher price tag, the performance and durability justify the investment for those who need a high-performance chainsaw for frequent, demanding use. Whether you’re felling trees or managing large-scale landscaping, the MS 462 is designed to deliver superior results with less effort.


  1. What type of engine does the STIHL MS 462 have?
    The STIHL MS 462 features a 72.2 cc engine with a power output of 5.9 brake horsepower (bhp).
  2. What are the fuel and oil capacities for the MS 462?
    The MS 462 has a fuel capacity of 24.3 ounces and an oil capacity of 11.5 ounces.
  3. Does the STIHL MS 462 come with a warranty?
    Yes, the MS 462 typically comes with a warranty, but the terms and length can vary by dealer and country.
  4. What is the weight of the STIHL MS 462 chainsaw?
    The MS 462 weighs approximately 13.2 pounds.
  5. What unique features does the MS 462 offer for professional use?
    The MS 462 includes features such as a decompression valve, STIHL ElastoStart™ for easier starting, an anti-vibration system, and a pre-separation air filtration system which extends the cleaning cycle of the air filter.
  6. How does the Winter/Summer Shutter work on the MS 462?
    The Winter/Summer Shutter allows the carburetor to operate at an optimal temperature year-round, helping to prevent carburetor icing during colder months.
  7. What are the guide bar options available for the MS 462?
    The MS 462 is compatible with various guide bar lengths, but commonly it is equipped with a 20-inch light bar. Compatibility with other sizes like a 24-inch bar may vary based on the task.
  8. Can the oil output be adjusted on the MS 462?
    Yes, the MS 462 features a high output adjustable oiler to accommodate different cutting conditions and bar lengths.
  9. What is the STIHL Quickstop feature?
    The STIHL Quickstop® is a chain brake designed to stop the chain in certain kickback situations either by the operator’s hand or by inertia.
  10. Is the MS 462 suitable for all types of tree cutting and felling?
    While the MS 462 is powerful and versatile, its suitability for different types of tree cutting depends on the specific task and tree size. It’s excellent for professional forestry work but may be overqualified for casual use.

We hope you found this review of the STIHL MS 462 chainsaw informative and helpful. If you have any experiences with this chainsaw or have additional questions, we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below to help others make informed decisions. Your feedback is invaluable. Happy cutting!

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Was expeiencing same issue of gas boiling. Switch to a higher Octane gas and additional added octane booster. Instant 100%improvement. Regional represenative suggested more higher octane the better without getting into racing fuel.

Daniel Adams
Sterling Jones
May 11, 2023 11:59 pm

I have a 372 xp and a 390 xp for 15 years, I cut 10 cord's of firewood a year and both have run flawless, my friends with Stihl nothing but problems

Daniel Adams
John bowcock
May 8, 2023 5:08 pm

Have a terrible time getting them starting after they're warmed up in hot weather. Gas is boiling in the tank. Called several dealers and cannot get a solution to the problem

Daniel Adams
Randy Bassett
May 7, 2023 12:23 pm

I wouldn't go more then a 28

Daniel Adams
May 5, 2023 10:33 am

Picked up a new husky 562xp w/24" bar with auto-tune last year before prices rose and its been a workhorse and pleasure to operate. No problems what so ever. Time will tell but so far she's been a dream saw.

Daniel Adams
April 28, 2023 7:21 pm

I own a Stihl MS251c and it makes my blood boil. It has been nothing but problems since day one. Everyone told me to buy a Stihl and it's trash.

Daniel Adams
April 26, 2023 12:01 pm

What size bar c as n it take

Daniel Adams
April 25, 2023 6:48 pm

It's a versatile tool that can handle guide bars from 16 to 32 inches long. It really depends on what you're planning to use it for, though. For smaller jobs, a 16-20 inch bar should do the trick, but if you're tackling bigger trees or cutting up firewood, you might want to go for something between 25 and 32 inches. Just make sure to pick the right size for your needs, so you can get the most out of your chainsaw while staying safe!

Kristin Watsons
John Carlos
April 26, 2023 12:21 am

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