DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Review


If you’re in the market for a powerhouse cleaning solution that can tackle any kind of mess, the DeWalt DXV08S 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum could be your go-to tool. Known for its strong suction and versatile capabilities, this vacuum can handle everything from industrial debris to simple home clean-ups, making it a standout choice for both personal and professional use.

Specifications of DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • Model: DXV08S
  • Type: Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Capacity: 8 Gallons
  • Motor Power: 4 Horsepower
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Hose Length: 7 Feet
  • Power Cord Length: 10 Feet
  • Total Reach: Over 17 Feet
  • Filter Type: Cartridge

Versatility and Power

The DeWalt DXV08S isn’t just any vacuum—it’s a powerhouse with the ability to suck and blow, handling substantial loads with ease. Equipped with a robust 4 horsepower motor, this vacuum delivers strong performance, making it perfect for tackling everything from waterlogged basements to construction debris.

DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum standing in a garage, showcasing its flexible hose and robust design.

It has dual-function capability, allowing you to effortlessly switch between vacuuming and blowing—ideal for quick yard clean-ups or clearing leaves and grass clippings. This versatility ensures that no matter the mess, the DeWalt DXV08S is up to the task.

Design and Usability

The DeWalt vacuum stands out with its robust 8-gallon stainless steel tank, designed to endure the rigors of both indoor and outdoor use. It’s set on four swiveling casters, facilitating easy movement over diverse terrains, whether you’re navigating a busy job site or maneuvering around your backyard.

Close-up of the DeWalt vacuum highlighting the hose attachment and control settings.

This model offers an impressive reach, combining a 10-foot power cord with a 7-foot hose to provide over 17 feet of cleaning range. However, the length of the hose might require the use of an extension cord for maximum flexibility in more expansive areas.

Accessories and Cleaning Range

DeWalt doesn’t skimp on accessories; this model includes a 1-7/8″ x 7′ flexible hose, two extension wands, a cartridge filter, a disposable dust bag, and various nozzles including a floor nozzle, a utility nozzle, and a crevice nozzle, all neatly packed in an accessory bag.

DeWalt vacuum with floor nozzle attachment, demonstrating use on a garage floor.

These tools equip the vacuum to tackle different cleaning scenarios, making it versatile enough to adapt from narrow crevices to wide open spaces. Whether you’re cleaning upholstery or sweeping garage floors, this vacuum has the necessary accessories to handle your specific cleaning needs efficiently.

Practical Features

The DeWalt vacuum is equipped with a rear blowing port that enhances its utility, making it perfect for quickly dispersing leaves and debris in outdoor environments.

Various accessories for the DeWalt vacuum, including nozzles and extension wands, displayed beside the unit.

Additionally, it features a built-in oversized drain that greatly eases the task of emptying liquids. This feature proves invaluable when tackling large spills or managing water collection, ensuring a quick and efficient cleanup process.

Performance on the Job

In practice, the DXV08S impresses with its suction power—enough to warrant securing loose rugs! It handles large and small debris with equal finesse, and the transition between dry and wet materials is seamless, thanks to its design. The cleaning process is not only about power but also about convenience, as evidenced by its easy-to-empty system for both liquids and solids.

Pros of the DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • This DeWalt vacuum packs a serious punch with a 4 horsepower motor. It easily handles all the tough messes I throw at it, from sawdust in my workshop to spilled liquids in the garage.
  • What I love about this model is that it’s not just a vacuum—it blows too! It’s incredibly handy for clearing out leaves or drying out a wet porch.
  • It comes with all sorts of attachments—extension wands, nozzles, you name it. This makes it super versatile, whether I’m reaching into tight spots or cleaning broad surfaces.
  • The 8-gallon tank means less emptying and more cleaning. It’s a real time-saver during bigger cleanup jobs.
  • Despite its size, this vacuum is pretty easy to move around. The swiveling casters and long reach mean I can cover a lot of ground without having to lug it by hand.

Cons of the DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • Sometimes, the 16 feet of hose and cord just aren’t enough, especially when I’m working in a large area far from an outlet. I’ve had to use an extension cord more than once.
  • The large tank is great for capacity but can be a bit much to handle when I’m working in tighter spaces or need to store it away.
  • Without a cordless option, I need to plan my cleaning around outlet locations, which isn’t always convenient.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Your DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Proper maintenance and care are crucial for extending the life of your DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum and ensuring it continues to perform at its best. Here are some essential tips to keep your vacuum in top condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning: After each use, empty the tank to prevent debris from sitting and potentially clogging or damaging the vacuum. For dry debris, use disposable dust bags to make cleanup easier and more hygienic. For wet messes, rinse out the tank with water and let it dry completely to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  2. Filter Maintenance: Regularly check the cartridge filter, which is crucial for protecting the vacuum’s motor from dust and debris. Tap out the filter gently to remove dust or replace it entirely when it shows signs of wear or decreased performance. This is especially important if you frequently vacuum fine particles that can clog the filter quickly.
  3. Hose Care: Inspect the hose periodically for any punctures or cracks, especially if the vacuum is used in rough environments. A damaged hose can significantly reduce your vacuum’s suction power. If damage is found, replace the hose to maintain optimal performance.
  4. Check and Clean the Wheels and Casters: The swiveling casters should move freely to ensure easy maneuverability. Remove any tangled hair or debris that may have accumulated around the wheels to prevent mobility issues.
  5. Storage: Store your vacuum in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures which can damage the motor and plastic components. Ensure the power cord is loosely coiled without sharp bends to prevent stressing the cable.
  6. Regular Checks for Wear: Inspect the power cord for fraying or damage, especially if you frequently use extension cords. Also, ensure that all connections and fittings are tight and secure before each use to avoid any loose parts during operation.

Final Thoughts

Priced at $149.99, the DeWalt DXV08S 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum stands out for its robust construction, versatile cleaning capabilities, and powerful performance. It’s a significant investment for those who need a reliable cleaning tool that goes beyond ordinary household tasks. The vacuum earns a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars, with the only caveat being the need for additional hose length to achieve perfection. For anyone who values efficiency and power in their cleaning tools, this DeWalt vacuum is an excellent choice that promises to make quick work of any mess, large or small.


  1. How do I assemble the DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum?
    Assembly is straightforward: Attach the flexible hose to the suction inlet or blower port, depending on your need. Connect the extension wands and choose the appropriate nozzle for your cleaning task, then plug it in and switch it on.
  2. What should I do if the vacuum loses suction?
    Check for clogs in the hose, wands, or nozzles. Ensure the dust bag and filter are properly installed and not full. If the problem persists, inspect the tank for debris that might be obstructing the airflow.
  3. How often should I replace the filter?
    Replace the cartridge filter whenever it appears worn or damaged. For regular users, checking the filter monthly and replacing it every 3-6 months is recommended, depending on usage intensity.
  4. Can the DeWalt vacuum pick up water?
    Yes, it’s designed for both wet and dry conditions. Ensure you remove the dust bag before tackling liquid messes, and use the wet filter.
  5. Is there a way to prevent the hose from detaching during use?
    Make sure the hose is firmly attached to the vacuum port. If it detaches frequently, check if the locking mechanism is intact or if there’s a need for a replacement hose.
  6. What are the best practices for maintaining the vacuum?
    Regularly empty the tank, especially after picking up liquids. Clean or replace filters as needed, and store the vacuum in a dry, indoor environment to prevent damage to electronic components.
  7. Can I use the DeWalt vacuum without a bag?
    Yes, for larger debris and wet messes, you can operate the vacuum without a bag. However, for finer particles like dust, using a bag is recommended to prevent clogging the filter.
  8. Where can I find replacement parts?
    Replacement parts such as filters, hoses, and nozzles can be purchased from DeWalt’s official website or authorized retailers.
  9. How do I clean the vacuum’s interior?
    Disconnect the vacuum from power, remove the tank, and rinse it with water. Avoid using detergents or soaps that can leave residues and odors. Let the tank dry completely before reassembling.
  10. What should I do if the vacuum’s motor overheats?
    If the vacuum’s motor overheats, turn it off immediately and unplug it. Allow it to cool down before checking for any blockages in the filter or hose that might have caused the overheating. Ensure adequate airflow around the motor during operation.

Did this review help you decide on the DeWalt 8 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum? Maybe you’ve got some insider tips or experiences with this powerhouse of a vacuum that you’d love to share. Drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts and questions. Don’t forget to share this review with your friends and fellow DIY enthusiasts to help them make an informed choice, too! Your insights not only enrich our community but might just be the deciding factor for someone else. Happy cleaning!

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