Gardena Smart Irrigation Control Review


The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control is a smart watering system designed to make watering your garden or lawn easy and efficient. It allows you to control up to six valves individually and can be operated through a smartphone. In this review, we will explore its specifications, performance, build quality, ease of use, operation, and maintenance, and provide our recommendations based on its features.


Voltage24 V
Number of ValvesUp to six
Product Dimensions21 x 13.8 x 10.5 cm; 997.9 Grams
Item display height‎10.5 centimetres
Item display length‎21 centimetres
Item display width‎13.8 centimetres


Close up of Gardena Smart Irrigation Control

The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control works really well because it lets you decide when each part of your garden gets watered. This means that your plants get just the right amount of water when they need it, helping them to grow healthy and strong. You can set different schedules for each valve, so if some plants need more water and others need less, you can make sure they all get what they need. This smart system takes the guesswork out of watering, making it easier for you to keep your garden looking its best.

Moreover, by customizing the watering schedules for each valve, you can conserve water by avoiding overwatering or underwatering your plants. This not only helps you save water but also promotes a more sustainable approach to gardening. The ability to tailor the watering to the specific needs of different plants or areas in your garden contributes to the overall health and vitality of your green spaces. With the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control, you can have peace of mind knowing that your plants are being watered just right, promoting their growth and well-being.

Build Quality

GARDENA smart irrigation control unit mounted on a wooden wall beside a stone garden

The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system is constructed with durability in mind, making it suitable for outdoor use. Its robust design ensures that it can withstand various weather conditions, providing longevity and reliability. The high-quality components used in this system contribute to its sturdiness, assuring users of a long-lasting and dependable solution for their watering needs.

This well-built system is engineered to endure the rigors of outdoor environments, offering users peace of mind regarding its performance and longevity. The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system boasts a solid build that guarantees resilience against the elements. Its construction emphasizes quality, ensuring that users can rely on its performance over an extended period.

With a focus on durability and reliability, this system is designed to maintain its functionality even when exposed to outdoor challenges. The attention to detail in its design and materials used underscores the system’s ability to provide consistent and efficient watering control, making it a dependable choice for users seeking a long-lasting solution for their irrigation needs.

Ease of Use

Close-up of a wall-mounted GARDENA smart irrigation control device with indicator lights on, set against a wooden slat background

The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system is designed for simplicity, making it easy for users to set up and operate. With clear instructions and intuitive features, getting started with this system is a hassle-free process. The smartphone app that comes with the system offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily schedule and monitor their watering activities.

This streamlined approach to control and monitoring enhances the overall user experience, ensuring that managing irrigation tasks is convenient and straightforward. Users will appreciate the straightforward nature of the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system, which simplifies the process of setting up and using the system.

The user-friendly smartphone app serves as a convenient tool for scheduling and monitoring watering activities, offering a seamless experience for users. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-understand controls, this system ensures that users can efficiently manage their irrigation needs without any unnecessary complications.

The emphasis on ease of use enhances user satisfaction and makes the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control a practical choice for those seeking a straightforward solution for their watering control requirements.

Operation and Maintenance

Image of Gardena Smart Irrigation Control Review

Using the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system is a breeze, with a straightforward operation that requires minimal effort. The system’s user-friendly interface ensures that controlling and monitoring watering activities is simple and hassle-free. When it comes to maintenance, the system’s design minimizes the need for regular upkeep, reducing the time and effort required to keep it running smoothly.

The accompanying app plays a crucial role in maintenance by providing valuable insights into the system’s performance, enabling users to quickly identify and address any maintenance needs that may arise. Maintaining the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system is a straightforward task, thanks to its efficient design and minimal maintenance requirements. Operating the system is hassle-free, allowing users to manage their watering activities with ease.

The app’s functionality extends to maintenance, offering users valuable information on the system’s performance. By leveraging these insights, users can proactively address any maintenance issues, ensuring that the system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. This emphasis on operational simplicity and maintenance convenience enhances the overall user experience, making the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system a practical and user-friendly choice for managing irrigation needs.

Things I Liked about Gardena Smart Irrigation Control

  • Customized Watering: I really liked that I could control each valve separately. This meant I could give different areas of my garden the right amount of water they needed, which was super helpful.
  • Handy App: The smartphone app made it so easy to manage everything from my phone. I could check and adjust the watering schedules without having to go outside, which was really convenient.
  • Strong and Reliable: The system felt really sturdy, and I could tell it was built to last. Knowing that it was durable gave me peace of mind that it would keep working well for a long time.

Things I Don’t Like about Gardena Smart Irrigation Control

  • The setup process may be slightly time-consuming for some users: While the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control offers convenience, some users may find the initial setup process to be a bit time-consuming. It’s important to allocate sufficient time for the setup to ensure a smooth installation experience.
  • Expensive: Compared to traditional irrigation controls, the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control system may come with a higher price tag. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of smart features and remote control against the cost to determine if the investment aligns with your watering needs and budget.

Comparative Analysis: Gardena Smart Irrigation Control Vs. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

FeatureGardena Smart Irrigation Control
Gardena Smart Irrigation Control
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
ConnectivityWi-Fi connectivity for app control and weather adaptationEnhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with extended range and reliability
Smart Home IntegrationCompatible with Gardena Smart System app for comprehensive garden managementWorks with Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home platforms for integrated voice control
InstallationDIY-friendly with clear instructions for straightforward setupDIY-friendly with an intuitive app for easy setup and management
Noise LevelSilent operation, typical for digital irrigation controllersSilent operation as it’s a digital, non-mechanical device
Safety FeaturesWeather adaptation features to adjust watering based on real-time data, avoiding unnecessary wateringEquipped with Rain, Freeze, and Wind Skip features to prevent unnecessary watering
MaintenanceMinimal; primarily involves routine checks for debris in valves and ensuring stable Wi-Fi connectionMinimal; mostly involves ensuring the Wi-Fi connection is stable and the app is updated
Power SourceElectric, designed for efficient operation with smart scheduling to conserve waterElectric, low power consumption due to smart scheduling
CostVaries based on components needed; generally positioned as a premium product for its advanced featuresSlightly higher due to advanced features and better connectivity
User-FriendlyHighly user-friendly with a dedicated app for easy control and customizationHighly user-friendly with an advanced app featuring detailed controls and customizations
Battery BackupNot standard; may require additional solutions for backup during power outagesOptional accessory for maintaining schedules during power outages
WarrantyStandard warranty, specific terms can vary by regionStandard warranty, with extended options available through registration
Installation KitEverything needed for installation is typically included, with support available for complex setupsEverything needed for installation is included, with detailed instructions via the app
Remote ControlControlled remotely via the Gardena Smart System app on smartphones or tabletsControlled remotely via the app on smartphones or tablets


Both the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control and the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller offer advanced solutions for efficient and intelligent lawn care. The Gardena system integrates well within its own ecosystem, offering robust weather adaptation and user-friendly app control. It’s well-suited for those invested in the Gardena Smart System or those looking for a system that can handle multiple watering zones with ease.

The Rachio 3, on the other hand, excels in smart home integration and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, making it ideal for tech-savvy users who prioritize extensive control and customization options. Its advanced app functionalities and broader smart home compatibility offer a high degree of convenience and efficiency.

Choosing between the two would depend on specific garden needs, the importance of smart home integration, and budget considerations.

Troubleshooting Guide for the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control

1. Connectivity Issues

  • Problem: The system won’t connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Solution: Ensure your router is online and functioning correctly. Check if other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi. Move the Gardena control unit closer to the router to improve signal strength or consider using a Wi-Fi extender.

2. App Not Syncing

  • Problem: Changes in the app are not reflected in the system.
  • Solution: Ensure your smartphone and the Gardena control unit are connected to the internet. Try logging out of the app and logging back in. If the problem persists, restart your smartphone and the Gardena control unit.

3. Valve Not Opening

  • Problem: One or more valves do not open, preventing water flow.
  • Solution: Check for physical obstructions in the valve or filter. Ensure the valve is correctly installed and securely connected to the control unit. Inspect the wiring for any damage or loose connections.

4. Valve Not Closing

  • Problem: A valve remains open, causing continuous water flow.
  • Solution: Manually activate the valve from the control unit to see if it closes. If it doesn’t, inspect the valve for debris or damage. It may need cleaning or replacing.

5. Inconsistent Watering

  • Problem: Some zones are overwatered or underwatered.
  • Solution: Review your watering schedules in the app to ensure they are set up correctly for each zone. Adjust the watering times based on the specific needs of the plants in each zone. Check for leaks or blockages in the irrigation lines.

6. System Not Following Schedule

  • Problem: The irrigation system is not adhering to the programmed schedule.
  • Solution: Check if the system’s clock is set to the correct time and time zone. Ensure there are no conflicting schedules. Review the app for any firmware updates for the control unit.

7. Weather Adaptation Not Functioning

  • Problem: The system does not adjust watering based on weather conditions.
  • Solution: Ensure the weather adaptation feature is enabled in the app. The system needs a stable internet connection to receive weather updates. Check if the location settings are accurate to receive the correct weather data.

8. Low Water Pressure

  • Problem: Water pressure in the irrigation system is lower than expected.
  • Solution: Check if the water source (e.g., faucet, main water line) is fully open. Inspect the irrigation lines for leaks, kinks, or blockages. Ensure the system’s water filter is clean and clear of debris.

9. Battery Issues in Sensor Units

  • Problem: Wireless sensor units (if applicable) are not functioning correctly.
  • Solution: Check the battery levels in the sensor units and replace them if necessary. Ensure the sensor units are within the communication range of the control unit.

10. Manual Operation Not Working

  • Problem: Unable to manually control the valves through the control unit.
  • Solution: Check if the control unit is in manual mode. Inspect the control unit for any signs of damage or malfunction. If manual operation is still not possible, the unit may need a reset or professional inspection.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

The Gardena Smart Irrigation Control stands out as a highly efficient and user-friendly system for garden and lawn irrigation. Its ability to control up to six valves individually, coupled with smartphone operation, provides unparalleled convenience and precision in watering schedules. This system is especially suitable for those looking to optimize their water usage, catering to the specific needs of different garden areas, thereby promoting healthier plant growth and conservation of water.

While the initial setup and cost might be considerations for some, the long-term benefits of ease of use, robust build quality, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your garden is being well cared for, make it a worthwhile investment. For anyone seeking to integrate smart technology into their garden maintenance, the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control is a top contender that promises to deliver both performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control manage more than one garden area?
    Yes, the system can control up to six valves individually, allowing you to set up different watering schedules for different areas of your garden.
  2. Is the system compatible with all types of smartphones?
    The system is compatible with most modern iOS and Android smartphones through the Gardena Smart System app.
  3. How does the weather adaptation feature work?
    The system uses local weather data from the internet to adjust watering schedules automatically, ensuring efficient water use by avoiding unnecessary watering during rainy days or increasing water during hot periods.
  4. What should I do if a valve is not opening or closing properly?
    Check for any physical obstructions or debris in the valve. Ensure it is correctly installed and securely connected to the control unit. If the issue persists, the valve may need cleaning or replacement.
  5. Can I operate the system manually without using the smartphone app?
    Yes, the control unit allows for manual operation, enabling you to control the valves without the need for the app.
  6. How often do I need to maintain the system?
    The system requires minimal maintenance, primarily involving routine checks for debris in the valves and ensuring stable Wi-Fi connectivity.
  7. What happens to the watering schedules during a power or internet outage?
    The system retains its programmed schedules and will resume normal operation once power and internet connectivity are restored. However, real-time weather adjustments will not occur during the outage.
  8. Is the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control suitable for large gardens?
    Yes, with the ability to control up to six valves, the system can be adapted to suit large gardens by installing additional valves and dividing the garden into different irrigation zones.
  9. Can I integrate the system with other smart home devices?
    While the system is primarily designed to work within the Gardena Smart System ecosystem, it offers limited integration capabilities with other smart home platforms.
  10. What is the warranty period for the Gardena Smart Irrigation Control?
    The warranty period can vary by region, but typically Gardena offers a standard warranty for their products. It’s advisable to check the specific terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

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