Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap (587160704) Review


You know, over the past ten years, I’ve spent countless hours out in the woods, with nothing but the hum of my chainsaw for company. Let me tell you – it’s a thrilling, yet challenging experience. But there’s one thing I quickly learned – you always, always have to put safety first.

So, you might be asking, how do you do that? That’s where the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap steps in. Imagine it like a trusted buddy who’s always got your back (or, in this case, your legs!). It’s this little safety warrior that has repeatedly shielded me from potential hazards while I’ve been out there, dancing with my chainsaw.

But here’s the deal – it’s not just about me. This apron chap doesn’t play favorites. It’s going to be just as loyal to you as it has been to me. And there’s a good reason why it outshines its competitors in the market. But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty shortly. Buckle up, my friend, as we embark on this journey of discovery together!

Key Features

First and foremost, the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap is a marvel when it comes to durability. The outer shell is made of 1000 denier polyester with a PVC coating. Think of it as the sturdy shell of a tortoise – tough on the outside, keeping everything protected inside.

The key element that acts as the life-saving hero here is the TEK WARP protective layers integrated into the chap. The moment they sense a chainsaw coming in contact, they trigger to halt the chainsaw’s movement, significantly reducing the chance of any nasty incidents.

But here’s where it gets even cooler. This chap isn’t content with just a few safety measures. It takes things a step further with five whole layers of KEVLAR® protective material. Now, most other chaps in the market stop at three or maybe four layers. But not this one. It’s like your overly protective friend who insists on an extra layer of sunscreen, even when you think you’ve applied enough. Only in this case, that extra layer might just save you from serious injury.

So, my friend, that’s the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap for you – sturdy, reliable, and always looking out for you, just like a true buddy should.

Performance & Comfort

Performance-wise, the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap is nothing short of brilliant. I’ve used it in numerous situations, from felling gigantic trees to doing some simple yard work at home. And every time, it has come through like a champ, taking everything in stride.

Now, let’s address a significant concern – comfort. Because let’s face it, safety gear that’s a pain to wear isn’t going to do us any good. Thankfully, that’s not something you need to worry about with this chainsaw chap.

It’s designed to fit waist sizes ranging from 30 to 42 inches. This means whether you’re lean and mean, or carry a bit of a “dad bod” like me, this chap will fit you snugly. And that’s not all. The length is adjustable too, so whether you’re towering over everyone or a bit on the shorter side, it’s got you covered.

But what I absolutely love about this chainsaw chap are the acetyl Delran buckles. They provide secure and easy fastening, so you don’t have to fumble around when you’re in a hurry. These thoughtful design choices make it incredibly user-friendly, going beyond what the manufacturer claims.

So, in a nutshell, the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap doesn’t just talk the talk, but it also walks the walk. It promises superior performance and delivers it while ensuring you’re comfortable throughout. That’s what I call a win-win!

Evolution & Improvements

The Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap has come a long way from previous models. It now features an upgraded apron-style design, unlike the traditional wrap-around models. This allows users to quickly don the chap, saving crucial preparation time. Also, the additional protective layers are an improvement that addresses user feedback for better safety.

Pros & Cons

Starting with the pros:

  1. Superior Build Quality: Remember how I compared it to a tortoiseshell? That wasn’t an exaggeration. The 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating ensures it stands the test of time.
  2. Unmatched Safety: The five layers of KEVLAR® and TEK WARP protective layers are a force to reckon with. They stop a chainsaw in its tracks, keeping you safe.
  3. Adjustable and Comfortable: It’s adjustable to fit different waist sizes and lengths, and it’s comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

But as with all things in life, there are some downsides:

  1. Price: The Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap can be a bit heavy on the pocket compared to its counterparts. But, remember that with its extra layers of protection and superior build, it’s an investment in your safety.
  2. Weight: Due to its high-quality materials and additional protective layers, it’s a bit heavier than some other chaps. But once you’ve worn it a couple of times, you’ll get used to it, trust me.

Use Cases & Recommendations

Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner looking to do some backyard maintenance, this chainsaw chap is perfect for you. It has saved me from potential injuries multiple times, serving as a reliable protective gear during felling operations, bucking logs, and even general chainsaw maintenance tasks.

If you’re looking for a budget option, you might consider the Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps which has a lower price tag. However, if safety is your top priority, I would definitely recommend the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap as the best overall.


From my personal experience and countless hours spent in the woods, I can vouch for the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap. It’s not just a piece of safety equipment, but a reliable companion that’s always got your back (and your front!). Its top-notch protection features, durability, and comfort make it stand out in the crowd.

The price might be a bit higher than other chaps, but think of it this way – it’s an investment towards your safety. And, in the long run, it’s worth every penny. Just like a loyal friend, it’s always there, offering an extra layer of protection, giving you peace of mind.

So, my friend, if you’re out there regularly with a chainsaw in hand, whether for professional or personal use, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chainsaw Chap. It’s tried, tested, and truly remarkable at keeping you safe. After all, isn’t that what a good friend is for?

Remember to always prioritize safety over cost. After all, you can’t put a price on life.

David Murray
David Murray
Forestry Author

I'm David Murry, a forestry equipment specialist with a focus on chainsaw operation. With over 13 years of experience, I've honed my skills in operating and maintaining a wide range of machinery, from chainsaws to log splitters. My passion for the outdoors and commitment to sustainable forestry drive my work, which emphasizes safety, efficiency, and staying updated with industry advancements. Additionally, I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise and promoting environmental awareness within the forestry community.


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