STIHL Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps Review (0000 886 3202)

STIHL 0000 886 3202

There’s nothing like the thrill of firing up a chainsaw and tackling a demanding woodworking project. But, as someone who has spent years around these powerful tools, I know that safety is paramount. That’s where the STIHL 0000 886 3202 Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps come in. Here’s my take on these indispensable safety apparel from my firsthand experience.

Real-life Experience

From my personal archive of experiences, there’s one that always leaps to the forefront, illustrating the crucial role that the STIHL 0000 886 3202 Chainsaw Chaps play in my work.

I was dealing with a massive oak log, wielding my chainsaw with practiced precision. Suddenly, a slight misjudgment resulted in a heart-stopping moment as the chainsaw bar skidded off the log and bumped against my thigh. The moment was tense, my mind instantly flooding with ‘what-ifs’. But, thanks to the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps, the scenario didn’t devolve into the catastrophe it could have been.

The chaps’ layered cut-retardant material kicked into action immediately, stopping the chainsaw in its tracks. Instead of a severe, life-altering injury, I found myself nursing a minor bruise, a stark reminder of the incident and the unparalleled safety these chaps provided. The moment served to cement my trust in STIHL’s protective gear—it’s not just marketing promises; these chaps truly deliver on their safety claims.

Performance Metrics

One of the primary reasons why I rate the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps highly is their durability. They’ve been through countless projects and still maintain their protective capabilities. The chaps are designed to accommodate waist sizes from 30 to 42 inches, offering versatility to various users. Furthermore, they offer adequate coverage with a length of 36 inches.

Competition Comparison

Let’s talk about competition. In the world of protective gear, there are numerous brands vying for attention, each touting their unique selling points. But when you’ve been in this game as long as I have, you learn to distinguish genuine quality from marketing fluff. And that’s where STIHL Chainsaw Chaps excel.

The standout feature for me – the one that truly places these chaps in a league of their own – is their swift, dependable reaction when they come into contact with a running chainsaw. It’s not just about shielding; these chaps respond by effectively jamming the chainsaw, a critical element in preventing severe injury.

But it’s not just about safety features. Comfort and fit are equally important, especially when you’re working long hours. The STIHL Chainsaw Chaps shine in this aspect as well, offering an adjustable waist size – a feature that I’ve found surprisingly scarce in many other brands. This ensures not just a snug fit, but also added comfort and mobility, which can make a significant difference in productivity and ease of work. So when it comes to a side-by-side comparison, STIHL Chainsaw Chaps continue to top my list.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  1. Superior Protection: The STIHL Chainsaw Chaps offer unparalleled protection. Their layered cut-retardant material is designed to quickly halt a chainsaw upon contact, a feature that’s potentially lifesaving.
  2. Adjustable Fit: Fit matters more than you’d think. Uncomfortably tight or overly loose chaps can be a distraction at best and a safety risk at worst. STIHL gets it right with an adjustable waist belt, allowing for a customized fit that ensures comfort without sacrificing safety.


  1. Weight: Safety often comes with added weight, and these chaps are no exception. The STIHL Chainsaw Chaps, due to their robust construction, is a bit on the heavier side. While I personally find the trade-off between weight and protection worthwhile, some users might find them a tad weighty for long hours of work.

Overall, the benefits of the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps significantly outweigh the slight drawback. But like any piece of safety gear, the key is to find the balance that works best for you—considering your specific needs, working conditions, and personal comfort.

Product Evolution

Over the years, the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps have seen improvements in their design. The latest model boasts an oil and water-resistant outer shell, which was a missing feature in its predecessors. This shows STIHL’s commitment to continual improvement and user safety.

Key Design Choices

STIHL has incorporated multiple layers of cut-retardant material into the design of these chaps. These layers are designed to instantly stop the chainsaw upon contact, a feature that sets these chaps apart from many others on the market.

Price and Ideal Use Cases

In terms of pricing, the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps are competitive and offer excellent value for the protection they provide. They are ideally suited for both professional and casual woodworkers looking for superior safety.

Final Recommendation

In my opinion, the STIHL 0000 886 3202 Protective Apron Chainsaw Chaps are one of the best in the market for chainsaw safety. Their superior design, enhanced protection, and competitive pricing make them a worthy investment for anyone working with chainsaws.

As someone who’s witnessed their effectiveness firsthand, I cannot overstate the importance of investing in such high-quality protective gear. Safety should always come first, and the STIHL Chainsaw Chaps deliver just that.

David Murray
David Murray
Forestry Author

I'm David Murry, a forestry equipment specialist with a focus on chainsaw operation. With over 13 years of experience, I've honed my skills in operating and maintaining a wide range of machinery, from chainsaws to log splitters. My passion for the outdoors and commitment to sustainable forestry drive my work, which emphasizes safety, efficiency, and staying updated with industry advancements. Additionally, I'm dedicated to sharing my expertise and promoting environmental awareness within the forestry community.


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