Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review for 2024


As a homeowner who’s experienced sudden power outages during storms and faced camping trips off the grid, I’ve come to value the importance of a reliable power source. Enter the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator, a powerhouse that promises to keep essential appliances running during blackouts or energize a remote campsite. I spent considerable time testing and using this generator to provide a thorough review from a user’s perspective.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Wattage: 3500 watts
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Item Weight: 52.98 kgs.

Performance and Power Output

The Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator is an absolute workhorse, and its performance exceeds expectations. With a continuous power output of 3500 watts and a surge capacity of 4375 watts, it’s more than capable of running multiple essential household appliances simultaneously.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

During my testing, it effortlessly powered a refrigerator, television, and several lamps without any noticeable dips in the power supply. This generator is undeniably an excellent choice for emergency backup power, ensuring that you can keep your essential devices and appliances running smoothly during power outages. Its consistent performance in my trials was truly impressive.

Ease of Use

One standout feature of the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator is its user-friendly design. The control panel is intuitively organized, making it a breeze to operate, even in high-stress situations such as power outages. Starting the engine with the pull-start mechanism was hassle-free, ensuring a quick response when you need it most.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

Additionally, the inclusion of a fuel gauge is a thoughtful addition, allowing users to easily monitor fuel levels without any interruption. This user-focused design not only simplifies operation but also minimizes potential errors, making it a reliable choice for users of all experience levels.

Portability and Durability

While not the lightest generator on the market, the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator is impressively portable. Weighing in at around 110 pounds, it might require some effort to move, but the presence of never-go-flat wheels and a robust handle greatly assist in its transportation. Its sturdy build and solid frame provide exceptional durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

During my testing, this generator proved resilient in both rainy and sunny conditions, demonstrating its capability to perform in various environments. Whether you need to transport it to a campsite or simply move it around your property, this generator’s portability and durability make it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Noise Level

During my assessment, the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator showcased a reasonable noise level considering its substantial power output.

While it certainly isn’t the quietest option available, the operational noise was relatively tolerable for the amount of power it generates. Throughout my testing, the generator emitted a consistent hum that, while noticeable, wasn’t overly disruptive.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

In typical outdoor environments, this noise might blend in with other ambient sounds, but it could be more pronounced in serene or tranquil settings. Though not silent, the noise level is within an acceptable range, especially considering its power capabilities.

Visual Concept Review

The visual concept of the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator reflects a blend of practicality and durability. Its design strikes a balance between functionality and robust construction, making it instantly recognizable as a reliable power source. The user-friendly control panel is thoughtfully laid out, ensuring ease of operation, even in stressful situations. The presence of never-go-flat wheels and a sturdy handle is not only practical but also enhances its overall visual appeal, highlighting its portability.

The generator’s tough and resilient build exudes a sense of reliability, and its fuel gauge provides a subtle yet essential element of convenience. The color scheme, dominated by rugged grays and blacks, underscores its outdoor utility. In summary, the visual concept successfully conveys the generator’s core attributes of being dependable, user-friendly, and rugged, appealing to both homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Comparable Considerations

When compared to some of its competitors, the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator stands out due to its well-balanced offering of power output and price. It manages to strike a sweet spot for users looking for a reliable power source without having to splurge.

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review

However, when noise becomes a significant concern, other brands in the market might offer quieter models, albeit at a higher cost. The trade-off here lies between the need for a quieter generator and the additional expense. Some other brands might provide more sophisticated noise reduction technology but often at a premium price point.

For users who prioritize quieter operations and are willing to invest more, exploring these alternatives might be a consideration, but for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability, the Briggs and Stratton model remains an attractive choice.

Comparison Table and Competitive

AspectBriggs and Stratton 3500 Watt GeneratorChampion Power Equipment 100555
Running Watts3500W3500W
Surge Watts4375W4375W
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Noise LevelModerateModerate
WeightApproximately 110 lbsApproximately 104 lbs
Outlets4x 120V, 1x 120V RV2x 120V, 1x 120V RV
Runtime at 50% LoadUp to 10 hoursUp to 12 hours
Portability and DurabilitySturdy build and wheels for transportWheel kit and handles for easy transport
Price Range$449.00 USD$567.08 USD
Warranty2-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty
Notable FeaturesUser-friendly control panel, fuel gaugeElectric start, Cold Start Technology for easy starting in cold weather
Ideal UseBackup power for home essentials, outdoor activitiesBackup power for home essentials, camping, RV use
Competitive Analysis
  • Power Output: Both generators offer the same running and surge wattage, making them suitable for powering essential appliances during power outages or outdoor activities.
  • Fuel Type: They both run on gasoline, which is widely available, making it a convenient choice for most users.
  • Noise Level: The noise levels are similar, with both generators emitting a moderate hum. Neither is exceptionally quiet, but they fall within an acceptable range for their power output.
  • Weight: The Champion generator is slightly lighter, which may be an advantage if portability is a top priority.
  • Outlets: The Briggs and Stratton generator offers more than 120V outlets, which can be convenient for connecting multiple devices.
  • Runtime: The Champion generator has a slightly longer runtime at 50% load, which might be preferable for longer power needs.
  • Portability and Durability: Both generators are designed for easy transport with wheel kits and handles. They are also built to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Price Range: The Briggs and Stratton generator is typically more affordable, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Warranty: The Champion generator comes with a longer warranty period, providing additional peace of mind.
  • Notable Features: The Briggs and Stratton generator offers a user-friendly control panel with a fuel gauge, while the Champion generator features electric start and Cold Start Technology for easier starting in cold weather.
  • Ideal Use: Both generators are versatile and suitable for backup power during outages and outdoor activities. The Champion generator is particularly well-suited for camping and RV use.
Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator Review
Champion Power Equipment 100555

Ultimately, the choice between these generators will depend on your specific needs and priorities. If you’re looking for an affordable option with a focus on home backup power and user-friendliness, the Briggs and Stratton generator is a strong contender. On the other hand, if you require a longer runtime and plan to use it for camping or RVing, the Champion generator’s additional features might make it the better choice.

Proper Safety Operation

Here are five essential safety operation guidelines for the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator:

  1. Proper Ventilation: Always operate the generator in a well-ventilated area. Generators produce carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can be lethal if inhaled in high concentrations. Ensure that the generator is placed in an open area with proper airflow, well away from windows, doors, or other openings that could allow exhaust gas to enter enclosed spaces.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance as outlined in the user manual. This includes checking the oil level, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and inspecting spark plugs. Proper maintenance ensures the generator runs efficiently and reduces the risk of unexpected malfunctions.
  3. Grounding and Electrical Connections: Always connect the generator to your home’s electrical system using a transfer switch installed by a qualified electrician. This prevents backfeeding, which can be dangerous for utility workers trying to restore power. Additionally, ensure the generator is properly grounded to minimize the risk of electrical shock.
  4. Fuel Safety: Use the recommended type of fuel (usually gasoline) and store it in an approved container away from the generator and any open flames. Refuel the generator only when it is turned off and has cooled down to prevent fuel spillage and potential fire hazards.
  5. Safe Operation: When starting the generator, follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. Maintain a safe distance from moving parts and hot surfaces. Do not overload the generator by connecting too many appliances at once, as this can lead to overheating and damage. Keep the generator on a stable, level surface to prevent tipping.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid Power Output for Its Size: The generator delivers a commendable power output of 3500 running watts and a surge capacity of 4375 watts. It’s more than capable of simultaneously running essential household appliances and tools, providing reliable backup power during outages or while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • User-Friendly Design and Control Panel: The intuitive layout of the control panel simplifies operation, making it easy to start and use the generator, even in high-stress situations such as power outages. The inclusion of a fuel gauge allows users to monitor fuel levels conveniently, reducing the risk of running out of fuel unexpectedly.
  • Sturdy Build for Durability: The generator boasts a robust construction and solid frame, ensuring its durability and resilience in various environmental conditions. It can withstand exposure to the elements, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Reasonably Priced for Its Capacity: This generator offers a good balance between performance and affordability. It provides a substantial power output without breaking the bank, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.


  • Not the Quietest Generator in Its Category: While the generator’s noise level is reasonable given its power output, it’s not the quietest option available. The consistent hum it emits might be noticeable in quieter outdoor settings. If you prioritize a quieter operation, you may want to consider other models, even though they could come at a higher cost.
  • Moderately Heavy, Though the Wheels Aid in Transportation: Weighing approximately 110 pounds, the generator is not the lightest in its category. However, the presence of never-go-flat wheels and a sturdy handle does assist in its transportation. While manageable for most users, the weight might be a consideration if you plan to move it frequently.

Decision-Making Factors

When it comes to selecting the right generator, a few key factors should be considered. The Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator shines as an exceptional choice for both emergency backup power at home and outdoor recreational use. Its robust power output ensures you can keep essential appliances and devices running smoothly during blackouts, providing peace of mind for homeowners. Simultaneously, its user-friendly design simplifies operations, even in stressful situations like power outages. The added durability, capable of withstanding outdoor elements, further enhances its appeal. In terms of affordability, it strikes a balance that makes it accessible to a wide range of users. All these factors combined position the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator as a compelling choice for those in need of a reliable and reasonably priced generator.

Best for the Purpose

Based on comprehensive testing and evaluation, I wholeheartedly recommend the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator for two primary user groups. First, for homeowners looking for a dependable backup power source during outages, this generator proves its worth with its solid performance, user-friendly interface, and rugged construction, all without breaking the bank. Second, outdoor enthusiasts, including campers and RVers, will find it to be a trustworthy companion, delivering a balanced combination of power, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re keeping your lights on during a storm-induced blackout or powering your campsite in the great outdoors, this generator stands out as a top choice, catering to a diverse array of user needs while ensuring a consistent and reliable electricity supply.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator is a dependable and cost-effective power source that excels in providing reliable backup electricity during emergencies or outdoor activities. With its solid power output, user-friendly design, and sturdy construction, it checks all the essential boxes for an excellent generator. While it may not be the quietest in its category and is moderately heavy, its affordability and overall performance make it a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile and durable power solution. Whether you’re looking to keep your home essentials running during outages or power up your campsite, this generator proves to be a reliable companion in various situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What appliances can I power with the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator?
    This generator can power a wide range of appliances and devices, including refrigerators, lights, televisions, small kitchen appliances, and power tools.
  2. How long can the generator run on a full tank of gasoline?
    The runtime on a full tank depends on the load. At 50% load, it can run for approximately 10 hours.
  3. Is it easy to start the generator, especially in cold weather?
    Yes, the generator features a pull-start mechanism, and users have reported that it starts reliably. However, in extremely cold weather, you might want to consider using a cold-weather starting aid.
  4. What safety features does this generator have?
    The generator includes safety features such as low-oil shutdown to protect the engine and circuit breakers to prevent overloading.
  5. Can I connect this generator to my RV?
    Yes, the generator includes a 120V RV outlet, making it suitable for powering your RV while on the road or during camping trips.
  6. Is the generator suitable for powering sensitive electronics, like laptops or smartphones?
    Yes, it can power sensitive electronics, but it’s recommended to use surge protectors to safeguard against voltage fluctuations.
  7. What is the noise level of the generator, and how does it compare to other models?
    The generator operates at a moderate noise level. While it’s not the quietest in its category, it strikes a balance between power and noise, making it suitable for various applications.
  8. Can I use this generator during a power outage to run my entire home?
    It can power essential appliances, but it may not be sufficient for running an entire home with central air conditioning and other high-demand systems. It’s best for selective use during outages.
  9. How often should I perform maintenance on the generator?
    Regular maintenance is crucial for generator longevity. Refer to the user manual for specific maintenance intervals and tasks, such as oil changes and air filter cleaning.
  10. Does the Briggs and Stratton generator come with a warranty?
    Yes, it typically comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Be sure to register your generator to ensure warranty coverage and consult the warranty details provided with the product.

We’re eager to hear your feedback! Please feel free to share your personal experiences and thoughts about the Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Portable Generator in the comments section below. Your insights and reviews could be invaluable in helping others make informed decisions regarding this generator.

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