Predator 9500 Inverter Generator Reviews


As an enthusiast of outdoor adventures and an advocate for preparedness, I’ve always understood the importance of a reliable power source. That’s why I was excited to get my hands on the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator. After rigorously testing it in various conditions, I’m ready to share my comprehensive review, focusing on its performance, utility, and how it stacks up against its competitors.

Predator 9500 Specifications

  • Brand: Predator 9500
  • Power: 9500W starting, 7600W running
  • Fuel Tank: 6 gallons, 14-hour run time at 25% load
  • Weight: 200 pounds, with wheels and handle
  • Noise: 67 dB
  • Safety: CO SECURE™ technology
  • THD: <5%
  • Start: Electric
  • Ideal For: Home backup, large RVs, outdoor events
  • Value: Cost-effective for its power output

Performance and Efficiency

The Predator 9500 boasts an impressive 9500 starting watts and 7600 running watts, making it a powerhouse for handling heavy loads. I tested it with multiple appliances simultaneously – a refrigerator, a small air conditioner, and a set of lights. The generator handled this with ease, showing its capability in supporting home essentials during a power outage.

One of the standout features is its fuel efficiency. Equipped with a 6-gallon fuel tank, it provided an impressive 14 hours of run time at 25% load. In terms of noise level, it operates at around 67 dB, which is not whisper-quiet but reasonably soft for its power output.

Portability and User Experience

The Predator 9500 distinguishes itself with a remarkable balance of high power output and transportability, a combination not often found in generators of its capacity. Weighing approximately 200 pounds, it might initially seem challenging to maneuver. However, this perception is swiftly countered by the inclusion of a practical wheel kit and a folding handle, which collectively transform its mobility.

These features make relocating the generator a manageable task, even for a single user, thereby greatly enhancing its usability in various settings. Alongside its portability, the Predator 9500 excels in user experience, primarily through its well-designed control panel. This panel is a standout aspect, characterized by its user-friendly interface and a clear, easily readable display. It provides immediate access to crucial information, such as the current power output and the estimated remaining run time, enabling users to monitor and manage the generator’s operation effectively. This combination of easy movement and straightforward, informative controls makes the Predator 9500 not only a powerful source of energy but also a convenient and accessible tool for a wide range of users, from professionals to casual users seeking a reliable power solution for outdoor events, work sites, or emergency backup at home.

Technology and Features

The Predator inverter generator stands as a prime example of modern engineering excellence, integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance both performance and safety. A key feature is its electric start mechanism, which is remarkably seamless and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free activation process. This ease of use significantly contributes to the generator’s appeal. Furthermore, a standout safety feature is the incorporation of the CO SECURE™ technology, an advanced system designed to automatically shut down the generator in the presence of elevated carbon monoxide levels.

This is a critical safety measure, particularly when using the generator in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, and it underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to user safety. In addition to these operational and safety features, the Predator generator is distinguished by its ability to deliver clean and stable power. With a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 5%, it ensures that even the most sensitive electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and medical equipment, can be powered without the risk of damage caused by power fluctuations. This makes the Predator not only a reliable source of energy for general use but also a safe option for powering delicate electronic equipment, a capability that is increasingly important in our technology-reliant world. Overall, the combination of advanced technology, enhanced safety features, and the capability to provide clean, stable power makes this Predator inverter generator a top-tier choice for a wide range of power needs, from outdoor recreational activities to critical backup during power outages.

Comparisons and Suitability

When comparing it to other models like the Honda EU7000iS and the Generac GP8000E, the Predator 9500 stands out in terms of power output and value for money. However, it’s slightly heavier and louder than the Honda, but significantly more affordable. For those prioritizing raw power and budget over portability and noise level, the Predator is an excellent choice.

Key Features

The Predator 9500 Inverter Generator combines high power with efficiency, offering 9500 starting watts and 7600 running watts. Ideal for a variety of heavy-duty tasks, it’s especially useful in power outages and for outdoor events. Its 6-gallon fuel tank ensures up to 14 hours of run time at 25% load, balancing raw power with fuel economy.

This generator is designed for ease of use and safety. Weighing about 200 pounds, it includes a wheel kit and folding handle for better mobility. Safety is enhanced with CO SECURE™ technology, protecting against carbon monoxide. It also produces clean energy, suitable for sensitive electronics. The user-friendly control panel and electric start add to its convenience, making it a versatile choice for reliable power.

Graphical Concept Representation

Imagine approaching a robust and sturdy generator, the Predator 9500, standing confidently in a well-ventilated area. Its sleek, black and red exterior exudes a sense of power and reliability. The generator, approximately 200 pounds in weight, appears both formidable and approachable, thanks to its practical design. A prominent control panel catches your eye, featuring a clear, user-friendly display that provides essential information at a glance. The display shows power output, remaining run time, and other vital metrics. Around the sides, the substantial 6-gallon fuel tank is evident, hinting at the generator’s impressive capacity for long run times.

As you move closer, the utility of the Predator 9500 becomes even more apparent. The sturdy wheel kit and ergonomic folding handle invite easy transportation, suggesting mobility despite its substantial size. You can visualize rolling it out during a camping trip, a backyard event, or positioning it as a backup power source at home. The sound of the generator, a moderate hum at about 67 dB, is noticeable but not overwhelming, blending into the background of outdoor activities. The array of outlets on the panel, ready to accommodate various appliances, reinforces its versatility. In this visual scenario, the Predator 9500 isn’t just a generator; it’s a reliable companion for a range of power needs, from emergency situations to recreational uses.

Predator 9500 Pros and Cons


  • High Power Output Suitable for heavy loads, providing ample power for a variety of needs.
  • Excellent Fuel Efficiency Long run times with a 6-gallon tank, making it economical in fuel use.
  • Portability Despite its power, it comes with a wheel kit and folding handle for easier movement.
  • Advanced Safety Features Includes CO SECURE™ technology for carbon monoxide shutdown, ensuring user safety.
  • Affordable Offers great value for money compared to similar high-output models.
  • User-Friendly Interface Equipped with a clear and accessible control panel for easy operation.
  • Low THD Safe for sensitive electronics due to low Total Harmonic Distortion.
  • Electric Start Provides convenience with its seamless and reliable electric start mechanism.
  • Versatility Ideal for home backup, large RVs, and outdoor events, covering a wide range of uses.
  • Reliable Performance Consistently delivers power, showcasing its dependability in various conditions.


  • Weight Heavier than some of its competitors, which might be a concern for some users.
  • Noise Level Operates slightly louder than some other models in its class.
  • Size Its robust nature means it takes up more space, which could be a drawback for storage.
  • Fuel Type Limited to gasoline, which might not be preferred by all users.
  • Maintenance Requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance.
  • Start-Up Time Can have a slightly longer start-up time compared to some other models.
  • Manual Transport While portable, it requires manual effort to move due to its weight.
  • Limited Advanced Features Lacks some of the more advanced features found in higher-end models.
  • Environmental Impact As a gasoline-powered generator, it has a larger environmental footprint.
  • Availability of Parts Parts and service might not be as readily available as for some other popular brands.

Comparison Table with Other Models

FeaturePredator 9500 Inverter GeneratorHonda EU7000iS
Starting Watts9500W7000W
Running Watts7600W5500W
Fuel Tank Capacity6 gallons5.1 gallons
Run Time at 25% Load14 hours18 hours
Noise Level67 dB58 dB
Weight200 pounds261 pounds
Portability (Wheels/Handle)YesYes
Safety FeaturesCO SECURE™ carbon monoxide shutdownCO-MINDER™ carbon monoxide detection
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)<5%<3%
Electric StartYesYes
Price RangeAffordable compared to similar modelsMore expensive
Ideal ForHome backup, large RVs, outdoor eventsHome use, RVs, sensitive electronics

Honda EU7000iS Specifications

  • Power Output 7000W starting, 5500W running
  • Engine Honda GX390 EFI, 4-stroke OHV
  • Fuel Tank 5.1 gallons
  • Run Time Up to 18 hours at 25% load
  • Noise Level 58 dB(A) at rated load
  • Weight 261 pounds
  • Portability Two-wheel kit and folding handle
  • Start Type Electric start with recoil backup
  • Safety Features CO-MINDER™ carbon monoxide detection
  • THD Less than 3%, safe for sensitive electronics
  • Price Generally higher-end in its category


The Predator 9500 Inverter Generator is a robust, efficient, and reliable power source, ideal for home backup, large RVs, and outdoor events. Its combination of power, safety features, and value for money makes it a top contender in its category. While it may not be the quietest or the lightest, its performance and price point make it an excellent choice for those needing substantial power without breaking the bank.


  1. What is the power output of the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator?
    The Predator 9500 offers 9500 starting watts and 7600 running watts.
  2. How long can the Predator 9500 run on a full tank of fuel?
    It can run for up to 14 hours at 25% load with its 6-gallon fuel tank.
  3. Is the Predator 9500 portable?
    Yes, it weighs about 200 pounds and comes with a wheel kit and folding handle for easier mobility.
  4. What safety features does the Predator 9500 have?
    It includes CO SECURE™ technology for carbon monoxide shutdown, ensuring enhanced safety during operation.
  5. Can the Predator 9500 be used to power sensitive electronics?
    Yes, it produces clean energy with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, making it safe for sensitive electronics.
  6. What is the noise level of the Predator 9500?
    The generator operates at around 67 dB.
  7. Does the Predator 9500 have an electric start?
    Yes, it features an electric start for convenience.
  8. Is the Predator 9500 suitable for home backup power?
    Absolutely, its high power output makes it ideal for home backup, as well as for use in large RVs and outdoor events.
  9. How does the Predator 9500 compare in terms of price to similar models?
    It is considered affordable and offers good value for money compared to similar high-output models.
  10. Where can I purchase the Predator 9500 and find parts for maintenance?
    The Predator 9500 can be purchased from various hardware and home improvement stores, as well as online retailers. Parts and service can typically be found through the manufacturer or authorized dealers.

We’re eager to know what you think! If you’ve used the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator, please share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below. Your firsthand insights are invaluable and can assist others in making well-informed decisions about this generator. Whether it’s about its performance, ease of use, or any other aspect, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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