Westinghouse 194Wh Portable Power Station Review: 300W Peak & Solar


Check out our review of the Westinghouse 194Wh Portable Power Station, a 300W peak powerhouse with solar options. Perfect for adventurers and emergency prep, this power station is all about keeping you charged up and ready to go.

A compact Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station in blue with a variety of outlets including AC, DC, USB, and USB-C ports visible on the front panel

Westinghouse 194Wh Portable Power Station

The initial encounter with the Westinghouse 194Wh 300 Peak Watt Portable Power Station & Solar Generator reveals a commitment to quality and functionality. Right from the unboxing, the device impresses with its sturdy, yet compact design that not only appeals visually but also promises durability and practicality.

A Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station displayed on a workbench, with a person's finger pressing the power button

Ideal for a variety of settings, from outdoor excursions to serving as a reliable backup at home, the power station’s user-friendly interface beckons even the most novice users to engage confidently. Accompanied by a range of cables and adapters, it signifies a readiness to meet diverse charging demands, ensuring a seamless integration into your tech ecosystem.

Key Features

  1. 194Wh Lithium-ion Battery: Offers ample power capacity to meet a variety of charging needs, from small appliances to mobile devices.
  2. 300 Watts Peak Power: Capable of delivering high power output for charging and operating multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. Solar Charging Compatibility: Allows for eco-friendly charging via solar panels (sold separately), ideal for off-grid use and reducing carbon footprint.
  4. Multiple Connectivity Options: Equipped with USB-A, USB-C, DC outlets, and an AC outlet to accommodate a wide range of devices and charging needs.
  5. Compact and Portable Design: Designed for ease of transportation and storage, making it perfect for outdoor adventures, travel, and emergency backup.
  6. Durable Build Quality: Rugged construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, offering reliability and longevity.
  7. Intuitive User Interface: Features an easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible for users of all experience levels, ensuring straightforward operation.
  8. Versatile Application: Ideal for camping, emergency preparedness, outdoor events, and as a backup power source for home use, providing a versatile power solution across various scenarios.


  • Brand: Westinghouse
  • Model Name: Portable Power Station and Outdoor Solar Generator
  • Wattage: 194 Watts
  • Output Wattage: 194 Watts
  • Engine Power Maximum: 300 Engine Power
  • Starting Wattage: 300 Watts
  • Running Wattage: 150 Watts
  • Power Source: Solar Powered
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Total Power Outlets: 6
  • Item Weight: 4.03 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8″L x 3.6″W x 7.36″H
  • Included Components: Car Charger, Wall Charger, Car Cigarette Lighter Plug

Westinghouse 194Wh Performance and Capacity

With its 194Wh lithium-ion battery and the capability to deliver 300 watts of peak power, this power station stands poised to accommodate a wide spectrum of energy requirements. Its prowess extends from recharging small appliances and powering essential gadgets like laptops, to keeping smartphones and tablets fully charged.

Blue Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station on a workbench, actively charging a device, with LED display showing power level

The device showcases admirable efficiency and a solid discharge rate, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply for extended periods. This performance underscores the power station’s ability to be more than just a temporary solution, offering sustained support for your energy needs.

Westinghouse 194Wh Solar Charging Capability

A distinctive feature of this power station is its adeptness at solar charging. By pairing it with an appropriate solar panel (which requires a separate purchase), users unlock the potential to tap into the inexhaustible energy of the sun.

Side view of a blue Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station on a workbench, with battery level indicator lit up

This capability not only bolsters the power station’s utility in remote or off-grid locations but also reinforces a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly power solutions. The solar charging process is notably efficient, embodying a green approach to staying powered up.

Westinghouse 194Wh Connectivity and Ports

The Westinghouse 194Wh Power Station excels in offering a wide array of connectivity options, equipped with multiple USB ports (including USB-A and USB-C), DC outlets, and an AC outlet.

Blue Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station on a workbench connected to a device and cables

This assortment ensures that it can cater to the charging needs of a diverse range of devices, making it an indispensable tool in emergency situations or while traveling. The inclusion of such varied ports underscores the device’s role as a comprehensive power solution, adaptable to virtually any scenario.

Westinghouse 194Wh Durability and Portability

Engineered to strike a balance between rugged durability and ease of portability, the power station is both tough enough to endure outdoor adventures and compact enough for convenient transport.

Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station on a wooden bench, connected to a black power cord, against a workshop backdrop

This dual emphasis on resilience and mobility ensures that the device is always ready for action, be it in the face of challenging outdoor conditions or as a dependable companion during travel.

The power station’s design reflects a deep understanding of the user’s need for a power solution that is not only reliable but also easily accessible, regardless of location.

Quantifiable Numerical

  1. Wattage & Power Output: The generator has a running wattage of 150 Watts, with a peak output of 300 Watts for starting appliances.
  2. Battery Capacity: Features a 194Wh Lithium-ion Battery, providing substantial energy storage for various charging needs.
  3. Item Weight & Dimensions: The power station weighs 4.03 pounds and measures 8 inches in length, 3.6 inches in width, and 7.36 inches in height, making it compact and portable.

Review of Visual Aspects

The Westinghouse 194Wh 300 Peak Watt Portable Power Station & Solar Generator showcases a sleek and modern design that does not compromise on durability and functionality. Its compact, box-shaped body is finished in a robust casing that feels sturdy to the touch, designed to withstand the rigors of both outdoor adventures and daily use.

The intuitive layout of the control panel, with clearly labeled ports and an easy-to-read display, enhances user experience by making operation straightforward. This power station’s aesthetic appeal is matched by its practical design features, such as the built-in handle for easy transport, making it not only a visually pleasing piece of technology but also a highly functional one, suitable for a wide range of environments and uses.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality build and design.
  • Versatile charging options, including solar.
  • Portable and lightweight, ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Impressive capacity and performance for its size.


  • Solar panel not included, requiring an additional purchase.
  • For extended off-grid use, higher capacity models might be necessary.

Additional Tips For Proper Usage and Safety Procedures

  1. Read the Manual: Before using the power station, thoroughly read the user manual to understand its features, charging instructions, and safety warnings.
  2. Use Compatible Chargers: Always use the provided chargers or those specified by Westinghouse to avoid damaging the battery or the power station.
  3. Keep It Dry: Avoid exposing the power station to water or moisture to prevent electrical hazards and damage to the unit.
  4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Store and operate the power station in a temperature-controlled environment. Extreme cold or heat can affect battery performance and lifespan.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Check the power station regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Clean the ports and exterior with a dry cloth to keep it in optimal condition.

Recommendations For Optimal Uses

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for camping, hiking, and RV trips, this power station can keep your gadgets charged without access to the grid. Its compact size and solar charging capability make it perfect for sustaining your devices in remote locations.
  2. Emergency Preparedness: Keep one at home as part of your emergency kit. It can power essential devices like smartphones, lamps, and small medical equipment during power outages, ensuring you stay connected and safe.
  3. Photography and Field Work: For professionals who need power for cameras, drones, or laptops in the field, this power station offers a reliable source of electricity. Its lightweight design and robust build quality make it easy to carry to different shooting locations.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the Westinghouse 194Wh Portable Power Station stands out as a robust, versatile, and eco-friendly companion for anyone requiring portable power. Its compatibility with solar charging options enhances its appeal to adventurers and environmentally conscious users alike. With a substantial 194Wh capacity and a peak output of 300W, it’s equipped to handle a variety of devices, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, and even professional fieldwork. The inclusion of multiple connectivity options ensures compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices. Despite the need to purchase a solar panel separately, the power station’s overall performance, durability, and portability make it a valuable investment for anyone looking for a reliable power solution. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, preparing for unexpected power outages, or needing a portable power source for your gadgets, the Westinghouse 194Wh Power Station is ready to meet your needs, making it a highly recommended choice for a wide range of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of devices can I charge with this power station?
    You can charge small appliances, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices that require up to 150 watts of running power or 300 watts of peak power.
  2. Can I charge the power station using solar panels?
    Yes, the power station is solar charging capable. However, the solar panel is sold separately. Ensure the solar panel is compatible and meets the charging requirements.
  3. How long does it take to fully charge the power station?
    The charging time depends on the charging method. Charging via wall outlet typically takes around 6-7 hours, while solar charging times vary based on solar panel efficiency and sunlight conditions.
  4. What is the battery capacity of the power station?
    The power station features a 194Wh Lithium-ion Battery.
  5. How many devices can I charge at once?
    The power station has 6 total power outlets, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously, subject to the total power draw not exceeding the unit’s output capacity.
  6. Does the power station have any safety features?
    Yes, it includes overload protection, short circuit protection, and automatic voltage regulation to ensure the safety of your devices and the power station.
  7. What is the weight and size of the power station?
    The power station weighs 4.03 pounds and has dimensions of 8″L x 3.6″W x 7.36″H, making it lightweight and portable.
  8. Can I use the power station while it’s charging?
    Yes, you can use the power station to power devices while it is being charged, though efficiency might vary depending on charging input and power output usage.
  9. What fuel does the generator use?
    Despite listing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a fuel type, this specification seems to be a misprint since the product is a battery-powered solar generator. It does not use LPG but relies on its internal lithium-ion battery and potential solar panel connection for recharging.
  10. What’s included in the box?
    The package includes the power station itself, a car charger, wall charger, car cigarette lighter plug, manual, and the iGen200s model identifier. Note: The solar panel is not included and must be purchased separately.

We can’t wait to get your feedback! Please share your own experiences and views on the Westinghouse 194Wh 300 Peak Watt Portable Power Station & Solar Generator right here in the comments. Your insights and reviews could be incredibly helpful to other users contemplating this power station. From its performance and robustness to its best solar charging efficiency and more, your personal stories are a crucial resource for our community!

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