John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader Review


In the realm of heavy machinery, where power and performance are paramount, the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader stands out as a true marvel of engineering. With a legacy spanning over a century, John Deere has established itself as a name synonymous with quality and innovation. The 325G is no exception, embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence. This compact track loader isn’t merely a piece of equipment; it’s a force to be reckoned with, a versatile workhorse that excels in a myriad of applications. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the many facets of the John Deere 325G, delving into its key features, capabilities, and the reasons why it has captured the hearts of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an experienced operator or a newcomer to the world of heavy machinery, this article will shed light on why the 325G Compact Track Loader has become a symbol of rugged dependability and efficiency.

What You Need to Know About the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

The John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader is a versatile and robust heavy machinery that effortlessly combines power, precision, and durability. It is powered by a turbocharged 74-horsepower diesel engine, making it a true workhorse on the job site. With a focus on efficiency, it features a top-notch hydraulic system that delivers quick and precise movements, allowing for seamless handling of a wide range of attachments. The loader boasts a substantial operating capacity of up to 2,900 pounds, making it well-suited for heavy-duty tasks like excavation and material handling. Its compact design, coupled with rubber tracks, ensures exceptional maneuverability, enabling it to navigate tight spaces with minimal ground disturbance. Operator comfort is a priority, with a spacious and ergonomic cab, intuitive joystick controls, and climate control options. Known for its durability and reliability, the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader is a dependable choice for a variety of applications, standing as a testament to John Deere’s commitment to quality and innovation in the world of heavy machinery.

Key Features

Let’s kick things off by talking about what makes the John Deere 325G stand out. One of the standout features is its robust 74-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine. This powerhouse of an engine ensures that the loader can tackle a wide range of tasks with ease, from moving heavy materials to handling grading projects. The hydraulic system is equally impressive, offering efficient and responsive operation that’s essential for demanding work environments. Here are some Key Features:

  • Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of attachments
  • Comfort: Spacious and ergonomically designed cab
  • Visibility: Excellent all-around visibility
  • Serviceability: Easy to maintain and service
  • Productivity: Designed for maximum productivity

A Powerhouse in Action

I’ve had the pleasure of putting the 325G to the test, and it truly lives up to its reputation as a powerhouse in action. The loader’s hydraulic system allows for quick and precise movements, making it a breeze to handle various attachments. Whether I’m lifting, digging, or carrying heavy loads, the 325G delivers outstanding performance. Its vertical lift design also provides enhanced reach and dump heights, which have been particularly useful for loading trucks and containers efficiently.

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

The 325G’s vertical lift design is also a big plus. It provides excellent reach and dump heights, which have been particularly useful for loading trucks and containers. I’ve also found it to be helpful when working in tight spaces.

Operating Capacity

The John Deere 325G boasts an impressive rated operating capacity of up to 2,900 pounds. This high capacity makes it well-suited for heavy-duty tasks, such as excavation and material handling. The loader’s performance in this category has consistently met my expectations, allowing me to take on challenging loads with confidence.

Having used the 325G on a variety of projects, I can personally attest to its exceptional performance in this area. The loader’s powerful hydraulic system and vertical lift design make it easy to lift and move heavy objects with precision and efficiency. For example, I recently used the 325G to lift and place a series of precast concrete slabs for a new patio. The loader’s high operating capacity and precise controls allowed me to complete this task quickly and safely.

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader


One of the key advantages of compact track loaders is their exceptional maneuverability. The 325G excels in this department, thanks to its compact design and rubber tracks. This feature allows the loader to navigate tight spaces and delicate surfaces without causing any damage. Whether I’m working on a crowded construction site or maneuvering through a landscaped area, the 325G’s nimbleness and minimal ground disturbance have proven to be invaluable. The John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader is a top-notch machine that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability. It’s an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need a dependable and high-performing compact track loader.

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

Operator Comfort

As someone who spends long hours operating heavy machinery, operator comfort is a top priority. The cab of the John Deere 325G is designed with the operator’s needs in mind. It offers a spacious and ergonomically designed environment that minimizes operator fatigue. The intuitive joystick controls further enhance the overall comfort of the machine, ensuring that I can work effectively, even during extended shifts. The inclusion of air conditioning and heating in the cab guarantees a comfortable working experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

Durability and Reliability

The 325G is built to last, reflecting John Deere’s reputation for producing durable and reliable machinery. Its robust frame and quality materials ensure that it can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty work. Access points for routine maintenance are conveniently placed, making it easy to keep the machine in top condition. From my experience, this loader has proven to be a dependable and long-lasting addition to my equipment fleet.

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

In addition to its durability, the John Deere 325G is also very reliable. It’s easy to maintain and service, and John Deere offers a wide range of parts and support services. This means that I can be confident that the 325G will be up and running when I need it, even if I need to make a repair or replacement.

Comparison Table

FeatureJohn Deere 325GCaterpillar 289DBobcat T7XKubota SVL75-2
Rated operating capacity2,590 lbs3,800 lbs2900 lbs2300 lbs
Horsepower74 hp74.30 hp107 hp74.3 hp
Length112.3 in117.90 in125.9 in140.8 in
Fuel Tank21 gal24.80 galNone/Battery Type24.6 gal
Speed8.2 mph7.00 mph7.8 mph7.1 mph
Operating Weight9,500 lbs10,533 lbs11,970 lbs9315 lbs
Ground Clearance9.3 in8.90 in8.9 in11.7
Average Price$80,000.00 to $95,000.00$75,500.00 to $139,000.00$190,000.00 to $250,000.00$72,000.00 to $120,000.00

John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader

The 325G is a good choice for light- to medium-duty applications, such as snow removal and material handling. It has a lower rated operating capacity and horsepower than the Caterpillar 289D and Bobcat T7X, but it is also less expensive.

Caterpillar 289D Compact Track Loader

The 289D is a good choice for heavy-duty applications, such as construction and landscaping. It has a high rated operating capacity and horsepower, and it is stable on uneven ground. However, it is also the most expensive machine of the four. Read the full review here…

Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader

The T7X is another good choice for heavy-duty applications. It has a high rated operating capacity and horsepower, and it is the longest machine of the four, giving it a better reach. However, it is also the most expensive machine of the four.

Kubota SVL75-2 Compact Track Loader

The SVL75-2 is similar to the John Deere 325G in terms of rated operating capacity and horsepower. It is also a good choice for light- to medium-duty applications. However, it is slightly less expensive than the 325G. Read the full review here…

Comparative Analysis

In my final analysis, the choice among these compact track loaders depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for a well-balanced option with an attractive price, the John Deere 325G is a strong contender. For those with higher demands and a more flexible budget, the Caterpillar 289D and Bobcat T7X are powerful options. Finally, the Kubota SVL75-2 offers reliable performance for budget-conscious buyers. Remember to carefully consider your requirements, terrain, and budget when making your decision.

The Pros and Cons


  • Impressive power and performance.
  • High operating capacity for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Operator-focused design for enhanced comfort.
  • Durable and reliable, built to last.


  • Higher upfront cost compared to smaller loaders.
  • Considerable weight may not be suitable for all job sites.
  • While versatile, specialized machinery might be more efficient for specific applications.

Final Verdict

The John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader emerges as a stalwart in the world of heavy machinery. Its potent 74-horsepower diesel engine and efficient hydraulic system make it a powerhouse that can take on a multitude of tasks with precision. With an impressive operating capacity, it’s well-equipped for the rigors of heavy-duty work, while its compact design and exceptional maneuverability allow it to navigate confined spaces with grace. Operator comfort is not compromised, offering a spacious cab and user-friendly controls. This loader’s durability and reliability are unquestionable, ensuring it’s not just a short-term investment, but a long-term partner in productivity. While it’s not without its drawbacks, the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader stands as a testament to quality and innovation, making it a solid choice for those seeking dependable, versatile, and powerful heavy equipment for their projects.


  1. Can the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader be used for snow removal?
    Yes, the 325G can be equipped with snow removal attachments, such as snowblowers or snow plows, making it a versatile choice for winter maintenance tasks.
  2. What is the ground pressure of the 325G Compact Track Loader and how does it impact its performance on delicate surfaces?
    The 325G has a low ground pressure, which minimizes soil compaction. This feature is beneficial when working on delicate surfaces like lawns or landscaping projects.
  3. Can the 325G Compact Track Loader be transported on a standard trailer?
    Yes, the 325G is designed to be transportable on a standard equipment trailer, making it convenient to move the machine between job sites.
  4. What technology features are available in the cabin of the 325G?
    The 325G can be equipped with advanced technology options, including a touchscreen display, telematics for remote monitoring, and compatibility with precision guidance systems.
  5. Is the 325G Compact Track Loader eco-friendly?
    Yes, the 325G is designed to meet emissions standards and features efficient engine technology that reduces fuel consumption and emissions, making it environmentally friendly.
  6. Can I use the 325G Compact Track Loader for land grading and leveling tasks?
    Absolutely, the 325G is well-suited for grading and leveling tasks with the right attachments, ensuring precise and smooth results.
  7. What warranty coverage comes with the purchase of a John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader?
    John Deere typically offers a comprehensive warranty for their equipment. Please check with your local dealer for specific warranty details and available options.
  8. Does the 325G Compact Track Loader have any special features for operator comfort during long workdays?
    Yes, the 325G is designed with a spacious and ergonomic operator station, adjustable seating, and sound insulation for a comfortable and less fatiguing work experience during long shifts.

In wrapping up our discussion of the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader, it’s clear that this machine is more than just a piece of heavy equipment; it’s a reliable work partner. With its powerful performance, exceptional maneuverability, and thoughtful operator-centric design, it has earned its place as a go-to choice in the world of heavy machinery. Its longevity and dependability ensure that it’s an investment that keeps on giving. While it’s not without a few considerations, the 325G’s strengths make it a top contender for those looking for a machine that delivers efficiency and versatility. Whether you’re tackling tough terrains or handling substantial loads, the John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader is there to make your work more productive and efficient every step of the way.

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