Z-Master 4000 Zero-Turn Mower Review


In the realm of precision lawn care, the Toro Z-Master 4000 74035 stands as a testament to excellence, offering a blend of power, versatility, and user-friendly features that redefine the mowing experience. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make this zero-turn mower a game-changer for homeowners and landscaping professionals alike.

For professionals and serious homeowners who prioritize top-tier performance, durability, and comfort, the Toro Z-Master 4000 74035 is a worthwhile investment. It tackles tough jobs with ease, delivers professional-grade results, and keeps you comfortable while doing it. However, if budget is a major concern or you have very rough terrain, consider exploring other options with lower price tags or better fuel efficiency.

Toro Z-Master 4000 Specs

  • Engine 26.5 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI (fuel-injected)
  • Cutting Deck 60-inch TURBO FORCE® (7-gauge steel, mulches & cuts cleanly)
  • Cut Height 1.5″ – 5.5″ adjustable
  • Maneuverability Zero-turn with dual hydraulic transmissions
  • Comfort Deluxe suspension seat
  • Features Cup holders, USB ports, phone holder
  • Durability Commercial-grade components

Engine & Performance

The heart of the 74035 is a 26.5 horsepower Kohler Command Pro EFI engine, a fuel-injected powerhouse that delivers impressive muscle. This translates to effortless mowing over even the most challenging terrain, including hills and slopes.

The engine starts readily, runs smoothly, and maintains consistent power throughout operation. Users consistently praise the engine’s reliability and durability, even after years of heavy use. This powerhouse ensures that every pass through your lawn is not just a cut but a precise and powerful maneuver, effortlessly tackling various terrains with ease.

Cutting Deck

The 60-inch TURBO FORCE® cutting deck is the star of the show. Built from 7-gauge high-strength steel, it’s an absolute tank, capable of handling thick grass, brush, and even small saplings. The innovative design with airflow optimization ensures a clean cut and superior mulching performance.

The deck lift is easy to operate, allowing for quick adjustments to different cutting heights (1.5″ to 5.5″). Users rave about the deck’s sturdiness, efficiency, and overall cutting quality. This construction ensures longevity and resilience, making it ideal for demanding mowing tasks. The flexibility to select the deck size that suits your lawn’s needs adds a layer of customization to your mowing experience.

Maneuverability & Control

The zero-turn capabilities of the Z-Master 4000 74035 are a standout feature, thanks to dual hydraulic transmissions that enable tight turns and obstacle avoidance. Navigating around trees, flower beds, and other lawn features becomes a seamless task, providing the precision required for professional-looking results.

Overall, the Z-Master 4000 74035’s zero-turn capabilities are not just a technical feature, but a key element in delivering professional-looking results, efficient mowing, and enhanced operator comfort. It transforms mowing from a chore into a precise and satisfying task, worthy of any serious lawn owner or professional landscaper.

Comfort & Features

Toro doesn’t skimp on comfort. The deluxe suspension seat with armrests provides excellent support and minimizes fatigue during long mowing sessions. The ergonomic controls are conveniently placed and easy to operate. Additional features like cup holders, USB ports, and a phone holder add a touch of convenience. Some users miss a suspension system for the entire machine, but the seat does a commendable job of absorbing bumps.

Built with commercial-grade components and heavy-duty materials, the 74035 is built to last. The Kohler engine is known for its longevity, and the TURBO FORCE® deck is virtually indestructible. Maintenance is relatively straightforward, with easily accessible grease points and an easy-to-clean deck. However, some users report minor issues with the plastic parts and electrical components, requiring occasional replacement.

Price & Value

The Toro Z-Master 4000 is a premium machine, and it comes with a premium price tag. However, for professionals and serious homeowners who demand the best, the cost often translates to value. The 74035 is an investment that delivers exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

Comparison Table with Other Model

FeatureSCAG Cheetah 2Toro Z-Master 4000 74035
EngineKohler Command Pro EFI (23-26 hp)Kohler Command Pro EFI (26.5 hp)
Cutting Deck61″ or 72″ fabricated, 10-gauge steel60″ TURBO FORCE®, 7-gauge steel
Cut Height Range1.5″ – 5.0″1.5″ – 5.5″
ManeuverabilityZero-turn with dual hydraulic transmissionsZero-turn with dual hydraulic transmissions
Comfort FeaturesSuspension seat, adjustable steering controlsDeluxe suspension seat, adjustable steering controls, cup holders, USB ports, phone holder
Transmission TypeHydrostaticHydrostatic
Warranty3-year limited warranty2-year limited warranty on entire machine, 4-year limited warranty on engine
PriceStarts at $12,000Starts at $15,000
StrengthsExcellent cutting quality, durable deck, good value for priceSuperior power and performance, excellent maneuverability, comfortable driving experience
WeaknessesLess comfortable than Toro, smaller engine optionsHigher price point, potential issues with plastic parts and electrical components
Best forHomeowners with large properties, landscapers with moderate requirementsProfessional landscapers, homeowners with demanding prop

Cheetah II Zero-Turn Mower Specs

  • Engine: Powerful 23-26 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI, fuel-injected
  • Cutting Deck: Durable 61″ or 72″ fabricated decks in 10-gauge steel
  • Cut Height: Adjustable from 1.5″ to 5.0″
  • Maneuverability: Zero-turn capabilities with dual hydraulic transmissions
  • Comfort: Optional suspension seat for fatigue-free mowing (standard on some models)
  • Features: Cup holders, phone holders, and other conveniences (varies by model)
  • Durability: Commercial-grade components and easy maintenance
  • Value: Competitive performance and features at a slightly lower price point than the Toro Z-Master 4000 74035’s main competitor
  1. Power: Both pack punch with Kohler EFI engines, but the Toro boasts a mightier 26.5 hp compared to the Cheetah 2’s 23-26 hp range.
  2. Deck: Choose size! Cheetah 2 offers 61″ or 72″ decks, while Toro sticks to a 60″ behemoth. Both are built for durability, though Toro’s 7-gauge steel might edge out Cheetah 2’s 10-gauge.
  3. Comfort & Features: Both aim for a comfortable ride, but Toro wins with its standard suspension seat, while Cheetah 2 makes it optional on some models. Both offer convenience features like cup holders, but Toro throws in USB ports and phone holders on some models.
  4. Price: Cheetah 2 takes the win here, coming in slightly cheaper than the Toro. For top-tier performance and comfort, Toro might be worth the splurge, but Cheetah 2 offers great value for its muscle.

Toro Z-Master 4000 74035 Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Engine: 26.5 hp Kohler EFI engine for tackling tough terrain.
  • Exceptional Cutting Deck: 60-inch TURBO FORCE® with 7-gauge steel for durability and clean cuts.
  • Precise Maneuverability: Zero-turn capability with hydraulic transmissions for tight turns.
  • Comfortable Ride: Deluxe suspension seat and user-friendly controls.
  • Durability: Commercial-grade construction for long-term, professional use.
  • Extra Features: Includes cup holders, USB ports, and a phone holder.


  • High Cost: Premium pricing compared to lower-end models.
  • Minor Issues: Occasional problems with plastic parts and electrical components.
  • No Full Suspension: Lacks a complete suspension system, affecting comfort on rough terrain.
  • Less Fuel Efficient: Not as fuel-efficient as some alternatives, especially for large areas.

Additional Considerations:

  • Model Variations: The 74035 is just one model in the Z-Master 4000 series. Consider variations with different deck sizes, engine options, and feature sets to find the perfect match for your needs.
  • Alternatives: Explore other high-end zero-turn mowers from brands like Kubota, John Deere, and Husqvarna to compare features and pricing.
  • Test Drive: Before making a decision, take the 74035 for a test drive to experience its performance and comfort firsthand.


The Toro Z-Master 4000 74035 is a top-of-the-line zero-turn mower that delivers professional-grade performance and exceptional cutting quality. While the price tag might be a hurdle for some, for those who demand the best, the 74035 is an investment that will pay dividends in terms of efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction. If you’re a serious landscaper or a homeowner with large, demanding property, the 74035 is a powerful and versatile tool that will make your mowing chores a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How powerful is the engine?
    The 74035 boasts a 26.5 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI engine, capable of tackling even the toughest terrain with ease.
  2. What type of cutting deck does it have?
    The 60-inch TURBO FORCE® deck is constructed from heavy-duty 7-gauge steel, offering superior mulching and clean cuts.
  3. How high can I adjust the cutting height?
    The deck lift allows for adjustments from 1.5″ to 5.5″, providing versatility for different lawn conditions.
  4. How well does it maneuver?
    The dual hydraulic transmissions enable tight zero-turn capabilities, making obstacle avoidance and navigating around landscaping features a breeze.
  1. Is it comfortable to drive for long periods?
    The deluxe suspension seat minimizes fatigue during long mowing sessions, while convenient controls and cup holders add to the comfort experience.
  2. What additional features are included?
    Some models offer USB ports, phone holders, and even LED headlights for mowing in low-light conditions.
  3. How easy is it to maintain?
    Easily accessible grease points and a cleanable deck make regular maintenance straightforward.
  1. Is it a good choice for professionals?
    The commercial-grade components, powerful engine, and durable deck make the 74035 a great fit for professional landscapers.
  2. How much does it cost?
    Be prepared for a premium price tag, as this is a top-of-the-line mower.
  3. What other models should I consider?
    Explore options like the SCAG Cheetah 2 or Kubota ZG62 for comparison before making your decision.
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