Brave 24 Ton Log Splitter Review


If you’re scouting for a robust log splitter capable of managing both vertical and horizontal tasks with ease, the Brave VH1724GC 24 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter stands out as a compelling choice. Dressed in a vibrant orange powder-coated finish, this machine doesn’t just look good—it’s constructed to endure the rigors of serious wood splitting.

Specifications of Brave 24 Ton Log Splitter

  • Beam Structure: Industrial I-Beam
  • Splitting Wedge: 8″ high carbon steel
  • Operating Positions: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Force/Tonnage: 24 Ton (48,000 lbs)
  • Cycle Time: Approximately 13 seconds
  • Engine: Honda GC160 (160cc)
  • Hydraulic System: 8 gallon capacity
  • 2 Stage Pump: 11 gallons per minute
  • Log Dislodger: Included
  • Consumer Warranty: 2 years limited, 2 years engine

Engine and Performance

Worker operating a Brave VH1724GC 24-ton log splitter in horizontal mode, efficiently splitting a large log in an outdoor setting surrounded by a woodpile.

Central to the VH1724GC is the dependable Honda GC160 engine, a staple for reliability and power. For those requiring additional power, there’s an alternative version with the Honda GX160 commercial engine, boosting the machine’s performance. Notably, this splitter impresses with a 14-second cycle time, balancing both speed and formidable splitting capability, allowing you to process a significant volume of wood quickly.

User-Friendly Features

Close-up view of the Brave VH1724GC log splitter in vertical operation mode, showcasing its sturdy build and mechanical components.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, the VH1724GC includes log cradles that catch split wood, saving you from repeatedly bending down to retrieve pieces from the ground—a genuine time and back saver during prolonged splitting tasks. For those wanting to safeguard their investment, an optional high-quality log splitter cover with drawstrings is available, protecting the machine from the elements and maintaining its condition.

Additional Protective Options

Detailed view of a log being split by the Brave VH1724GC log splitter, emphasizing the machine's red splitting wedge and robust hydraulic system.

Extra features such as the engine guard offer additional protection, keeping the engine safe from unexpected log drops. The fender kit is another valuable add-on, designed to prevent debris from scattering during transportation. For urgent needs, the optional rush processing feature guarantees that your splitter ships as quickly as possible, often the same day, with comprehensive tracking provided.

Specifications and Durability

Full side view of the Brave VH1724GC 24-ton log splitter featuring its Honda GC160 engine and towing setup, ready for operation in a grassy outdoor area.

This splitter is robustly built with an industrial I-beam structure and an 8-inch high-carbon steel splitting wedge. It boasts a powerful 4″ x 24″ trunnion mount cylinder and is easily towable, equipped with high-speed wheels and a 2″ coupler with safety chains. The hydraulic system holds an 8-gallon capacity, ensuring smooth operation, while the safety control valve with auto return enhances operational security.

Dimensions and Warranty

Action shot of the Brave VH1724GC log splitter splitting a thick log in vertical mode, highlighting the effectiveness of the machine's design and the ease of operation.

Measuring 83 inches long, 41 inches high, and 41 inches wide, with a shipping weight of 650 lbs, this machine is built to last. It comes with a 2-year consumer warranty for both the splitter and engine, and a 1-year commercial warranty, providing ample protection against potential issues.

Comparison Table: Brave VH1724GC 24-Ton Log Splitter vs. Champion 25-Ton Log Splitter

FeatureBrave VH1724GC 24-Ton
Champion 25-Ton Log Splitter
EngineHonda GC160Champion 224cc OHV
Splitting Force24 tons25 tons
Cycle Time14 seconds12 seconds
Splitting OrientationHorizontal/VerticalHorizontal/Vertical
DurabilityIndustrial I-Beam, High carbon steel wedgeFull-beam construction
Warranty2-year consumer, 1-year commercial2-year limited, lifetime support
Additional FeaturesLog cradles includedIntegrated log catcher, portable design


The Brave VH1724GC and the Champion 25-Ton log splitters both offer robust performance and versatility with the ability to operate in both horizontal and vertical modes. The Brave model comes at a higher price but is powered by a reliable Honda engine and is built with a high-durability design, making it a good choice for those who prioritize engine reliability and build quality. It also provides a slightly longer warranty for commercial use.

On the other hand, the Champion splitter offers slightly more force and a faster cycle time at a significantly lower price, making it an attractive option for those looking for quicker performance and better value. It also includes lifetime technical support, which adds value for long-term use.

Both models are well-suited for heavy-duty splitting tasks, but your choice will depend on specific needs such as budget, brand preference for engine reliability, and desired additional features.

Maintenance Tips for the Brave VH1724GC 24-Ton Log Splitter

  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your log splitter clean from dirt, debris, and wood chips. After each use, wipe down all surfaces and remove any wood stuck in the machine. This prevents buildup that could impair the splitter’s functionality or cause premature wear
  2. Routine Checks: Before each use, perform a quick check of the machine’s key components:
    • Hydraulic Fluid: Ensure the hydraulic fluid is at the recommended level and refill if necessary. Change the fluid according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
    • Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings: Inspect for any signs of wear, leaks, or damage. Replace hoses or fittings that show signs of distress to prevent failures during operation.
    • Engine Oil: Check the oil level regularly and change it as recommended in the user manual to keep the engine running smoothly.
  3. Sharpen the Splitting Wedge: A sharp wedge is crucial for efficient splitting. Check the sharpness periodically and sharpen the wedge if it becomes dull. This will make splitting easier and reduce stress on the machine.
  4. Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts regularly, such as the slide that the wedge moves on and any pivot points, to reduce friction and wear. Use a high-quality lubricant that is suitable for heavy machinery.
  5. Proper Storage: When not in use, store your log splitter in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements. If possible, cover it with a waterproof cover to prevent rust and corrosion.
  6. Tire Maintenance: If your log splitter is towable, check the tire pressure regularly and keep the tires inflated to the specified level. Also, examine the tires for signs of wear or damage and replace them if needed to ensure safe transport.
  7. Annual Service: Consider having your log splitter serviced by a professional annually. They can perform a comprehensive check of all systems, making adjustments and repairs that might be beyond routine maintenance tasks.


Priced at $2,139.99, the Brave VH1724GC 24-Ton Log Splitter offers exceptional value for anyone needing to prepare firewood for personal use or handle larger projects. With its combination of strength, speed, and reliability, it ensures efficient and effective wood splitting.


  1. What are the key features of the Brave VH1724GC 24-Ton Log Splitter?
    The Brave VH1724GC features a Honda GC160 engine, dual horizontal/vertical operation, a 14-second cycle time, and can handle logs up to 25 inches.
  2. Can the Brave VH1724GC be used in wet conditions?
    Yes, its durable, powder-coated finish protects it against the elements, though it’s best to avoid using it in excessive wetness for safety.
  3. How does the vertical splitting function enhance the splitter’s usability?
    Vertical splitting allows you to split larger logs without lifting them, reducing effort and increasing safety.
  4. What warranty does the Brave VH1724GC offer?
    It comes with a 2-year consumer warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty covering materials and workmanship.
  5. What additional accessories are available for the Brave VH1724GC?
    Available accessories include a protective cover, an engine guard, and a fender kit, each enhancing functionality and durability.
  6. What is the maximum log size the Brave VH1724GC can split?
    It can efficiently split logs up to 25 inches long with its 24-ton force.
  7. How does rush processing work for the Brave VH1724GC?
    Rush processing ensures the splitter ships by the next business day, with no charge for the service if the deadline is missed.

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve used the Brave VH1724GC 24-Ton Log Splitter or have any questions about it, please leave a comment below. Share your thoughts and experiences to help others make informed decisions. Don’t forget to share this review with anyone who might find it helpful. Happy splitting!

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