CountyLine Kohler 32-Ton Log Splitter Review


When it comes to preparing firewood for the winter or clearing out fallen trees on your property, having a reliable and efficient log splitter is indispensable. Recently, I had the opportunity to put the CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter to the test, and I’m eager to share my insights and experiences with this powerful tool.


  • Brand: CountyLine
  • Engine Displacement: 277cc
  • Horsepower: 9.5 hp
  • Torque: 13.9 ft./lb.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.4 qt.
  • Hydraulic Capacity: 6 gal.
  • Cycle Time: 11 seconds
  • Log Splitting Force: 32 ton
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 38 in.
  • Log Splitter Maximum Log Length: 26 in
  • Product Dimensions: 90.6 in. (Length) x 47.6 in. (Width) x 39.4 in. (Height)
  • Product Weight: 645 lb.
  • Recommended Oil Type: 10W-30

First Impressions

Straight out of the gate, the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter makes a strong impression with its robust design and the promise of high performance, thanks to its 277Cc Kohler engine.

CountyLine 32-ton log splitter hitched to a truck on snowy ground

The build quality is solid, suggesting that it’s ready to take on heavy-duty tasks without breaking a sweat. Setting it up was straightforward, which is always a plus.

Key Features:

  1. 277Cc Kohler Engine: The heart of this log splitter is its robust 277Cc Kohler engine, known for reliability and consistent power output. This engine ensures the machine can handle tough, continuous work, providing the necessary force to split various types of wood efficiently.
  2. 32-Ton Splitting Force: With a formidable 32-ton splitting force, this machine is designed to tackle large logs and hardwoods that lesser splitters struggle with. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with significant splitting needs, such as preparing firewood for the winter or clearing large fallen trees.
  3. Versatile Splitting Options: It offers both vertical and horizontal splitting modes, allowing for easier handling of logs of different sizes and shapes. This versatility ensures you can efficiently split wood without the need for manual repositioning of heavy logs, saving time and reducing physical strain.
  4. Efficient Cycle Time: The splitter boasts an optimized cycle time, balancing speed and power to maximize productivity. This means you can work through a pile of logs more quickly than with slower models, making it ideal for those with large quantities of wood to process.
  5. Durable Construction: Built to last, the CountyLine log splitter features a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. The quality of materials used ensures longevity and reliability, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Unmatched Speed in Log Splitting

The CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter stands out as the pinnacle of efficiency for those who frequently engage in wood splitting.

Person operating a CountyLine 32-ton log splitter with Kohler engine in a snowy yard

It revolutionizes the process by employing a powerful hydraulic system that exerts 32 tons of force, effortlessly tearing through logs. This not only accelerates the task but also translates to considerable savings in both time and financial resources, highlighting its unmatched high-performance capabilities in its class.

Superior Engine Performance

At the heart of the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter lies the 277cc Kohler Series engine, a testament to peak performance and ease of use. Kohler’s reputation for leading the industry in power is matched by its design, which prioritizes user convenience.

Close-up of the Kohler Command PRO engine on a CountyLine 32-ton log splitter

Features such as an easily accessible air filter and sparkplug simplify maintenance, while the dual ball bearing crankshaft design ensures smooth and hassle-free startups, embodying the ultimate engine experience.

Capability to Handle Large Logs

The design of the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter is specifically engineered to tackle even the most challenging logs.

Person using a CountyLine 32-ton log splitter to split wood in a snowy setting

Its ability to shift into a vertical position allows for the splitting of larger logs without the need for physical exertion to lift them.

This feature ensures that virtually no log is too big or tough for this machine, providing a seamless and strain-free splitting experience.

Exceptional Performance and Efficiency

With a 32-ton force capacity, the performance of this log splitter is unparalleled. It efficiently processes a variety of wood types, from oak and pine to the more challenging knotty hickory, without any difficulty.

CountyLine 32-ton vertical log splitter with Kohler engine in a snowy outdoor setting

Powered by the 277cc Kohler engine, it delivers consistent force, enabling prolonged operation periods without necessitating breaks. This efficiency ensures that you can manage your wood splitting tasks more effectively, optimizing both time and energy.

Optimized Power and Swift Operation

The cycle time of a log splitter significantly impacts its overall efficiency, and the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter excels in this aspect. It features a commendably quick cycle time, which facilitates the splitting of a higher volume of logs in less time.

Close-up of the splitting mechanism on a CountyLine 32-ton log splitter

This characteristic is especially beneficial when dealing with large quantities of wood, offering a considerable advantage in both power and speed, and ensuring your wood splitting tasks are completed more swiftly and efficiently.

Quantifiable Measurement

  1. Engine Displacement and Power: The splitter is equipped with a 277cc Kohler engine, delivering a robust 9.5 horsepower. This engine capacity ensures high performance and reliability, enabling the splitter to handle various types of wood with ease.
  2. Splitting Force and Capacity: With a formidable 32-ton splitting force, this machine can process logs up to 38 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length. This capability demonstrates its efficiency in splitting large and tough logs, making it suitable for a wide range of wood splitting tasks.
  3. Cycle Time Efficiency: It boasts an impressive cycle time of 11 seconds, which significantly enhances productivity by allowing more logs to be split in a shorter amount of time. This quick cycle time is a key factor in its ability to streamline the wood splitting process, making it an efficient tool for both residential and commercial use.

Review of Visual Characteristics

The CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter presents a robust and professional appearance that underscores its heavy-duty capabilities. Its design features a rugged steel frame construction, accentuated by a striking red and black color scheme that not only enhances its visual appeal but also signals its strength and durability.

The Kohler engine, prominently positioned, adds to the machine’s formidable look, while the large, sturdy tires offer practical mobility and stability, hinting at the splitter’s ability to be transported easily across various terrains.

The thoughtful layout of controls and the hydraulic system are intuitively arranged for ease of use, ensuring that the splitter’s visual characteristics are matched by functionality and user-friendliness. This combination of visual elements conveys a sense of reliability and efficiency, making it a visually appealing piece of equipment that promises to perform in the most demanding splitting tasks.

Comparable and Considerations

When considering comparable alternatives to the CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter and the CRAFTSMAN 32-Ton 277-cc Gas Log Splitter, potential buyers should weigh factors such as performance, durability, engine reliability, and ease of use. Both splitters boast a powerful 277cc engine and a 32-ton splitting force, making them capable of handling large, tough logs efficiently. The CountyLine model is celebrated for its robust construction and user-friendly operation, featuring a durable steel frame and intuitive controls.

CRAFTSMAN 32-ton gas log splitter with black engine and red body on wheels

Similarly, the CRAFTSMAN splitter is known for its reliability and performance, backed by a trusted brand name that enthusiasts and professionals alike recognize. In comparing these models, consider the warranty, customer service support, and the availability of replacement parts. Additionally, personal preference in brand loyalty, the splitter’s physical design, and any specific features such as vertical and horizontal splitting capabilities may influence the decision.

Table of Comparisons vs. Competitors

Below is a comparison table highlighting the key features and specifications of the CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter and the CRAFTSMAN 32-Ton 277-cc Gas Log Splitter, providing a clear overview to help you evaluate these two products side by side.

FeatureCountyLine 32-Ton Log SplitterCRAFTSMAN 32-Ton Log Splitter
Engine Displacement277cc277cc
Engine BrandKohlerUnspecified (CRAFTSMAN uses various engine brands)
Splitting Force32 tons32 tons
Cycle Time11 secondsApproximately 11-15 seconds (varies by model)
Maximum Log Length26 inches25 inches
Maximum Log Diameter38 inches36 inches
Operational OrientationHorizontal and VerticalHorizontal and Vertical
Fuel Tank Capacity7.4 qt.Approximately 6-7 qt. (varies by model)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity6 gal.5 gal.
Weight645 lb.650 lb. (approximate)
FeaturesDOT Approved, Portable, Automatic Return, HydraulicDOT Approved, Portable, Automatic Return

This table showcases that both log splitters are quite similar in terms of power and capability, with slight differences in hydraulic fluid capacity, maximum log size, and specific features such as the engine brand. The choice between the two may come down to brand preference, slight variations in features, or the availability of after-sales service and support from the retailer or manufacturer. Both are designed to meet the needs of users requiring high-performance, reliable log splitting equipment for residential or commercial use.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Performance: This log splitter effortlessly processes a wide range of wood types, demonstrating its robust capabilities in tackling even the toughest logs.
  • Efficiency: Its rapid cycle time significantly enhances your productivity, allowing you to split more logs in less time, streamlining your wood preparation process.
  • Build Quality: Crafted for durability, its solid construction ensures it withstands heavy usage over the years, making it a reliable tool for your log splitting tasks.
  • Ease of Operation: Designed with the user in mind, its intuitive controls and straightforward operation make it accessible and simple to use, regardless of your experience level.


  • Mobility: Due to its substantial size and weight, transporting the log splitter can be a challenge, even though it comes equipped with wheels, potentially limiting its ease of movement.
  • Price: As a high-quality piece of equipment, it represents a significant financial commitment, which might be considered steep for individuals who do not frequently engage in log splitting activities.

Final Thoughts

After extensive use, I can confidently say that the CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter is a top-tier tool that lives up to its specifications and promises. Whether you’re tackling storm cleanup or preparing for the heating season, this log splitter will not disappoint. Its performance, coupled with the reliability of the Kohler engine, ensures that you have a powerful ally in your yard work arsenal. If you’re in the market for a log splitter that combines power with efficiency and durability, this model should definitely be on your shortlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of engine does the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter use?
    The splitter is powered by a 277cc Kohler engine, known for its reliability and strong performance, making it suitable for splitting various types of wood efficiently.
  2. How much force does the log splitter exert?
    It exerts a splitting force of 32 tons, which is capable of handling large and tough logs, including hardwoods like oak and hickory.
  3. Can it split logs vertically and horizontally?
    Yes, the CountyLine 32-Ton Log Splitter can operate in both vertical and horizontal positions, offering flexibility for splitting different sizes and shapes of logs.
  4. What is the maximum log size it can handle?
    The splitter can handle logs up to 38 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length, accommodating a wide range of log sizes.
  5. What is the cycle time of the splitter?
    It boasts a quick cycle time of 11 seconds, allowing for efficient and speedy splitting of logs.
  6. Is the engine CARB compliant?
    Yes, the Kohler engine is CARB compliant, ensuring it meets the emissions standards set by the California Air Resources Board.
  7. What type of hydraulic fluid does it use, and what is the capacity?
    The log splitter uses a hydraulic system with a capacity of 6 gallons. It is recommended to use 10W-30 oil for optimal performance.
  8. How do I maintain the Kohler engine on my log splitter?
    Regular maintenance includes checking and replacing the air filter, spark plug, and oil as needed. The engine’s user-friendly design makes access to these components straightforward for routine upkeep.
  9. What are the dimensions and weight of the log splitter?
    The log splitter measures 90.6 inches in length, 47.6 inches in width, and 39.4 inches in height, with a weight of 645 pounds.
  10. Is the log splitter portable?
    Yes, it is designed with portability in mind, featuring DOT-approved tires with a size of 16 inches, making it easy to move around your property or to different locations as needed.

We can’t wait to hear from you! If you’ve used the CountyLine Kohler 277Cc Engine 32-Ton Log Splitter, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Your unique perspective and detailed reviews are crucial for others who are thinking about investing in this robust log splitter for their needs. By sharing your feedback, you play a vital role in assisting the community to make well-informed choices!

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